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The role of marketing is evolving, but leaders states that 83% of global CEOs believe marketing can lack visibility into what actually works be a major driver of revenue, but 23% of CEOs do not feel marketing is delivering on that agenda. And this report Marketing leaders report ‘additional or changing shows that fewer than 1 in 3 marketing leaders report responsibilities’ as a main factor contributing to moderately high visibility into the ROI of campaigns. team stress. This begs the question: what exactly has changed? Even growth-focused teams are unsure where “Marketing, perhaps more so than any other profession, the revenue comes from has gone through tremendous change over this past Despite increasing demands and an ever-expanding decade,” says Scott Brinker, Hubspot VP of Platform scope of responsibilities, most marketing teams struggle Ecosystem and creator of the Chief Marketing to connect data to decision making and prove the ROI Technologist Blog. As he told Airtable recently, of content and campaigns. Only 33% of teams who “Marketers are just constantly under pressure, asking are responsible for revenue goals reported ‘very or themselves, ‘How do we adapt and work with the things moderately high’ visibility into campaign ROI, and this that are changing around us?’” dropped to 16% of teams who are not responsible for With 81% of our marketing leaders reporting revenue. In addition, fewer than 1 in 5 teams find it ‘very responsibilities for revenue goals, one of the toughest easy’ to turn data into actionable insights, and fewer changes for marketers may be the pressure to drive than 1 in 4 marketing teams find it ‘very easy’ to measure ROI—without adequate visibility. Research from McKinsey the impact of marketing campaigns against broader business goals. Only Only Only 17% 1% 24% of marketers fnd it ‘ers eassy to of marketers fnd it ‘ers eassy) of marketers fnd it ‘ers eassy) turn data into actionable insights. to make realtime datadri‘en to measure impact of marketing decisions. campaigns against broader business goals. The percentage of marketing teams with ‘very or moderately high’ visibility into campaign and content ROI Responsible for meeting revenue goals 33% Not responsible for revenue goals 16% Total 29% 7 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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