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Through these partnerships and resources, we backed communities in need in connection with the following extreme weather events and natural disasters: • Floods devastated Germany and Western Europe • Multiple tornadoes swept across the Midwest and Southern US • Winter storms resulted in widespread power outages in Texas • Hurricane Ida brought catastrophic wind damage, rain, flooding, and dangerous tornadoes to the US Gulf Coast and Northeast • Wildfires in California destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and forced citizens across the state to evacuate • A 7.2 magnitude earthquake resulted in widespread damage and left thousands in need of support in Haiti We engage our colleagues by matching eligible colleague contributions toward disaster relief through the American Express Match program, recommending charities, and connecting US colleagues to information about becoming an American Red Cross disaster response volunteer. In Sierra Leone, Save the Children U.K. is conducting research in 20 highly climate-vulnerable communities along the coastline. The goal is to provide ideas to enhance opportunities for innovation and sustainable income generation in the coastal community. A special emphasis is to ensure women and youth have access to new skills, networks, markets, and institutions to become more climate-resilient and enhance sustainable development. SUPPORTING CLIMATE ACTION GLOBALLY To help fight the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable populations across Asia and Africa, we have partnered with Save the Children U.K. to develop and execute programs that engage youth to help reduce food insecurity exacerbated by climate change, support climate-resilient economic development and skills training through green job opportunities, and strengthen early warning systems to help these communities better prepare for extreme weather events. As part of these activities, we announced a $600,000 grant to support Adolescent Skills for Successful Transition, an educational program on sustainable practices and products, and to fund the development of a Green Climate Fund pipeline for youth-led climate adaptation projects. INTRODUCTION PROMOTING DE&I ADVANCING CLIMATE SOLUTIONS BUILDING FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE OUR ESG GOVERNANCE & OPERATING RESPONSIBLY SUPPORTING DATA OUR COMMITMENT TO ESG 55

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