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Sustainability Report 2021 81 81 Supplier Spotlight TransPak: Shared Commitment to ESG Founded in Silicon Valley in 1952, TransPak witnessed the birth of the tech epicenter while serving the packaging needs of the world’s top tech brands. A certified woman- owned business, TransPak began working with Applied Materials in 1978, forging a relationship that TransPak Board Chair Arlene Inch describes as “changing the trajectory” of her family’s company. “Having to meet Applied’s standards kept us on our toes and pushed us to be better,” said Inch. “Over time, we developed a partnership that led to our international expansion along the lines of Applied’s needs. Without the strength of that relationship, we would never have had the courage to strike out and establish ourselves in so many other countries, which led to even more strength and diversity, and additional global customers.” The two companies share common core values and a strong commitment to advancing ESG. “Our shared philosophy, environmental consciousness, social initiatives of diversity and inclusion, and our governance model support the leaders of our organizations to create a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Inch. TransPak aims to be carbon neutral by 2025, and in support of that goal now uses electric forklifts and solar power at their manufacturing plants. Inch says TransPak has always tried to use as many sustainable and recyclable materials as it could in its packaging, because “it just seemed like the right thing to do.” “I hate waste and inefficiency, so being careful about materials and waste came naturally,” she said. With a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, TransPak is committed to diverse hiring, participating in community events, and supporting local community organizations. “People spend most of their waking hours at their workplace and it should reflect their culture and values. It’s just good business to respect local customs, provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds, and allow everyone in the organization to learn from each other,” said Inch. Applied Wins Intel EPIC Award In 2022, Intel’s EPIC (Excellence, Partnership, Inclusion, and Continuous Improvement) Program awarded Applied Materials its exclusive Outstanding Supplier Award with Supplier Diversity Distinction. In August 2021, Applied hosted Intel during a commodity business manager forum to learn more about their supplier diversity efforts and explore avenues for diversity collaboration. Sustainability Report 2021 INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS Design for Sustainability Promoting the Circular Economy Product Safety Supply Chain Responsibility

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