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Sustainability Report 2021 78 Responsible Minerals Sourcing Applied Materials is committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals used in our products. Key to this commitment is our policy around tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold, commonly referred to as 3TG or conflict minerals for their frequent origin in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries affected by conflict and human rights abuses. Since 2019, Applied Materials has retained Assent Compliance (“Assent”), a third-party service provider, to assist Applied in conducting outreach to suppliers regarding their use of 3TG in products furnished to Applied, and evaluating their responses and smelter engagements. While our products include components manufactured with 3TG, we neither purchase these minerals directly nor maintain any direct relationship with mines, smelters or refiners that process these minerals. Our Responsible Minerals Sourcing Policy communicates our commitment to due diligence and disclosure and guides our direct suppliers’ sourcing of 3TG minerals. To assure the efficacy of our policy, we utilize the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Responsible Minerals Assurance Process as well as independent third-party audits. In calendar 2021, we reviewed the list of suppliers we surveyed for calendar year 2020 and identified those who for three consecutive years had responded that the products they sold to Applied did not contain conflict minerals. Assent reached out to these suppliers on our behalf and requested that they provide Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates. In addition, in an effort to reach suppliers with lower spend, we directly contacted almost all direct suppliers with a request for conflict minerals information. Together, these two groups of suppliers represent approximately 92% of our total supplier spend in 2021. Approximately 97% of the suppliers surveyed by Assent responded. Due to the unprecedented business growth and changing roles and responsibilities among suppliers, nine surveyed suppliers were unable to provide Templates. Beyond 3TG, we also conduct due diligence on suppliers from whom we source products likely to contain cobalt, a frequently DRC- sourced mineral that has been tied to child labor, unsafe working conditions and adverse environmental impacts. In 2020, Applied worked with Assent to request Cobalt Reporting Templates (CRT) from suppliers expected to have cobalt in the products they furnish to Applied. Starting in 2021, Applied began requesting instead an Extended Minerals Reporting Template (“EMRT”), which covers cobalt and mica. The EMRT replaced the Cobalt Reporting Template and is expected to cover a growing list of minerals as the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and its partner organizations develop a broader responsible minerals sourcing program. In 2021, this effort garnered a 100% response rate. Looking ahead, we intend to expand due diligence to the copper, nickel, lead, zinc, and mica used in our products, consistent with RMI guidance. In 2021, Applied Materials joined Copper Mark as one of its first partners, along with Ford Motor Company, Google, Intel and Wieland. Copper Mark aims to improve the responsible production practices of the copper industry, in part by developing and supporting criteria for responsible mineral production and sourcing. We participate in their three working groups, with a focus on the Due Diligence Working Group, which aims to support ethical copper sourcing practices. INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS Design for Sustainability Promoting the Circular Economy Product Safety Supply Chain Responsibility

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