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to Asana.

We’re happy
that you’re

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re
here for the same reasons that get us out of
bed every morning—to help people do great
things together.
This book is designed to give you an
overview of what our brand is all about.
Be mindful, be open, and remember that
narwhals always have the right of way.
This is going to be fun.
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06 Our Story
26 Our Logo
39 Brand Elements
63 Brand Motif

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Our Story
A note from our founders
Hey there,
When we worked together at Facebook, we found
ourselves feeling the same thing that a lot of people feel:
we loved our work, but could very rarely find time for it.
Most of our energy was spent on work about work: status
meetings, hunting down information, following up, circling
back, looping in, syncing up... you know the deal.
So we built a tool for keeping track of our team’s work, and
it quickly became Facebook’s “secret sauce.” It allowed us
to do more than ever before—with less effort.
We knew that if we could make something like that
available to every team on earth, we could not only
connect billions like we had done at Facebook, but also
give them the capacity to do great things together. And
that, of course, is how Asana was born.
Thank you so much for joining us in making this vision a
reality. We couldn’t do it without you.
- Dustin Moskovitz & Justin Rosenstein

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Mission Statement
Why we exist
Help humanity thrive
by enabling all teams
to work together

Help humanity thrive
by enabling all teams
to work together
Asana Brand Book 9

About us
Our team
We are a team of peers on a bold mission:
to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams
to work together effortlessly. We have a
sense of mutual respect and mindfulness
permeates our culture—in fact, it’s the key to
our success.

Asana Brand Book 11

Brand Narrative
Long form
Think back to the last time you were deep in the
zone—time flew by and the work flowed through
you almost effortlessly. Now imagine a place
where entire teams work in that fully-immersive
state of flow on any project they can imagine.
That’s how working together should be, but it
is rarely the case. As organizations grow, so
does the complexity of our work. Information is
scattered; responsibilities unclear. We try to cut
through the chaos with endless meetings and
micromanagement, but we end up with less time
and not much more clarity.
The way we’re working isn’t working.
It’s time for that to change. At Asana, we’re
building a place where teams align their energies
towards common goals. Where there is no work
about work. There is only total clarity, energized
focus, and frictionless collaboration.

Everything from the most immediate details to the
big picture are organized and at your fingertips.
In every moment, each person knows what they
should be doing and why they’re doing it.
That’s when it gets fun.
People love what they do and feel appreciated for
what they’re doing. That visceral feeling of being
in the zone every day empowers teams to work
better, smarter, faster. Organization is as effortless
between people as it is between our own brains
and bodies.
By empowering all teams to
achieve their most ambitious
goals, we help humanity thrive.
Asana Brand Book 13

Brand Narrative
Short form
Do great things together.

Do great things together.
Asana Brand Book 15

Brand Attributes
If Asana were a
person, how would
you describe them?
We asked this question to teammates from
all across the company, and their answers
were distilled down to four Brand Attributes.
You can think of them as Asana’s unique
personality traits. When designing or writing,
feel free to consult these attributes and ask,
“Does this feel like Asana?”

Asana Brand Book 17

Brand Attributes
Our attributes
Purposeful Approachable
Passionate Genuine
Intentional Unpretentious
Effective Loving
Asana exists to help Asana keeps it real.
humanity thrive. We’re open and
Our mission is honest, avoiding
audaciously large aloof corporate
and motivates language and phony
every step we take. marketing spin. We
Instead of acting see ourselves less
impulsively, we as a company and
take each step with more as a team of
deliberate planning, humans helping
craftsmanship, and other humans, so
focus. And then we being friendly and
get the job done. sincere comes

ApproachableEmpowering Quirky
Motivating Playful
Encouraging Unconventional
Enabling Whimsical
Asana helps people Asana doesn’t take
do what they itself too seriously.
love. We provide We love all the
invaluable support delightful moments
for teams that are that make us smile
benefiting the unexpectedly, so
world, whether we create those
they’re working on moments for our
moonshot visions customers too. By
or more down-to- letting ourselves
earth ambitions. We have fun, we
aren’t the hero of our make countless
story—they are. workplaces a lot less
boring. (•‿-)
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06 Our Story
26 Our Logo
39 Brand Elements
63 Brand Motif

Our Logo
We’ve reduced a number of complex, big
ideas into a powerful icon that represents key
elements of our brand.

Three people make up the core of a team.
We have three essential components to
our character (Purposeful, Empowering and
Human). Additionally, we were inspired by
what we see as frictionless collaboration and
progress in nature—murmurations of flocks
of birds and the naturally occurring fractals in
blooming plants.

Our hope is that when people see our logo,
they see a symbol for the balance, clarity and
collaboration they’re seeking out in their lives.

Why doesn’t Asana
have a checkmark logo?
Because completing
tasks is just one aspect
of collaboration, and
Asana enables and
celebrates every
aspect of teamwork.
The energy of three
teammates working
in perfect flow was
the inspiration for our
brand mark.
Asana Brand Book 23

Our Logo

Born out of the roots of the original logo,
which contained three vertical dots to symbolize
alignment, our new symbol stands for the evolution
of collaboration and the future of Asana.

Our Logo
Brand Mark
Our “three dots” logo mark symbolizes
the limitless potential of human
Our hope is that it communicates a sense
of the balance, clarity and purpose-driven
design we work tirelessly to create and
inspires people to do great things together.

Asana Brand Book 27

Our Logo
Mark Construction

Our mark is mathematically proportional and
precisely balanced.
Asana Brand Book 29

Our Logo
Mark + logotype

The circles in the mark are derived from
the negative space within the “a”s in our
1.05x 1x
Asana Brand Book 31


The rounded corners and soft edges of our
logotype create an approachable feel, while
the heavy weight and geometric letterforms
convey boldness and purpose.
Asana Brand Book 33

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Asana Brandbook - Page 35

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05 Our Story
15 Our Logo
39 Visual Elements
63 Brand Motif

Energizing Palette

Asana Brand Book 39

Neutral Palette

Asana Brand Book 41

GT Haptik Alternate
GT Haptik
I’m a geometric, kinda quirky
typeface used primarily in
marketing headlines.

GT Haptik
I’m a geometric, kinda quirky
typeface used primarily in
marketing headlines.
Asana Brand Book 43

I’ve been described as both
industrial and elegant, which is
perfect for my role as a project
title and section header font.

I’ve been described as both
industrial and elegant, which is
perfect for my role as a project
title and section header font.
Asana Brand Book 45

Photography shows off our human side.
Asana is all about balance. Our photography
has a clear center point and is symmetrical
when possible, while still feeling natural. Our
photography lets the subject be the star by
exaggerating white space and creating an
energized subject matter.

Asana Brandbook - Page 47

Illustrations win for best supporting
Asana’s illustration style is as unique and
quirky as we are. These fun little pictures are
comprised of simple, geometric shapes in our
vibrant brand colors.
In marketing, they are use to support a story.
In product, they let us add some showing to
our telling, and are used primarily in empty
states when a user is first getting acclimated
(or to celebrate an empty inbox!).

Asana Brandbook - Page 49

Brand Elements
Brand elements energize our designs.
Asana’s brand elements express motion,
personify our dots and bring the energy to
our brand motif. They are formed of our core
circles, gradients, and lines that create the
illusion of motion. Brand elements are flexible
and can be used to create visual interst, guide
a viewer’s eye and develop Asana’s visual
identity by utilizing brand colors, style and

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05 Our Story
15 Our Logo
39 Brand Elements
63 Brand Motif

Brand Motif
Brand elements are elemental—
but our motif brings them all
together: Clarity & Energy
You can think of a motif as a
visual theme, or design logic,
that runs through everything that
we create. We’ve found that by
balancing clarity and energy, we
can create experiences that are
both calming and motivating.

is the feeling of being on top of
things, of knowing exactly what
you need to work on at any given
time. Clutter and confusion are
swept away, so you can see all
the way to the horizon.
Clarity is conveyed through blank
white space, minimal design, and
elegant typography.
is the feeling of making progress,
of running toward that horizon
and knowing you have the
strength and endurance to make
it. And it’s the celebration once
you get there.
Energy is conveyed through
bursts of color and motion atop
the clean, white canvas of clarity.

Brand Motif
Applied in Product
Clarity is the default mode in
our product. Energy appears
when we are directing the user’s
attention or celebrating their

Asana Brandbook - Page 57

Brand Motif
Applied in Marketing
Energy (color & motion) is used
more liberally in contexts where
we’re aiming to engage potential
customers. But it’s still a balance.

Asana Brandbook - Page 59

This book is
but we’re just
getting started.
Let’s do great
things together.

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