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OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX FY22 IMPACT REPORT 23 Advance industries Catalyze We target opportunities with the potential to mitigate innovation at least 500 million metric tons of CO₂e by 2050. The Autodesk Foundation invests in nonprofits and startups scaling Impact measurement and management early-stage technologies that have the potential to dramatically We evaluate the impact of the Autodesk Foundation Energy & Materials portfolio based on GHG emissions reduce GHG emissions and waste within our industries. abated. We engage third-party experts such as CEA Consulting and Rho Impact to calculate and audit C02e reductions realized by our portfolio and CO2e reduction potential. We also support field building We target early-stage (seed to Series A) technology-driven ventures, and de-risk efforts to bolster the ecosystem of forward-looking climate impact assessments through initiatives technology and business models with a combination of financial capital and in-kind such as Project Frame. support. We prioritize sectors where our design and make expertise is particularly beneficial, such as renewable energy, electrification of transportation, low-carbon Learn more about Autodesk Foundation impact measurement and management. refrigeration/heating, building and industrial energy efficiency, carbon removal, and materials innovation. From removing CO out of ambient air to refining critical, low-carbon minerals, the Autodesk 2 Foundation portfolio is helping accelerate the transition to a decarbonized economy. Who we fund Portfolio impact 13 39% Metrics FY22 GHG emissions reduced (metric tons CO2e)* 203,000 startups and ecosystem partners of Autodesk Foundation portfolio scaling innovative technologies that funding in fiscal year 2022 reduce GHG emissions GHG emissions reduction potential by 2050, cumulative (metric gigatons CO2e) 14 Geographic reach We primarily invest in the United States, where emissions per capita *This data was audited by a third party. exceed those of most other nations, but we recognize the importance of also enabling sustainable growth of technologies that combat climate Read the Autodesk Foundation’s Low-carbon Innovation impact brief. change in both emerging and developing markets. In fiscal year 2022, we expanded our Energy & Materials portfolio globally to catalyze climate innovation in developing markets.

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