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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 38 Build Change Nexleaf Analytics, WeRobotics, and Simprints are using technology and design thinking to bridge Earthquake-prone city vaccine access in emerging markets. in the clouds needs the Learn more cloud to protect homes Image courtesy of Nexleaf Analytics and families Kheyti is revolutionizing business for small farmers in India Densely populated Bogotá, Colombia, is located along the Pacific with Fusion 360. Ring of Fire, the most seismically active region in the world. It is Learn more also home to many informal urban neighborhoods, where houses Image courtesy of Kheyti are often built by those who lack the proper skills or training to ensure structural safety. Build Change is working to protect these vulnerable houses. Build Change The nonprofit organization—which works in emerging nations to reduce deaths, injuries, and economic losses caused by is scaling safe housing with Autodesk technology. earthquake-related structural collapses—is using innovative technology to identify retrofitting opportunities in this city of Learn more 7 million. In collaboration with the Autodesk Foundation, Build Image courtesy of Build Change Change has developed a cloud-based field-capture tool that can evaluate homes and zero in on structural weaknesses. With this tool, the organization can scale its work rapidly, with the goal of Sanergy more than 11,000 interventions in 2022. Sanergy’s Matthieu Desvignes is recognized as a leader Learn more in the AEC industry with Digital Builder’s 40 Under 40. Learn more Image courtesy of Sanergy The Mortenson Center in Global Engineering is enhancing access to fresh drinking water in remote communities using Fusion 360. Image courtesy of Learn more Image courtesy of Build Change The Mortenson Center

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