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OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX FY22 IMPACT REPORT 14 Partner with customers Architecture, Our customers are increasingly working to Engineering & make net-zero energy buildings, reduce embodied carbon, decrease construction waste, Construction and develop smart and sustainable cities. The buildings sector represents 38% of energy- To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, all new buildings and 20% and process-related GHG emissions globally: of the existing building stock would need to be zero-carbon-ready 28% from operational energy consumption and as soon as 2030. This goal requires spending to triple by 2030 9 4 relative to the last half-decade averages. 10% from the buildings construction industry. Our customers are increasingly working to make net-zero energy Reducing operational energy consumption in new and existing buildings, reduce embodied carbon, decrease construction waste, buildings remains a high priority for Autodesk and many of and develop smart and sustainable cities. Globally, commitment our customers. Tackling the embodied carbon in infrastructure to increasing green building efforts remains strong: 28% of CEOs and building materials also offers great potential for near-term in the construction industry planned to do the majority of their 10 improvement, since building materials will account for about projects green in 2021, and 42% plan to do so in the future. half of the climate impacts of projected new building construction The business case for building green is compelling: The average 5 reduction in operating costs in the first year for new green between 2020 and 2050. Reducing the impacts of construction buildings is 10.5%, and average five-year operating cost savings is essential, since that industry consumes more than half of all is 16.9%; green renovations and retrofits have an even stronger extracted raw materials.6 performance at 11.5% and 17% average reductions. Owners report Global demographic trends compound the urgency of reducing that new green buildings and renovation/retrofit projects increase these impacts. As the world population continues to urbanize over 11 building asset value by more than 9%. the next 30 years, the construction industry will need to build Providing automation tools to support these objectives affordably 7 an average of 13,000 buildings every day and 700,000 miles of ® 8 and at scale is central to our sustainability efforts. The Autodesk road per year. Industry demand will continue to rise for solutions Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection and that enable architects, engineers, and contractors to support this Autodesk Construction Cloud® help enable customers to achieve rapid growth more sustainably by improving energy and materials these outcomes. productivity while managing embodied carbon thoughtfully.

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