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OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX FY22 IMPACT REPORT 20 Evolve Yuma Labs Yuma Labs produces sustainable sunglasses and brings some of the Discovering biggest names in street fashion into generative design its mission of closed-loop production. for CNC milling Learn more Image courtesy of Yuma Labs Evolve specializes in engineering high-quality bespoke systems HyImpulse and products, delivering cutting-edge solutions to the motor sport, automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial equipment, The German startup HyImpulse is and clean technologies industries. Evolve has used Fusion 360 working on safe, sustainable space since 2016, but—like many companies—the team assumed travel with its unique hybrid rocket generative design was complicated, expensive, and best suited propulsion system. for additive manufacturing. But recently they applied generative design to an electric Learn more hypercar component and quickly realized the time and cost Image courtesy of Hyimpulse savings of designing with artificial intelligence and the ease of manufacturing parts on a CNC machine. With an electric vehicle, weight reduction is critical to hit performance and range PIX Moving targets. For the component, Evolve also focused on strength, performance, and stiffness. Most critically, it had to be optimized Using AI and innovative methods like for CNC milling. generative design, 3D printing, and With these parameters in Fusion 360, the team could quickly robotics, PIX Moving is creating a see different possibilities and choose their priorities for the decentralized, distributed, and user- component. They ultimately selected their preferred solution participatory way of manufacturing. from a full set of design options.The final electric hypercar Learn more component was 40% lighter than the initial design and the Image courtesy of PIX Moving project was completed in record time. That’s just the beginning as Evolve moves generative design into more projects. Learn more Ganas Manufacturing Ganas Manufacturing is using automated nesting to maximize efficiency and reduce the amount of scrap in woodworking and millwork. Learn more Image courtesy of Evolve Image courtesy of GANAS MFG

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