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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 34 Partner with customers Design & Manufacturing To address rapid shifts in customer demand Combining the industry’s history as well as supply chain disruptions due to the of adaptability with advanced pandemic, climate change, and other factors, collaboration technology is product designers and manufacturers are helping product designers and increasingly designing resilience into their manufacturers remain resilient processes. More rapid design processes that support remote collaboration, as well as in the face of new challenges. configurable factories and supply chains, are becoming the new normal and are enabled through digitalization. Shutdowns and slowdowns at factories, ports, and shipping Around the world, companies are reopening for business under yards combined with massive shifts in demand have caused a dramatic change of conditions. Physical distancing measures disruption to supply chains and abrupt price increases globally, have created a need for reconfigured production lines that ensure and companies are finding they must adapt their strategies employee safety. Factories require increased flexibility to quickly to reduce risk and ensure production continuity. Autodesk® shift to respond to evolving product demands. Digital factory ® ® Fusion 360 Manage software is helping companies manage tools like Autodesk Factory Design Utilities help teams redesign and collaborate with new and existing suppliers by centralizing layouts, incorporate new safety elements, evaluate the impact information, automating supplier reviews, and streamlining on productivity, and plan an efficient implementation. a secure procurement process. Combining the industry’s history of adaptability with advanced Working from home and hybrid work models require new collaboration technology is helping product designers and approaches that replicate the type of in-person collaboration manufacturers remain resilient in the face of new challenges. engineering teams are accustomed to. Autodesk collaboration software helps teams securely access data, conduct design See a summary of Autodesk Design & Manufacturing solutions that enable reviews, and stay productive wherever they are. Cloud-hosted sustainable design. ® Fusion 360 Team software is enabling team members to access and share data by centralizing all design changes, comments, and markups made from various teams, so everyone can easily see how the project is progressing.

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