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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 42 Living our culture Fostering a culture Our culture is a journey we take together every day. Autodesk employees engage with our culture, question it, and, most importantly, contribute to it through company-wide of belonging activities—specifically, our culture workshops and sprints. Our Culture Sprints are all- employee learning experiences. Through conversations, workshops, and reflective At Autodesk, we define belonging as being welcomed and exercises, teams identify actions they can take to bring our culture to life in sustained and meaningful ways. Each sprint gives us the opportunity to examine our current actions, celebrated for who you are and what you do. We strive to identify roadblocks, and apply practical solutions. By the end of each sprint, participants create an environment where everyone, everywhere, is form new habits and processes, both individually and organizationally, to make our excited to come to work, feels a sense of belonging, and culture real at Autodesk. can fully contribute their talents in the workplace. See Through these and other efforts, we will continue to live our Culture Code in an intentional Diversity and belonging. and collective way, as shown in the report sections that follow. Data ethics and our Culture Code As we entered the second year of the global pandemic, the conditions of hybrid To continue building an ethical data culture at Autodesk, during 2021 we expanded our work made us reflect on what creates connection and belonging. Continued definition of “integrity” in the Culture Code. We ensure ethical treatment of data through racial injustice (in particular, anti-Black and anti-Asian violence) brought to the governance and tools; however, having a culture that constantly supports employee forefront that each of us has a part to play in supporting one another. awareness of these issues is the only way data integrity will pervade Autodesk company- To strengthen our skills in empathy, psychological safety, and inclusive norms, wide. The changes to Integrity in the Ways We Work were guided by our established Data we launched the Belonging Sprint in March 2021. Kicked off by a fireside chat Ethics Principles, the standard for integrating trust, responsibility, and accountability into with Herminia Ibarra, author of Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader and our data usage. We must not only foster awareness of where bias lands in our design of professor of organizational behavior at London Business School, the Belonging data sets—we must also anticipate unintended consequences of data use and correct them Sprint included: when we can. ● Inclusive Leadership coaching circles for our senior leaders and all people Ultimately, our goal is to drive authentic customer trust through deeply rooted cultural managers, led by an expert facilitator and focused on courageous values around data ethics that are supported by governance and platform programs. conversations, leading with empathy, and fostering mutual accountability in teams Autodesk Construction Solutions culture journey ● Individual learning pathways on bias disruption, empathy and compassion, Within Autodesk Construction Solutions, the Business Development – North America growth mindset, and cultural awareness team embarked on a year-long, teamwide skills development program in 2021 based on ● Manager-led conversations about identifying and practicing inclusive our Culture Code to foster psychological safety, inclusive team dynamics, the power of team norms empathy, and inclusive and courageous conversations. The journey is led by our Culture, Belonging means different things to different people and cultures. We support Diversity & Belonging team and bolstered by a group of “Culture Champions” who lead the localization of our Culture Sprint activities and materials. For example, change, facilitate conversations, help participants sustain habits over time, and report on the Culture Code workshops were translated into Japanese, and our Tokyo site metrics and impact. hosted its own Belonging Sprint events on topics such as Foundations of Belonging and the Power of Empathy. The Belonging Sprint equips us with tools to boost well-being and keep us connected in this era of hybrid work. See Flexible workplace.

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