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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 62 Advance industries We invest in organizations taking a worker-centered Catalyze approach to upskilling and career advancement in innovation service of an equitable and prosperous future for all. The Autodesk Foundation invests in nonprofits, startups, and Impact measurement and management ecosystem partners who prepare workers to thrive in the era We evaluate the impact of the Autodesk Foundation Work & Prosperity portfolio based on outcomes of automation. We invest in initiatives and solutions that help related to skills acquisition and inclusive access to quality jobs. Collecting and aggregating aligned workers prosper now—and in the future. metrics drives accountability across the portfolio and provides us with useful insights to drive toward industry change. Investments focus on upskilling and reskilling learners, facilitating employment Learn more about Autodesk Foundation impact measurement and management. for workers, and changing employer behavior within the construction and manufacturing industries. While we recognize the crucial role that a range of organizations play, including government, employers, and educational institutions, we invest primarily in early-stage technology-enabled startups, nonprofits, accelerators, and funds that help create a more inclusive economy. Portfolio impact Metrics FY22 * Who we fund Individuals directly impacted (low-touch, cumulative) 12,100,000 * 12 22% Individuals trained (high-touch) 17,500 nonprofits and ecosystem partners of Autodesk Foundation portfolio Certifications and credentials facilitated 13,800 that help workers prosper in the era funding in fiscal year 2022 of automation People placed in new or improved jobs 13,500 Individuals with an annual income increase of $5,000 or more 13,400 Geographic reach * Low-touch refers to individuals impacted through educational technology or learning platform solutions. High-touch refers to individuals who received formal training, either on the job or through job placement programs. We invest in organizations in the United States and the UK, Read the Autodesk Foundation’s Future of Work impact brief. and our research also includes Asia Pacific and Europe.

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