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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 44 Improve our operations Learning and organization development To empower innovators to solve important design Autodesk continues to prioritize its people managers as a critical Autodesk outside of the Learning and Development group, are As we continue to navigate the shifting landscape of work with and make, business, environmental, and societal lever for organizational success. The Managing@Autodesk passionate about curating learning experiences for others. This a focus on the future, learning and organization development is challenges, we must support our employees to program served as the primary vehicle to keep all global people community reached 76 members and published nearly 1,000 a key catalyst to build resilience and drive transformation. We thrive so that they can create the best products managers up to date with the latest information and aligned new learning pathways. are committed to continuing to prioritize learning and capability and experiences for our customers. Great with key actions, and provided a venue to share fresh ideas, building to drive lasting behavior and mindset shifts. Through employee experiences translate into great resources, and tools. In 2021, we launched a series of workshops Our community of learning champions intentional design and delivery of learning experiences that scale to help managers and their teams talk about the challenges, reached 76 members and published and broaden access, we help our employees thrive and realize customer experiences. new habits, and opportunities of hybrid work (see Flex Forward). nearly 1,000 new learning pathways. their potential. In addition, people managers enrolled more than 3,700 times Like our customers, our employees need to adapt their skills to in our 16 Managing@Autodesk pathways and completed a total With equitable development in mind, we sponsored external the changing work environment. Putting skills at the center of over 7,800 articles, videos, and podcasts. Autodesk also leadership programming for our underrepresented populations. ensures we are focused on equitable employee experiences, as conducted more than 400 manager education events. Through our partnership with McKinsey & Company, we sponsored skills are objective, quantifiable, and transferable. Through our To help employees upskill on the job and navigate their a year-long professional development program for Black 250,000 Work & Prosperity initiative, activated via our Culture framework, development, the MyLearning platform connects users to the employees, including skill-building, cohort-based learning, and we are reimagining learning and organization development at world’s largest collection of professional learning content from MyLearning connects users to the world’s largest collection Autodesk with a focus on skills that are key to the future of work. virtual networking and webinar events. of professional learning content with over 250,000 courses and both inside and outside Autodesk—over 250,000 digital courses During the year, we also enhanced our internal development more than 3 million articles and videos from 1,300 sources. Responding to the unprecedented number of professionals and more than three million articles and videos from 1,300 sources. program for next-generation leaders. We expanded our Emerging changing jobs, and our own employee surveys, career development The pandemic presented an opportunity for us to democratize Leaders Program to 120 Autodesk employees representing nearly is a key focus at Autodesk. We initiated a project in 2021 to refresh learning by moving to a digital learning environment. Our global all business units and geographies, including the first-ever cohort job family descriptions and define critical skill profiles. This project portfolio of training curriculum shifted to 100% virtual learning to develop women in tech and sales roles. We supported the helps Autodesk identify and articulate the skills that drive success and proved to be so successful that this transformation will personal and professional development of more than 280 people 12,000 in each role at each level, in turn enabling career path development continue into the future. Almost 12,000 employees completed managers and individual contributors through 1:1 professional for employees and a line of sight to the organization’s future skills approximately 350,000 learning modules during fiscal year 2022, development coaching. Participants benefitted from over 2,900 Almost 12,000 employees completed approximately demand. This transformation moves us away from high-level, and nearly every Autodesk employee participated in training static job family descriptions to a data-driven, dynamic framework related to our new brand. coaching sessions, and nearly 80% rated their experience as “life- changing” or “amazing.” We also expanded access to professional, that can be tailored to actionable, skills-based development and The need to develop and roll out learning programs much more on-demand coaching support to over 12,000 Autodesk employees 350,000 career paths. quickly than in past years was supported by Autodesk’s growing worldwide as a zero-cost employee benefit. community of learning champions. These employees, from across learning modules during fiscal year 2022.

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