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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 53 Supplier diversity In the Platform Services & Emerging Technologies (PSET) organization, the PSET-DIB resources and learn from participating organizations to advance a more inclusive At Autodesk, we use our purchasing power to increase diversity and inclusion in our initiative works to ensure broader participation in envisioning the innovations of the innovation ecosystem and funding landscape. supplier base, helping to create jobs and wealth in historically marginalized communities. future by fostering a culture of equity and belonging within the department. The goals The Foundation’s response and rebuilding grants and support have benefited from We value our impactful relationships with small and person of color-, women-, disability-, of the core team are to build and maintain avenues of communication to increase the collaboration with the company’s Culture, Diversity & Belonging team and ERGs veteran-, service-disabled veteran-, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses. Creating a supplier impact of diversity and belonging programs within PSET, normalize conversations representing the people and communities impacted. Beyond this funding, the Foundation base that reflects the demographics of Autodesk’s marketplace provides us with access to and critical thinking on topics of equity to further Autodesk’s culture goal around has committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion goals throughout its work, better ideas and ways to innovate. psychological safety, and develop leadership and power skills together through from how it sources new organizations for its portfolio to the impact it seeks to realize In 2021, we engaged with certifying agencies to help diverse business owners expand peer mentorship and learning. through its grantmaking and impact investing. For example, in fiscal year 2022 the their capabilities by connecting them with mentoring, training, and business development In the Product Development and Manufacturing Solutions (PDMS) organization, the Culture, Foundation provided a $250,000 grant to Revolution Workshop, a nonprofit providing opportunities. During the year, we mentored two Black female entrepreneurs as a part D&B advisory team works to prioritize timely amplification of Autodesk diversity and construction job training on the West and South Sides of Chicago, predominantly Black of the National Black Business Pitch, a competition designed to connect Black women– belonging messaging, programs, and resources; identify unique opportunities for influence and LatinX neighborhoods. In February 2022, Autodesk was a launch supporter of the owned businesses to prospective customers. We also sponsored a cohort of eight women- within the organization; and communicate learnings and feedback. Black Equity Index (BEI), a new initiative for organizations to advance and measure owned businesses for the WBEC-West Platinum Supplier Program, for women-owned Providing a positive experience on our internal platforms progress toward racial equity in the workplace. businesses certified by WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) that Supporting pay equity are working to begin or expand corporate and government contracting. To increase our With our remote and hybrid work environment, reliance on Slack and other social awareness and engagement with diverse businesses, Autodesk belongs to the National platforms is essential. As with any social platform, some messages may not align with Autodesk is committed to pay equity for our employees. We conduct an annual global LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development our policies or guidelines. To create a safe and positive experience on our internal pay analysis to compare pay levels of different demographic groups, and make Council, and tech:SCALE. community platforms, we created guidelines for our employees and contingent workers appropriate adjustments if needed. We’ve continued Fair Pay at Hire, which means that To further drive results, in 2021 we launched the internal Autodesk Supplier Diversity to follow when communicating with peers. We also added a new “flag” feature in Slack we do not ask candidates about their prior company compensation in the United States. Executive Stakeholders group, which works to develop goals for each of the company’s to enable employees to report messages that they feel violate Autodesk’s policies, Autodesk was also a proud early signer of the California Equal Pay Pledge, which affirms principal organizations. We spent $35 million, equivalent to 4.4% of addressable spend, guidelines, or culture of respect. the commitment to conducting annual pay analysis, reviewing hiring and promotion with approximately 210 US-based diverse businesses in fiscal year 2022, meeting our goal Additionally, in February 2022 Autodesk added a statement about our stance on racism processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers, and 2 of 4% for the year. During fiscal year 2023, we aim to increase this to 8% of addressable to the company’s Code of Business Conduct, as well as within our internal Global promoting best practices that will close the pay gap. We are transparent about our spend in the United States, and 25% by fiscal year 2026. We are exploring expanding our Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy. salary structures, bonus targets, and equity guidelines to let employees know how they program to additional countries and regions. Advancing racial justice in partnership with compare to our definition of market. To attract, retain, and support our highly qualified employees, we offer competitive compensation and benefits, which include an element the Autodesk Foundation of choice to meet the needs of our diverse population globally. As of fiscal year 2021, As violence against historically marginalized communities continued in 2021, we all employees participate in equity offerings in countries where equity grants are recommitted to doing our part to condemn racism and support our employees, neighbors, allowed. In fiscal year 2022, we completed our multi-year journey toward Market Pricing. and communities around the world. This means that all jobs have been shifted from pay grades to job levels to allow for more precise benchmarking in the competitive market. In response to a rise in violence against the Asian community, both in the United States Autodesk monitors equal pay and conducts full analyses on compensation ratios. and globally, the Autodesk Foundation (with guidance from the Autodesk Asian Network) distributed grants totaling $150,000 across five organizations: Advancing Justice–Asian Law Caucus, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), Ascend Foundation, and the Asia Pacific Environmental Network. During 2021, the Autodesk Foundation continued collaboration with the Black Innovation Alliance and Village Capital on the rESOurce Initiative to help leaders of color build financial, social, and human capital. Through this initiative, we lend our experience and

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