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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 02 Contents Overview Health & Resilience Work & Prosperity Governance A message from our President and CEO Improve our operations Improve our operations Corporate governance FY22 highlights Resilience and well-being Company culture Company strategy Our company Employee health and safety Flexible workplace Accountability Our impact strategy Partner with customers Learning and organization development Trust Philanthropy Architecture, Engineering & Construction Employee impact at work Privacy and data security Design & Manufacturing Diversity and belonging Ethics and compliance Media & Entertainment Partner with customers Human rights Energy & Materials Advance industries Education Suppliers and business partners Improve our operations Catalyze innovation Industry trends Public policy Driving net-zero carbon emissions Accelerate collaboration Architecture, Engineering & Construction Our carbon footprint Shape policies Design & Manufacturing Partner with customers Media & Entertainment Appendix Architecture, Engineering & Construction Advance industries Impact strategy assessments Design & Manufacturing Catalyze innovation Data summary Media & Entertainment Accelerate collaboration Sustainability-enabling solutions Advance industries Shape policies United Nations Global Compact index Catalyze innovation United Nations Sustainable Development Goals index Accelerate collaboration Sustainability Accounting Standards Board index Shape policies Endnotes Performance data included in this report is based on the Autodesk fiscal year when noted, and the calendar year otherwise. The Autodesk 2022 fiscal year ran from February 1, 2021, through January 31, 2022. Performance data covers Autodesk’s global operations, unless otherwise stated. In some cases, segments in tables do not add up to the total due to rounding. Dashes indicate where data was unavailable. All dollar amounts listed are in USD.

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