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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 27 Improve our operations Resilience Autodesk builds and supports organizational and personal resilience with a broad range and well-being of programs and initiatives. At Autodesk, resilience refers to the ability to Organizational resilience Personal resilience Community adapt, grow, and bounce back from disruption At Autodesk, building resilience is not just a “me” problem. It’s Autodesk’s personal resilience initiative focuses on three main Employee Resource Groups, which are open to anyone or change. We are committed to building a “we” problem. Purposeful connections, flexibility on how work pillars: inner well-being, social connection, and physical health. at Autodesk, can help provide a space for peer support resilience for our organization and supporting gets done, and work-life balance are the pillars of building The initiative provides employees with learning resources they (see Diversity and belonging). the well-being of our employees. By cultivating organizational resilience. The pandemic taught us that resilience need to adapt, build resilience skills, thrive, and make an impact Slack channels such as #adsk-mindfulness also connect a workplace where all employees can realize is not just about self-care; resilience is a collective responsibility. in their work, supporting our customers in solving critical global employees to communities within Autodesk. their potential, we offer more than just a place Our focus on achieving gender pay parity, supporting families and challenges. These skills better equip employees individually, and to work. As a company leading change, we’re individuals through our benefits program, and building a sense collectively, for future disruptions that may affect both their work creating opportunities for people to thrive. With of belonging with company-wide learning, among other programs, and personal lives. Learning the continued stressors of a global pandemic enables our people to lead and work authentically and feel valued We offer training, tools, and insights to help employees master The Autodesk Pause learning community is dedicated to for who they are and what they do. the three resilience pillars. In addition, our Global Resilience well-being, mindfulness, and empathy. this past year, a holistic and multifaceted Key aspects include: Advocates are a group of passionate employee volunteers who approach to resilience and well-being has been champion learning resources to inspire colleagues and enhance The Autodesk Resilience site offers resources to support employees’ especially critical. ● Focus Fridays: This company-wide initiative reserves Friday ability to adapt, grow, and bounce back from life’s challenges. afternoons from noon until the end of the day (local time) a culture of resilience at Autodesk. as a no-meeting block. This no-meeting time supports and Given the extraordinary and challenging circumstances during Culture Code workshops, such as the Power of Empathy encourages employees to recharge, boost productivity, and the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided 10 workshop, help employees deepen their practice of empathy Autodesk is committed experience some relief from meeting fatigue. additional holidays for employees globally. In the United States and develop an inclusive mindset (see Company culture). ● Flex Forward: An extension of Our Flexible Workplace Promise, and some other countries, Autodeskers had an extra week off to supporting the this program allows us to reimagine how we collaborate, at the end of the year during what we call our “Week of Rest” for innovate, and shape inclusive team norms. We’ve created a a total of two weeks. Benefits resilience and well-being set of tools to support managers and their teams to do their Benefits My Way reimburses employees for eligible expenses best work and foster a sense of belonging, no matter where that support their physical, emotional, financial, and sustainable of our employees. work happens. Through these activities, everyone has the wellness (see next page). opportunity to provide input into how we communicate and The Employee Assistance Program provides employeesand their prioritize work with a focus on well-being. Our Culture Code families with support when needed (see next page). serves as our foundation as we adapt to ways of working that are more transparent, flexible, and sustainable for everyone. Bravely gives employees access to a global community of on-demand professionally certified coaches (see Diversity and belonging). The Sanvello app gives employees and their eligible dependents (13+) access to free well-being and stress management tools.

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