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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 57 Partner with customers Architecture, Engineering & Construction Cloud-based AEC solutions are democratizing access to opportunities of potential alternatives—with the data to show how each ranks against a designer’s Autodesk and Smithsonian Arts and fostering more inclusivity. Digital transformation, including original criteria. +Industries Building collaboration tools in the cloud, enables companies to engage talent Through Autodesk Learning and Certification, AEC professionals can gain the knowledge worldwide—building a connected global workforce. and skills to create high-quality, innovative building and infrastructure designs; optimize Exhibit showcases the projects with integrated analysis, visualization, and simulation tools; and improve At the same time, COVID-19 has made digital project delivery more complex, requiring predictability by maximizing constructability and project coordination. future of human/machine ® many design and construction firms to accelerate the pace of digital transformation. In the construction industry, Autodesk’s bid management technology—Autodesk ® New capabilities in Autodesk products and an expansion of its partner ecosystem BuildingConnected Pro and Bid Board Pro—helps owners and builders find reliable collaboration support remote and virtual work environments for AEC practitioners, enabling easier partners for every job using our Builders Network. Project teams can access over collaboration from a single source of truth. With apps available in more than a dozen a million construction professionals, simplify bid workflows, and manage subcontractor As part of the immersive museum exhibition FUTURES, which languages, all stakeholders can navigate securely through models, capture feedback, risk in real time. To increase the diversity of firms bidding for projects, customers can opened in late 2021, we collaborated with the team at the and make decisions together in real time. break down bid packages to smaller scopes of work, making it easier to engage the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building to create the Co-Lab. AEC professionals can improve the user experience and reduce costs by automating community, attract talent, and build new relationships. And prequalifying subcontractors This exhibit features a novel generatively designed and product development processes with tools such as Generative Design in Revit that take enables project teams to be more inclusive, specifically focusing on Disadvantaged sustainable timber structure, stories showcasing the power advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Traditional processes to develop Business Enterprises (DBEs). of Human/AI collaboration, and an interactive multiplayer and validate design concepts typically limit exploration to only a handful of possible See a summary of Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction solutions that enable generative design experience, “Future Communities.” Guests alternatives due to time constraints. Generative design is disrupting this process by sustainable design. collaborate with both each other and AI, making decisions simultaneously exploring a variety of possible design outcomes and generating a variety Learn how fostering employee diversity can support business growth. and building a community block based on what they deem most important. Each participant takes a different role, choosing to be a “developer,” “ecologist,” or “mayor.” The roles have specific goals and input factors that include social, ecological, and economic considerations, ranging from the availability of green space and housing to the reach of public services and employment opportunities. Learn more

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