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Calendar of events 2022 Dates Events Comments Dec China Central Economic Work Conference 6 Dec US: Run-off Senate election in Georgia Dem’s hold Senate maj 13-14 Dec FOMC Meeting +50bps (4.25-4.50%) 15 Dec ECB Meeting +50bps (DFR = 2%); comments on QT 15 Dec BoE Meeting +50bp (3.50%) 15-16 Dec EU Summit 16 Dec US: Continuing Resolution to avoid government shutdown ends Extension likely 19-20 Dec BoJ Meeting Unchanged (-0.1%) 2023 Dates Events Comments January Q1 2023 China Second Plenary Session of the 20th CPC Congress 17-18 Jan BoJ Meeting 1 Feb FOMC Meeting +0.25% (4.50%-4.75%) February 2 Feb BoE Meeting +50bps (4.00%) 2 Feb ECB Meeting +25bps (DFR= 2.25%) 25 Feb Nigeria general elections March National People’s Congress 16 Mar ECB Meeting +25bps (DFR=2.5%) March 21-22 Mar FOMC Meeting +0.25% (4.75%-5.00%) 23 Mar BoE Meeting +25bps (4.25%) 23-24 Mar EU Summit 2 April Finland election (National Parliament) April 8 April BoJ Governor Kuroda’s term ends 13 April Northern Ireland Assembly elections latest date if executive not formed 4 May ECB Meeting Unchanged (2.5%) 4 May UK local elections May 7 May Thailand general elections 11 May BoE Meeting Unchanged (4.25%) 14 May Germany (Federal state elections) 28 May Spain Regional elections 13-14 June FOMC Meeting June 15 June ECB Meeting Unchanged (2.5%) 18 June Turkey presidential and parliamentary elections 29-30 June EU Summit July July Greece elections (National Parliament) September Autumn 23 Poland presidential elections October 29 Oct Argentina general elections December Spain (National Parliament) 2024 Dates Events Comments January Jan US Primaries begin April 10 April South Korean legislative elections May 1 May India general elections 11 May US Presidential elections June 2 June Mexico general elections July UK general elections 30

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