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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Basic Branding Guidelines 12 • The size of the DBA must be no more than 85% of “X” and no less than 66% of “X.” • The DBA must be same size on both lines (as needed). • Affiliate DBAs are set in upper and lower case, with the exception of the word “ r EAL t O r S ® ” (where applicable). • For side-by-side applications, the distance from the “E” in “Berkshire” to the vertical rule and the distance from the vertical rule to the first letter of the DBA is “ y ,” while the width of the vertical rule itself is 5% of “Y .” Allison & Doyle, REALTORS Additional Line (as needed) X Between 66-85% X Same Size as First Line 50% X DBA Set in Georgia Pro Font, Regular Weight, 0 Tracking Allison & Doyle, REALTORS 5% Y Vertical Rule Line Y Y Y

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