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Berkshire Hathaway Energy ESG Report

SUSTAINABILITY AT BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY ENERGY Incorporating environmental, social and governance aspects into the decisions we make and the way we approach risks and opportu nities positions Berkshire Hathaway Energy to deliver cleaner energy, work smarter and provide greater value to stakeholders for the l ong term. Our eff orts create the opportunity to put our energy into a sustainable future. ENVIRONMENTAL Our core principle of Environmental RESPECT recognizes the importance of minimizing the impacts of our operations on the environment as we strive to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emis sions. We are supporting a transition to net zero in a manner o ur customers can aff ord, our regulators will allow and technology advances support. Our approach centers around making reductions now, delivering on commitments to increase renewables, investing in transmission infrastructure, and using proven technologies while we continue to explore innovative ways to advance a long-term sustainable energy future. Our eff orts have established a strong foundation from which to build our net zero future. Berkshire Hatha way Energy has invested $34 billion in renewable energy generation – few energy businesses have demonstrated that level of leadership and commitment. O ur commitments are more than words – they are tangible actions we are undertaking to ensure our customers have access to safe, rel iable, aff ordable and increasingly clean energy. While we deliver sustainable energy solutions for our customers through our regulated u tility operations, our non-regulated BHE Renewables business supports other companies in achieving their renewable energy and sustaina bility goals through our noncarbon generating investments. As we plan for the future and advance eff orts to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, we know we need to keep working to fi nd sustainable solutions that will support our journey to a net zero future. Through a longstanding collaboration with Breakthroug h Energy Ventures, we continue to support research and development and advance policy solutions that increase momentum for innovations t hat will help get us to net zero. As a founding member of Third Derivative, we are working with a coalition of climate-focused star tups, investors and strategic corporate partners to provide funding and support for the most promising technologies to accelerate red uctions in global carbon emissions. On the ground, Berkshire Hathaway Energy is working on carbon capture, utilization and storage and providing expertise on next-generation nuclear reactor designs. The transition to a net zero future is also at the core of our policy agenda, where we are working to achieve support for broad er deployment of noncarbon generation and federal investment in r esearch and development, which are necessary components to achieving our goal. We will continue working with our stakeholders to be a force for good in our collective low-carbon transiti on – working together to fi nd the right solutions and speed of transition. BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 71% 14% 3% 2% 10% 32% 3% 33% 32% 0 40,000,000 80,000,000 120,000,000 160,000,000 0.000 0.200 0.400 0.600 0.800 Net Generation (in MWh) Emissions Intensity (in CO2 MT/MWh) Emissions Intensity Net Generation Emissions Intensity and Net Generation Net Generation 2005 Coal Natural Gas Nuclear Renewable Energy Resources Petroleum and Other 2020 52% 35% 2% 1% 10% 41% 1% 25% 33% 2005 2020 Generation Capacity 200,000,000 1.000 0.786 0.479 2005 2020 Increase 18% Decrease 39% 1

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SOCIAL Our Customers and Communities As the events of 2020 demonstrated, many of our customers are e xtremely sensitive to energy costs, and we have focused on a hol istic approach to keep energy aff ordable for everyone so they don’t have to make diffi cult choices in keeping warm during the winter and cool in the summer or paying for other life necessities. We carried out our commitment to provide reliable, low-cost energy as the global pandemic, social unrest and natural disasters weighed heavy on our hearts and minds. As we strive to be the lowest-cost supplie r of energy services, we are optimizing our business to control costs without sacrifi ce to the exceptional customer service we provi de, unlocking new value and services to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers by transforming our business. We’ re working smarter by increasing the use of data analytics to inform our decisions, improving standardized processes and focusing on what’s important – our customers. The global pandemic underscored the importance of the energy services we provide and heightened the importance of our sustainability eff orts. Keeping customers and employees safe while providing reliable service to essential and critical facilities and making sure friends and families could stay connected was, and continues to be, our top priority. At the same time, we focused on our communities by donating supplies of masks and hand sanitizer, supporting critical community-based organizations to help our mos t vulnerable neighbors, addressing food insecurity, holding safe, socially distanced blood drives, and volunteering in new ways. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recognizing and respecting the diversity among our employees and within the communities where we do business is vital to accomplishing our goals. It is the combination of our collective ideas and insights that makes our company successful and provi des rewarding careers to all employees. Diversity and inclusion are critical components of a sustainable business, and we strive to consider them in all business decisions. In 2020, we looked inward, sharpening our ongoing focus on making our workplace more diverse, equitable and inclusive with robu st training to enhance our eff orts and improved communication emphasizing our commitment, actions and accomplishments. Importantly, however, we also looked outward. We are proud to be a founding partner of the American Council on Renewable Energy’s Accelerate program, helping improve diversity, equity and inclusion within the renewable energy sector and reduce barriers for participant s from underrepresented communities. Employees We equip employees with the resources and support they need to be successful. We encourage teamwork and provide a safe, rewardi ng, equitable and inclusive work environment. We make no compromise when it comes to safety and security. In 2020, our employees and contractors delivered a company-best performance in safety, while ensuring that customers received t he reliable service they depend on. We found new ways to work and supported employees by implementing more fl exible policies and increased dialogue, support and resources to help reduce the stigma around mental health. And, we added to our employee resourc e groups, including those focused on gender, sustainability and supporting veterans and their families. GOVERNANCE As Berkshire Hathaway Energy executes its vision to be the best energy company in serving our customers, while delivering susta inable energy solutions, our businesses operate with that shared vision, culture and set of core principles. The breadth of knowledge, experience and business expertise of our board of directors provides signifi cant governance discipline. Our chief sustainability offi cer maintains oversight of the development and implementation of the company’s sustainability strategy, reporting to our president and CEO. We plan for the long term, advancing sustainable energy solutions for generations. Our robust business planning embeds sustaina bility and fi nancial discipline to ensure balanced outcomes for customers and key stakeholders, consistent with our core principles – customer service, employee commitment, environmental respect, regulatory integrity, operational excellence and fi nancial strength – and our commitment to providing reliable, aff ordable and clean energy. IN OUR COMMUNITIES The employees of Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s businesses maintained their long history of demonstrating their commitment to volunteerism in 2020. Whether coaching little leagues, cleaning up parks, collecting food and clothing or mentoring children, our employees truly make a diff erence in the lives of our neighbors. Even though circumstances prevented many from physically engaging in a number of volunteer opportunities in 2020, our employees continued to share their time and talents to help address the challenges our communities faced. Collectively, our businesses and employees logged more than 34,000 hours in volunteer time in 2020 and donated approximately $23 million to charities throughout the communities we serve. 2

Core Values and Codes of Conduct We uphold the highest ethical standards and values through the Berkshire H athaway Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We expec t employees to safeguard our organization’s reputation and protect us from fi nancial and legal harm, and provide a confi dential a nd anonymous hotline administered by a third-party organization called NAVEX Global (toll-free number 800-261-8651 or website at where individuals can report potential misconduct for investigation. We also hold our organization accountable to provisions we include in the Berkshir e Hathaway Energy Code of Business Conduct th at demonstrate how to approach work, business relationships, decisions and actions, and include: • Treating customers with honesty, respect and dignity • Dealing fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors • Maintaining confi dentiality of information • Full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable fi nancial disclosures • Zero-tolerance policy on any type of harassment or behavior that is hostile, disrespectful, abusive or humiliating • Commitment to a safe and healthy environment for all employees We extend our expectations to our vendors and suppliers through a Supplier Code of Conduct addressing safety and health, ethical and legal requirements, human dignity and labor, asset and data security, environmental compliance and stewardship, and transparenc y and governance. 3