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BNY MELLON ENTERPRISE ESG 8 APPROACH PUTTING THE FUTURE FIRST SM At BNY Mellon, we’re committed to putting the Future First by using our global reach, influence and resources not just to power success today, but to help safeguard the future. Our approach, termed Future First , starts with our own ESG practices and conduct referred to as Enterprise ESG, then extends that thinking to the way we serve clients through our ESG and Responsible Investment Client Solutions. As a key participant of the global financial system, we believe it is part of our responsibility to help build the infrastructure that can facilitate investing with an ESG, responsible and sustainable lens. BNY Mellon is well positioned to help clients across the value chain. Our ESG approach empowers clients with strategies, data and analytics for every phase of the investment life cycle. Because our clients’ needs include ever-evolving ESG demands, our solutions are multifaceted. FUTURE FIRST ESG At BNY Mellon, we utilize a twofold approach to managing our ESG impact. Through Enterprise ESG —“Who we are” — we seek to integrate an ESG lens across our enterprise. Delivering on our ESG framework, we Consider Everything SM , starting with our own enterprise-wide practices, considering our business impacts on global issues and contributing to opportunities that help communities thrive. Through our ESG and Responsible Investment Client Solutions — “What we do” — we create and deliver ESG and Responsible Investment products and services . In this way, we expand on our actions by providing leading products and services that can help our clients meet their own ESG investment objectives and contribute progress toward ESG goals. We believe this approach leverages our reach, market influence and resources. Our actions can more powerfully drive shared value and significant progress toward global issues while simultaneously supporting our business objectives. Our Enterprise Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Commitment Statement articulates how we address these responsibilities and how we work to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities related to ESG. Adopted in September 2021, this statement aligns with existing BNY Mellon ESG-related statements and policies. Fu ture First SM — Our ESG Framework Who we are: Enterprise ESG What we do: ESG Client Solutions We firmly believe the strength of our client solutions is underpinned by our own actions and behavior as an enterprise. Culture and Purpose Responsible Investment Responsible Business Data and Analytics Global Citizenship Financing and Payments

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