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BNY MELLON ENTERPRISE ESG 25 CULTURE AND PURPOSE SPOTLIGHT Autism@Work Our efforts to seek out and include individuals with diverse abilities includes our Autism@Work pilot program, through which we recruited diverse talent on the autism spectrum to take part in an apprenticeship and ultimately work full-time at BNY Mellon. Five of eight apprentices in 2021 accepted full-time positions with our Global Operations and Technology team. We believe that this neurodiversity initiative accelerates innovation, adds significant business value and helps us harness the power of difference. In addition to Autism@Work, BNY Mellon’s Enterprise Quality Engineering team engages contract workers who are neurodiverse. Company plans for 2022 include expanding our neurodiversity initiative to more parts of our business and other regions, including Ireland and India. We are also rebranding the program as Neurodiversity Inclusion@BNY Mellon, signaling our intention to engage capable talent with other forms of neurodiversity, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. Through these initiatives and others, we are fulfilling our pledge as a member of the Valuable 500, a CEO-led movement committed to disability inclusion, including neurodiversity. EMPLOYEE-LED INCLUSION As remote working and social distancing continued for a second year, our employees took advantage of the level playing field of digital, truly global engagement to gain deeper appreciation for the value of connection and inclusion. E/BRG membership continues to grow year over year. With nearly 400 leaders and 11,500 unique members, one in four BNY Mellon employees is a member of an E/BRG. Our six E/BRGs help us achieve enterprise DEI goals through initiatives that provide a supplemental support system, community of belonging and peer network for our people throughout their career journey. For example, E/BRGs lead mentoring and reverse mentoring programs that create exposure to different thinking, which benefits both emerging leaders and experienced, established leaders. In BNY Mellon India, the Inclusion Ambassador program fosters experiential learning for the Inclusion Ambassadors to enable them drive a culture of inclusion and belonging across their respective teams. Enterprise ESG 2025 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goal Drive a culture of inclusion and advance diverse representation KPI: Increase percentage of participation in E/BRGs, as evidenced by employee registered membership in at least one group, by 3% year over year, starting from the 2019 baseline year Progress: Membership in BNY Mellon’s six E/BRGs grew from 11,408 to 11,500 in 2021, an increase of 5% ADDITIONAL DIMENSIONS OF REPRESENTATION (BNY MELLON IN THE U.S. AND UK) Data based on employee voluntary disclosures, as of 31 December 2021 People with Disabilities LGBTQ+ Veterans 5 .1% U.S. Workforce 1.5% U.S. Workforce 1.8% U.S. Workforce 0.3% UK Workforce 2.0% UK Workforce 0.0% UK Workforce

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