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BNY MELLON ENTERPRISE ESG 17 APPROACH HOW WE CONSIDER CLIMATE BNY Mellon is developing a framework to consider climate-related risks, which often manifest in the long term, as well as opportunities throughout our business. In 2019, we signed on to support the TCFD recommendations, in part to guide the execution of that framework. In addition, four of the investment firms in our Investment Management business have also signed on as supporters. Additionally, across our business, we maintain numerous affiliations with industry and thought leadership initiatives to support corporate considerations of climate change and climate risk. We utilize the TCFD recommendations to inform our climate-related disclosure to provide investors, lenders, insurers and other stakeholders the necessary information on our approach to considering our climate-related risks and opportunities. This provides a framework for substantive conversations about our analysis, action plans and work to embed climate- related matters into our business strategy. The consideration of climate risks and opportunities is part of our larger body of work to address the integration of ESG into the way we operate and serve our clients and is thus embedded in our Enterprise ESG strategy and approach. We seek to respond to climate risks and opportunities throughout our business strategy and across our entire enterprise. Thus, additional information about our management of climate-related risks can be found throughout this report, primarily in Risk Management , Managing Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability . In early 2021, building on our support of TCFD, in early 2021 we published our first stand-alone climate-related report, Considering Climate at BNY Mellon . In that report, we outlined our approach, plan and actions to address climate-related risk and opportunities. In this Enterprise ESG report, we provide an update on our progress. It is not meant to be an exhaustive account of our work, but rather examples of areas where we have initiatives in place related to climate risks and opportunities. Our most recent progress is flagged by “New in 2021” headings.

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