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Brand Imagery ager ƒroduct ¥ake the roduct the hero. ­hoot tight and cro close to increase a sense of draa. ’se lighting to accentuate diension and detail shadows and highlights. ƒroduct hotograh should alwas be clear and engaging while ehasi›ing the high —ualit of Cisco roducts. STILL ž MOTION ƒroduct iager should conve a reiu look with dnaic vivid contrast and sharness in the details. To aintain the consistenc of the Cisco brand in roduct iager lighting should be brilliant and defining focus should be shar and cris and fraing should be tight to isolate ke details. •or best results shoot roduct iager with a redoinant onochroe cast. This allows aiu freedo to infuse iager with color and grahics later. ‘1 The Cisco Brand / Cisco Brand dentit ­ste

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