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Our Employee Networks in Action: 2021 (continued) Citi Women Networks in Asia had a momentous year with many key initiatives and successful program launches. For example, here in China we launched a maternity buddy program that received overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who participated. We also partnered with other networks to lead November Gratitude Month, where we sent out 8,000 thank you cards to employees and staff, building on our already strong sense of community and showcasing our leadership principle of ‘We Succeed Together.’ Citi Women has brought tremendous value to my own experience and to Citi overall by creating an inclusive culture for women to thrive.” The Networks have the incredible mission to not only act upon the specific themes of each of the diversity groups, but also to expand the overall engagement and awareness among our population — creating an environment for empathy, connection and ‘call to action.’ In that sense, Families Matter provides us the amazing opportunity to work across Affinities: learning, supporting and acting together, especially in a moment when work, home and families are more intertwined than ever before. Understanding the realities and particularities of our diverse team and acting together with other Affinities allows us to support our Citi family.” I was originally approached to join London Disability Network in 2006 and found a fantastic group of folks looking to ensure that anyone with a disability, injury or illness felt that they had a voice. I went on to serve as co-chair for the London Disability Network on two occasions, where I believe we enhanced representation, engaged with senior management and weaved Inclusion into the business conversation. I am a firm believer that as an employee I need to set an example on how, with the right level of support from my amazing managers over the years, I was able to grow my career and begin to ask not what Citi can do for me, but what can I do for Citi and the disability community. I have been working with various groups and technology experts to raise the understanding on how assistive technology enables inclusion. By being myself, I have allowed my managers to be their very best for me, and together we can work on what we need to do to support our clients.” I have been with the firm for almost a decade, and I am really proud of how we have stepped up in recent years to strategize on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to create an inclusive culture at Citi. Our colleagues who participated in Network initiatives continuously share feedback that they experience great value and learnings from our content. I am especially fond of sessions where safe spaces are created to speak up. Inviting people to talk about topics relating to diversity, equity and inclusion increases awareness so we can break down barriers and enable people to be comfortable with certain topics. This helps create an understanding of the role we can all play in supporting one another.” Citi Women Families Matter Disability Generations LU SHI, CHINA MANAGING DIRECTOR, RISK LUCIANA ZONZINI, BRAZIL MANAGING DIRECTOR, BANKING, CAPITAL, MARKETS AND ADVISORY PATRICK MORAN, UNITED KINGDOM DIRECTOR, OPERATIONS TECHNOLOGY NUR’I LIM, MALAYSIA VICE PRESIDENT, INDEPENDENT COMPLIANCE RISK MANAGEMENT “ “ “ “ Contents ESGatCiti SustainableFinance SustainableProgress Equitable&ResilientCommunities Talent&DEI RiskManagement&ResponsibleBusiness Appendices CITI 2021 ESG REPORT 93

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