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Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Index This index was prepared in accordance with Industry Standards Version 2018-10 issued by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). The disclosures below relate to three sector standards aligned to our mix of businesses: Commercial Banks, Consumer Finance and Investment Banking & Brokerage. Unless otherwise noted, data and descriptions apply to our entire company, not just the businesses relevant to that sector. We do not yet disclose all metrics included in the sector standards, but we will continue to evaluate their relevance to our business and our ability to improve, and we will consider increasing the number of metrics we include in the future. All data is as of and for the year ended Dec. 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted. COMMERCIAL BANKS Topic Accounting Metric Category Code Report Section or Other Documentation Data Security (1) Number of data breaches, (2) percentage involving personally identifiable information (PII), (3) number of account holders affected Quantitative FN-CB- 230a.1 Citi has a robust program that addresses the cybersecurity life cycle of preparedness and prevention, detection, response, mitigation, lessons learned and training. Cybersecurity incidents, including any data breaches, are reported to consumers, regulators, business partners and others as legally required and otherwise appropriate. For security reasons, Citi generally does not publicly reveal further details regarding the security incidents we may encounter in a particular year. Citi provides a general discussion of cybersecurity incidents with regard to Operational Risk in its 10-K. • 2021 10-K pages 52 and 115-116 Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks Discussion and Analysis FN-CB- 230a.2 • Risk Management > Safeguarding Data and Protecting Customer Information Financial Inclusion & Capacity Building (1) Number and (2) amount of loans outstanding qualified to programs designed to promote small business and community development Quantitative FN-CB- 240a.1 Citi engages in community development efforts by equity investment through the Citi Impact Fund and financing affordable housing and community development projects through our Citi Community Capital group. Key statistics and the impacts of these efforts as well as activity to support small business lending can be found in our 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report. • Equitable and Resilient Communities > Investing in Our Communities: 2021 Highlights • Our Commitment to Social Finance • Action for Racial Equity • Citi Impact Fund • COVID-19 Relief and Recovery • Affordable Housing • Strategic Philanthropy • Citi Community Capital Website (1) Number and (2) amount of past due and nonaccrual loans qualified to programs designed to promote small business and community development Quantitative FN-CB- 240a.2 Citi does not report this information. Number of no-cost retail checking accounts provided to previously unbanked or underbanked customers Quantitative FN-CB- 240a.3 In 2014, Citi launched the Access Account — a simple, checkless bank account with low or no monthly fees and no overdraft fees, which provides customers with a straightforward way to save money and manage their finances. As of Dec. 31, 2021, there were 336,677 active Access checking accounts. This figure excludes high-yield savings accounts. On Feb. 24, 2022, Citi announced plans to eliminate overdraft fees, returned item fees and overdraft protection fees by mid-2022, representing the Company’s continued commitment to expand access to inclusive banking products and services that can help advance economic progress, especially for underbanked and unbanked communities. In addition to eliminating these fees, Citi will continue to offer a robust suite of free overdraft protection services for its consumers. Citi does not track if account holders were formerly unbanked/ underbanked. • Risk Management > Eliminating Overdraft Fees for Our Customers’ Financial Wellness • Access Account webpage • Citi Retail Banking Overdraft Fees Change Number of participants in financial literacy initiatives for unbanked, underbanked, or underserved customers Quantitative FN-CB- 240a.4 Our efforts to support underbanked individuals and small businesses are discussed in our 2021 ESG Report. • Our Commitment to Social Finance Contents ESGatCiti SustainableFinance SustainableProgress Equitable&ResilientCommunities Talent&DEI RiskManagement&ResponsibleBusiness Appendices ESGS ataC ius niblnG 150

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