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CONTENTS LETTER FROM LETTER FROM SUSTAINABILITY 2025 SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY DRIVING SOCIAL HELPING PRESERVING NOEL WALLACE ANN TRACY HIGHLIGHTS SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT GOVERNANCE IMPACT MILLIONS OF OUR A WELCOME STRATEGY HOMES ENVIRONMENT LETTER FROM ANN TRACY, Post the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), my four Gen Z kids still say that our CHIEF planet is in trouble, and they’re still counting on us to do something about it. Young people—and increasingly consumers of all We are focused on innovating our packaging homes through our Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ SUSTAINABILITY ages—expect the companies they support to take to use more recycled plastic, less plastic or no program. We invite you to learn more about our on the burning issues of the day: climate change, plastic at all as we work toward our target to have progress towards our 2025 Sustainability & Social plastic waste and water scarcity, as well as health, 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable plastic Impact Strategy through this newly designed OFFICER education and diversity, equity and inclusion. At packaging by 2025. A great example is the progress interactive report. Colgate-Palmolive, we are focused on solving big we have made to implement the first tube to be problems. We are proud that our Colgate brand is in recognized by external recycling authorities as While we are proud of our progress so far, we more homes than any other, and tackling these issues recyclable across all of our toothpaste brands. Part recognize there is much more work to be done. And starts at home. We see that as our superpower, and of our mission is to educate consumers about our this work cannot be done without collaboration with we have a big responsibility to use our global reach recyclable toothpaste tubes, encouraging them to our consumers, suppliers, retailers, communities to help the people who buy and use our products live check locally since their community may not yet and, most importantly, Colgate People. We are more healthy and sustainable lives. accept tubes for recycling and inviting them to learn working to fully embed sustainability into our growth more on our website. We are also excited to hear strategy and across all facets of our business. We are pleased to report our progress in 2021, that other major brands have pledged to move to Together we will tackle these problems and inspire the first year of our 2025 Sustainability & Social a recyclable tube by 2025 so that approximately people to live more sustainably. Together, we will Impact Strategy. Our Strategy consists of three 75% of the 20 billion tubes will become recyclable. smile, because we are reimagining a healthier future Key Ambitions with 11 actions and associated We’re working with our suppliers to ensure we have for all people, their pets and our planet. measurable targets. These actions are designed strong responsible sourcing programs in place, to manage both risks and opportunities for our helping to reduce emissions and water use in our . business and to bring our purpose to life: WE are value chain. Finally, in the communities where we Colgate, a caring, innovative growth company live and work, we have reached over 1.4 billion reimagining a healthier future for all people, their children and their families with our Bright Smiles, Ann Tracy pets and our planet. Bright Futures® oral health education program and CHIEF SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER helped to find over 12 million shelter pets forever 2021 SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT PAGE 04

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