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CONTENTS LETTER FROM LETTER FROM SUSTAINABILITY 2025 SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY DRIVING SOCIAL HELPING PRESERVING NOEL WALLACE ANN TRACY HIGHLIGHTS SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT GOVERNANCE IMPACT MILLIONS OF OUR STRATEGY HOMES ENVIRONMENT Oral Care Ingredient Transparency Division: Africa/Eurasia • 100% recycled plastic handle Transparency is a key part of our commitment to product sustainability. Consumers today are Product/Project: Colgate RecyClean • 100% plant-based nylon bristles looking for company information about environmental, social and governance practices. In Rating: Excellent • Guides consumers on recycling the addition, consumers are looking for details about the products they use. We want to empower p people with the information about our ingredients in the product and the purpose and function ackage the ingredient provides in the product. • Promotes water conservation er) awareness (e.g., Save Wat We have also started to share our fragrance ingredients for some brands and recently launched Flavors & • Recyclable cardboard packaging, no Fragrances Share for Good, our new communications tool to share more information about the fragrance plastic used and flavors in our products. Most notably, Colgate is now the first major company to share the flavor ingredients in toothpaste and mouthwash. By proactively launching this program, we are providing even greater transparency to build and extend consumer trust. The article, Building Consumer Trust With Greater Transparency, highlights how including flavor ingredients in our disclosure initiative is an exciting opportunity to engage with more people by providing information that makes them feel confident in their purchasing decisions. Colgate continues to participate in SmartLabel™, a digital platform that provides a wide range of product details that cannot fit on a package label. It explains what the ingredients are, why they are in the product and what they do. Consumers can access SmartLabel at home and on-the-go while creating a shopping list on their phone or when making a purchase decision in the store. We are also disclosing ingredient information on local brand websites and the Oral Care ingredients are also available on our A-Z list. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT PAGE 46

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