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CONTENTS LETTER FROM LETTER FROM SUSTAINABILITY 2025 SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY DRIVING SOCIAL HELPING PRESERVING NOEL WALLACE ANN TRACY HIGHLIGHTS SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT GOVERNANCE IMPACT MILLIONS OF OUR STRATEGY HOMES ENVIRONMENT Direct Operations Key elements of our Operations program include: We continue to invest in water conservation and assess water risks associated with our global operations. We recycle/return water in highly stressed regions and manage our wastewater appropriately. We remain laser-focused on withdrawing the least amount of water from the environment. 5% for the Planet We invest in water conservation strategies at our global facilities through our manufacturing capital Our plants deploy ever-more-efficient practices as we keep driving down our water manufacturing expenditure program, "5% for the Planet," and by implementing our Water Stewardship Strategy. A intensity. We are improving our cleaning and sanitization processes, for example, to now require minimum of 1% of the manufacturing capital expenditure budget is targeted specifically toward water far less water and energy by innovating with our partners at Ecolab. conservation projects. We have had manufacturing water conservation goals since 2002, and since then we have reduced True Cost of Water the water consumed per unit of production in the manufacture of our products by 52%, exceeding our 2020 target. Our 2025 target is to reduce our manufacturing water intensity by 25% compared Our True Cost of Water Toolkit, developed with Rutgers University Business School’s Supply Chain to 2010. Management Program, is a manufacturing-based tool designed to help sites quantify some of the hidden costs of water, such as pretreatment and pumping. Knowing the costs encourages focus on opportunities for financial and environmental improvement. Water Stewardship Standard Colgate’s global Water Stewardship Standard helps all our manufacturing facilities and technology centers develop responsible and appropriate programs to ensure that water-related risks are understood and managed, and that water conservation opportunities are continuously evaluated and implemented in support of Colgate’s environmental and sustainability targets. Water Stewardship Standard expectations vary by the level of geographic water stress. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT PAGE 74

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