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The Metaverse Overview : Vision, Technology, and Tactics | Industry and consensus during NFT minting experience the game and acquire finance, artwork, collectibles, and and include ERC20, ERC721, and digital assets that are tradable in the virtual real estate, and creates virtual ERC1155. Developer tools help develop blockchain. museums, art exhibitions, music, and blockchain applications. technology events. The Huanhe NFT marketplace in China Network storage is data storage belongs to Tencent, which is devoted to Decentralized finance or DeFi is one on a blockchain, represented by developing digital collection business example of a combination of NFTs and InterPlanetary File System IPFS that confirms with compliance finance. It empowers traders to save, distributed storage. A wallet, e.g. requirements. Cryptopunks was one borrow, transact, and buy insurance Tokenall, is a tool for private key of the earliest NFT collections on without a centralized entity (bank or storage without holding tokens. Ethereum, where the most expensive financial institution) and overhaul the trade reached USD7.5 million. OpenSea traditional banking system. The production and circulation is the world's largest comprehensive layers host platforms that produce NFT marketplace, where users can Liquidity has often limited the and trade NFT works. Production mint, display, trade, and auction NFTs. financialization and popularization of platforms have two usual models, digital art. NFT20 is a decentralized UGC and PGC, to create NFT The derivative layer includes NFT derivatives trading market and artworks, games, virtual worlds, exhibition platforms and combinations protocol that addresses this issue and marketplaces. For example, of NFT applications with other by allowing NFT producers to create Decentraland is a decentralized industries. liquidity pools for their projects and virtual world based on Ethereum. traders to benefit from those pools' Users of Decentraland can create, This layer includes NFT fund greater liquidity and fair prices. Its explore, and trade NFT works in this Metapurse, a cryptocurrency fund trading volume and liquidity ensure fair virtual world. Sandbox launched its created and funded by Metakovan and prices for all. NFT20 tokens can also be blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game operated with Twobadour. It focuses bought as an investment. in 2018, which has no storyline or on identifying early-stage projects settled ending but allows players to across blockchain infrastructure, Figure32: NFT industry chain and companies NFT Industry Chain Representative Companies & Business Introduction NFT + Defi Any NFT work holder can deposit works to the fund pool in exchange for NFT20 Derivative tokens for liquidity Layer Exhibition Platform Metapurse hosts NFT art, music and tech events where anyone can participate remotely Circulation Integrated Trading Currently the world's largest comprehensive NFT trading platform, users can Platform mint, display, trade, and auction NFTs Layer Decentraland is an Cryptopunks, one of the Magic Core is Tencent's Digital Art Platform Ethereum-based earliest NFTs on NFT trading software, decentralized virtual reality Ethereum, currently has committed to the Production platform that allows users the most expensive implementation of Layer NFT NFT Virtual to create, explore, and transaction at USD7.5 digital collectibles Artwork Games World trade in virtual worlds million business under a compliant framework Network Storage IPFS is a global, peer-to-peer distributed file storage system Infrastructure Ant Chain is the external brand of Ant Group's intelligent technology business, Technology dedicated to linking trust with technology Layer BlockchainPlatform The NFT ecology of the Ethereum public chain was developed earlier, and it is the absolute overlord of the current NFT infrastructure Source: Public information data, Deloitte analysis 38

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