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2021 progress $571M Allocated $471 million to date via our Climate Innovation Fund to accelerate our carbon goals, as well as water and waste. We also donated $100 million to Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst initiative. 6 Carbon Water Waste Ecosystems 2.5M tons In FY21 and FY22, Microsoft successfully contracted to remove 2.5 million mtCO 2 , meeting our cumulative two-year goal. 1.3M m³ In FY21, Microsoft invested in replenishment projects that are expected to generate over 1.3 million cubic meters of volumetric benefits. Circular Centers We have planned five Circular Centers, with Amsterdam open, construction underway in Boydton, Virginia, and three more to be added in 2022. >17,000 acres In FY21, we contracted to protect more than 17,000 acres of land. 5.8 GW In FY21, we signed new power purchase agreements (PPAs) for approximately 5.8 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy across 10 countries around the globe. 670M Our programs with account for over 670 million liters 9 of water benefit per year. >1 5 , 2 0 0 tons In FY21, we diverted more than 15,200 metric tons of solid waste otherwise headed to landfills and incinerators. >50 0 users The Planetary Computer private preview released as planned in April 2021, with more than 500 users signed up and using the APIs and scalable compute. 87% supplier reporting In July 2021, 87 percent of our in-scope suppliers reported their emissions to CDP, up 12 percent from 2020. >95K people Through our partnership with , we provided more than 95,000 10 people with access to safe water or sanitation. Zero Waste Four datacenters are Zero Waste certified, with new certifications for the San Antonio, Texas and Quincy. 24 petabytes We have made available 24 petabytes of data with more than 30 key environmental and Earth observation datasets to Azure in consistent, analysis-ready format that is freely available for use by anyone. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability In July 2021, we launched the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to provide comprehensive, integrated, and automated sustainability management. U.S. Water Prize In 2021, Microsoft was awarded the U.S. Water Prize for Outstanding Private Sector Organization for adopting our water positive program and committing to being water positive by 2030. 18% reduction We reduced single-use plastics in our Microsoft product packaging by 18 percent. 850+ grants Since its inception in 2017, our AI for Earth program has provided more than 850 grants to organizations working in 110 countries around the world, granting more than $20 million in Azure credits.

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