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Driving transformation Microsoft and our partners have been investing in technologies across every industry and region to help companies face new and shifting market conditions. The rapid pace of this transformation has the potential to change the world for the better. The world’s climate experts agree that people, companies, industries, and nations must take urgent action to reduce carbon emissions. Reducing carbon emissions and addressing environmental equity require collective measures to understand and mitigate environmental impacts. Organizations need to be able to record their environmental footprint, report to stakeholders, reduce their resource usage, remove their footprint through carbon offsets or recycling, and replace high-footprint resources with low-footprint ones. Product Microsoft is leading new product innovations for the benefit of our planet. With new offerings ranging from providing transparency on the footprint of our devices and services, to digital supply chains that improve business processes and reduce carbon footprints, to IoT sensors streaming real-time telemetry for predictive analytics, there is no shortage of examples of how technology can enable ambitious sustainability outcomes. The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enables companies to record, report, and reduce emissions. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Microsoft launched the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability in July 2021. The Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability provides comprehensive, integrated, and automated sustainability management for organizations at any stage of the sustainability journey. It is designed to streamline the process for organizations to collect data, analyze data, and turn data into insigh ts. Companies can more effectively record, report, and reduce emissions on a path to net zero, and we plan to support water and waste tracking in the future. Since the announcement, we’ve brought the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability into a public preview period, with several customers using it to guide their sustainability strategies. Microsoft is also serving as “customer one,” shaping product requirements and beginning to adopt this for our own emissions reporting. 31

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