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- Driving transformation (continued) Customers and partners Assessing global flood risk and water reserves Deltares, a world leader in water and subsurface with expertise in flood risk fo recasting and ecosystem monitoring, used Az ure and the Microsoft Planetary Computer to generate two global multi-decade datasets: a Global Flood Risk data set to assess the risk of flooding, in particular the impa ct in coastal areas subject to sea level rise, and a Global Water Reservoirs dataset to determine water availability for up to 3,000 reservoirs around the world for both drinking water and hydro power planning. Both datasets help organizations to relate changing water conditions to humanity, infrastructure, and environments. Reducing water usage in facilities with the cloud Enova, a joint venture between Majid Al Futtaim and Veolia, is an integrated energy and facilities management provider offering comprehensive services and performance-based solutions to its clients to help achieve their financ ial, operational, and environmental targets. Powered by o ver 4,500 employees and a strong, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure on Azure, Enova has achieved total savings of 320 million kWh of energy, 5 million cubic meters of water, and 210,000 tons of CO 2 emissions. In 2021, Enova adopted a new business model involving ICONICS and other tools supported by Azure cloud services and over 320 customized fault and ECM rules. Covering 28 medium to large sites, this resulted in an additional 2 percent of energy savings and 17–25 percent improveme nt in staff efficiency. 8 Enabling modeling of global water supply and demand Microsoft is working with WRI to provide partners with access to the latest Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) global climate projections, as well as socioeconomic development projections based on IPCC scenarios, on Microsoft Azure. Partners are now able to model global water supply and demand with CMIP6 data and scenar ios for the first time. Forecasting real-time water availability in reservoirs With WRI and BlackRock, Microsoft sponsored a global hackathon challenge, Wave2Web. The organizations worked together to develop new datasets on water stress in emerging markets, inviting students and young professionals to develop predictive modeling to forecast water availability in reservoirs near Bengaluru, India. The Wave2Web hackathon included 2,130 participants across 293 teams glob ally. Twenty-five shortlisted teams received hands-on su pport to develop unique, forward- looking solutions. The three winners showcased their prototypes in front of state and national stakeholders at an online town hall conducted in October 2021. The Commissioner of the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Center plans to continue working with the winning teams to explore applications of the prototypes as well as other opportunities for collaboration to solve the growing water challenges faced by Bengaluru. Smart metering with Anglian Water is saving almost 3 million liters of water every day. Water smart metering with the cloud and AI Anglian Water supplies more than 6 million customers with water and water recycling services in the UK. It is working to efficiently manage water supplies and raise customer awareness of water conservation. A key part of its strategy is smart metering, which it is rolling out across its entire region by 2030. Using Azure, Anglian built a robust system for customer - side smart metering, as well as monitoring and analysis of its network. It also uses AI to understand the behavior of reservoirs through each day, each season, and varying meteorological conditions. Since the smart metering program went live, customers have been able to find and fix around 40,000 leaks in their homes, saving almost 3 million liters of water every day. 8 54

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