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What ́s next? (continued) 7 Expand our circular strategy in devices Our work around recycled content, repairability, recyclability, and material efficiency continues to grow. Our framework for circularity will account for each phase of the device lifecycle and align with leading industry reporting standards and forthcoming circularity legislation. We will also continue expanding programs, such as the Microsoft mailback program, to ensure consumers around the world have access to an easy, convenient, and free service for returning their Microsoft branded devices and packaging for reuse, refurbishment, or recycling. By the end of FY22, Microsoft plans to implement the mailback program in 40 countries. 8 Scale the circular cloud We are deploying new Circular Centers in Dublin, Chicago, and Singapore by July 2022. We also plan to launch a Circular Center in Quincy, Washington in 2022, followed by Sweden in 2025. Working with our internal and external partners, we will develop new dispositions that maximize reuse and minimize waste. In addition, we are exploring additional circularity functionality, such as harvesting for spares and warranty reuse, scaling buyback to network hardware, and providing recycling support— all of which can be performed at the Circular Centers. We are also working with our logistics packaging partners to reduce single-use plastic in packaging and transition to recyclable and compostable packaging. We are focused on further iterating operational procedures and training for zero waste practices. 76

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