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Disaster Relief and Response Amazon’s disaster relief and response efforts leverage our innovative technologies and global logistics network to provide fast and effective aid for communities impacted by natural disasters. We have filled cargo jets and shipped truckloads of Amazon-donated items to communities across the globe. We also enable customers to donate products and cash on and we help disaster response organizations expedite their response efforts at scale through AWS. Since 2017, we have donated more than 18 million relief supplies and emergency aid items, including flashlights, tents, and search and rescue equipment. In 2021, Amazon supported global communities impacted by natural disasters, including: • Severe floods in Western Europe and New South Wales, Australia • Wildfires in Turkey and Canada • A tornado in the Czech Republic • A volcanic eruption in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Monsoon season in India • An earthquake in Haiti • Winter storms in Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama Through the AWS Disaster Preparedness and Response program, we work alongside governments, nonprofits, international aid organizations, and private entities. We offer support through cloud computing technology, technical expertise, and volunteer time to help communities at every stage of a disaster lifecycle. In addition, we provide support and financial assistance, often in the form of grants, to employees and partners facing unexpected hardship. In 2021, we provided more than 19,000 grants, totaling $14 million, for natural disaster relief, including hardship due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or quarantine. We also supported nearly 1,800 employees, partners, and their families with nearly 100,000 essential items, nearly 17,000 hot meals, and critical personal services such as housing, transportation, and counseling. 28 Natural disasters Amazon provided relief for in 2021 18M+ Relief supplies Amazon has donated and delivered since 2017 Fresh Thinking in Disaster Relief Planning To enable an even faster response to natural disasters, we opened our first disaster relief hub in our Atlanta fulfillment center in 2021—a major advancement in disaster relief planning. It can take multiple days to respond to a natural disaster and assess, procure, consolidate, and pack supplies. To accelerate this process, Amazon analyzed data across four years of support to prepare ahead of hurricane season in the U.S. and Caribbean. We donated and pre-stocked over 500,000 relief supplies in our hub, which spans 10,000 cubic feet— big enough to fill an Amazon Air 767 cargo plane. This preparation ensured readiness for helping six of Amazon’s humanitarian relief partners, and the hub was instrumental in providing support to Louisiana communities following Hurricane Ida. “ Amazon’s donation of critical relief supplies and advance pre-positioning efforts allow the American Red Cross to stand ready to help at a moment’s notice. We’re honored to count Amazon as one of our most valued partners and are grateful for their continued support to fulfill our mission.” Trevor Riggen Senior Vice President, Disaster Cycle Services, American Red Cross 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 71

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