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A Family-Friendly Employer We know that the time employees spend at work is just one part of what makes them who they are, and that balance between work and home is essential for their well-being. We prioritize benefits that support employees’ families of all kinds. In the U.S., for eligible full-time and reduced-time employees, Amazon offers up to 20 weeks of paid leave for birthing parents and up to six weeks for non-birth parents or parents who adopt. We also offer adoption reimbursement and access to comprehensive infertility resources and treatment coverage. In addition, our Leave Share program allows U.S. employees to donate up to six weeks of their paid parental leave to their partner should their partner’s employer not offer paid parental leave. Our Ramp Back program allows parents to work a reduced schedule for up to eight weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. Mental health resources are available 24/7 to all employees, their families, and anyone in their household through Amazon’s employee assistance program (EAP), which also offers virtual treatment options. This includes free access to a new mental health benefit launched in the U.S. in 2021, called Resources for Living. This service provides a streamlined place for personalized, convenient, and confidential mental health and daily life support. For employees outside of the U.S., we offer 24/7, on-demand support for mental health and work-life concerns, along with immediate consultation and support after a critical incident or traumatic event. These services are available through our global EAP partners, including Workplace Options. We also believe in providing support for child and adolescent mental health, including clinical guidance for parents of children who have neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders, or any type of behavioral, social, learning, or emotional challenge. Amazon provides employees in the U.S. free access to expert consultants and educational materials for parents to help children build the skills needed to reach their full potential. In 2022, we are expanding our programs globally to reach more employees, provide more mental health support for children and teens, and offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of neurodiverse families. This will include access to therapists and coaches, on-demand resources, and integration with other benefits such as the EAP. We continue to evolve our benefits programs to support the needs of our diverse workforce. For example, in the U.S., Amazon offers FamilyFlex benefits to help bring more women and parents back to the workforce. These include Anytime Shift, which allows employees who choose these roles to create their own work schedule. There are currently over 23,000 open roles that qualify for Anytime Shift, and more than 100,000 employees have taken advantage of this option. Inclusive Benefits for All The benefits offered by Amazon can be truly life-changing. Take Luv-Luv , a former hairdresser who chose to work at an Amazon fulfillment center because of the quality of health benefits offered from the first day on the job. Crucially for Luv-Luv, this includes equal health coverage for transgender individuals, without exclusion for medically necessary care. Since starting at the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota, nearly four years ago, Luv-Luv’s health benefits have covered four surgeries. “Before Amazon, I was pre-op transgender, and since then, I’ve fully transitioned,” she said. “Amazon paid for all that.” Though the insurance benefit was her main reason for joining the company, the pay at Amazon helped Luv-Luv and her two pets afford a comfortable lifestyle. In addition to finding a healthy environment and work she loves, Luv-Luv’s role at Amazon offered another important benefit: inclusion, on her terms. “Amazon has allowed me to live a comfortable life that I’ve always dreamed of,” she said. “I live on my own terms and I’m not dependent on anyone else. It’s been a phenomenal journey for me.” Learn more about our support for LGBTQ+ employees . 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 48

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