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Rotational programs: We also have a number of programs for new graduates to learn through a combination of training and on-the-job work experience. Over a two-year period, participants rotate through multiple teams to gain a breadth of experience and exposure to various projects to help discover their strengths and passion. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will often transition into a non-rotating role within Apple. Our Services, Finance, Operations, and AI/ML functions all offer these types of programs. Performance reviews Our annual performance review process offers team members the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with their managers about their performance, growth, and development. Across Apple, employees receive an annual performance review, and retail team members are supported by monthly performance conversations to align on their progress. Performance reviews focus on three categories: teamwork, innovation, and results, and they include a self-assessment and feedback from peers and the team member’s manager. The performance review is also a chance to reflect on the contribution each person makes to Apple’s long-standing commitment to inclusion and diversity. Benefits We recognize that our people thrive when they have the resources to meet their needs and the time and support to succeed in their professional and personal lives. We provide a host of benefits for corporate and retail employees to help our teams live healthier, more fulfilled, and happier lives at work and beyond. 15 We regularly review and update the benefits that we offer in order to respond to our employees’ changing needs. For example, we recently expanded family care services and mental health benefits, including 15 free counseling sessions through our Employee Assistance Program, to help employees care for themselves and their loved ones through the pandemic. And in the U.S., we now offer part-time team members new vacation and sick leave days, New Parent Leave, Gradual Return to Work, Paid Family Care, and Emergency Backup Care, and in 2022, we enhanced sick leave benefits and a new accelerated vacation accrual schedule for full-time employees in our U.S. Apple Store locations. Physical and mental well-being Apple provides employees with a wide variety of health-related benefits, including: • Physical and mental health coverage that also extends to spouses and domestic partners • Virtual and onsite wellness visits for employees and eligible dependents • Free, confidential counseling for employees and their dependents 16 • Comprehensive reproductive health services 17 • Expert second opinion resources to help employees and their family members make informed healthcare decisions Every year, our performance review process helps team members have meaningful conversations with their managers. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our P eople Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 27

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