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Training and resources Apple team members have access to career development programs, ongoing inclusion and diversity education, and support throughout their career journey. From new-hire orientation, to specialized classes for individual contributors and managers, to talent planning and mentorship, we’re always finding new ways to help team members continue to learn, thrive, and advance in their careers in an inclusive environment. All of our employees complete unconscious bias and inclusion training, and can access expert-led courses on race, gender, justice, allyship, and more. Equitable, inclusive experiences for all employees begin with equipping our leaders with the resources they need. Apple’s more than 15,000 managers are trained in unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. In addition, in fiscal year 2021, we reached 90 percent of all managers with new material on creating inclusive environments and mitigating bias within their teams. This offering will now be available to all new managers. We also work to ensure equitable access across all of our growth and development programs (see page 26 ). Nearly 10,000 coaching hours provided to managers and individuals in support of inclusion through Apple University in FY2021 4000 hours for optional in-depth courses exploring race and justice in the U.S., gender in the workforce, and building inclusive products through Apple University in FY2021 185,000 hours of inclusion and diversity training in calendar year 2021* * In addition to training and embedded material provided through Apple University below. 80,000 hours of management education including focus on mitigating bias and creating inclusive environments through Apple University in FY2021 55K employee members of DNA communities worldwide 1000+ community events and heritage celebrations worldwide in the last year Supporting accessibility for our employees Accessibility is one of our values and a fundamental human right. To make sure that all of our team members have the support they need, Apple’s own best-in-class accessibility features are in use across the company by team members with disabilities to remove barriers and enable them to be more productive and successful. We offer on-demand sign language interpretation in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and France to support in-person conversations, or to reach out to employee services. We have multiple accessibility-focused trainings available to team members, managers, and recruiters. We have a dedicated global accessibility and accommodations team to support team members throughout their career journeys. And we have a directory of all of these accessibility resources available that team members can access and search. Supporting our team members to find community and build connections is central to our culture. Community is the core of our culture For more than 35 years, Apple employees have found community and connection in Apple’s Diversity Network Associations (DNAs). These employee -led groups foster a culture of belonging through education, leadership development, networking, and volunteering — while also encouraging the kind of open dialogue that leads to stronger allyship across Apple. In the last year, we’ve grown our global DNA communities more than 50 percent, including expansions in Apple Store locations and across all regions. More than 55,000 Apple employees belong to groups like Accessibility@Apple, AsianPacific@Apple, Beacon@Apple, Black@Apple, Familia@Apple, Indigenous@Apple, Pride@Apple, SouthAsian@ Apple, Veterans@Apple, Women@Apple, and more. Many of our community-led initiatives and volunteer engagements drive progress within the business as well as outside Apple in local communities. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our P eople Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 25

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