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Introduction Twenty years ago, in our first As we report on the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility environmental and social impact in Together, with direct, open and transparent report, we shared, “Starbucks has FY21, we are proud of the progress the opportunity to lead by example. we have made and we remain conversation and collaboration we will Our responsibility starts with rooted in the belief that we can restore trust in each other, reimagine being accountable to Starbucks lead through the lens of humanity, stakeholders – our partners, far beyond the pursuit of profit. Starbucks and co-create our future. customers, shareholders, suppliers, This report outlines the goals we community members and others – have set and highlights the impact A future where our people and our communicating openly about our we can have together – when communities are never left behind, business practices and performance.” we uplift our partners, when we but always propelled forward. connect with our customers and our A future where our planet is cared Starbucks has always been a communities, and when we remain for and we create value not only for different kind of company – accountable to each other. our company, but for the collective one deep with purpose, where success of all our stakeholders. we work together to create a Our company, like many, is also positive impact in the world. facing new realities in a changed It is our role and our responsibility, We pursue ambitious goals for world – the continued effects of together. our partners, our communities COVID-19, heightened social and and our planet with intention, political unrest, efforts to unionize transparency and accountability. and stakeholders who seek new accountability from businesses. At times, we have fallen short of our ambitions. But we remain transparent about our missteps, while still rising to meet the opportunities ahead of us through our Mission and Values – and always with the aspiration to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers.

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