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Environment Social Governance Introduction Contents Economic Our Core Values guide us as we work with customers, communities and each other: WORK AS ONE BANK Proactively collaborate to achieve shared goals. TAKE ACCOU NTABILIT Y Own what you do. Speak up if something feels wrong, looks wrong, or is wrong. BE RESPECTFUL & INCLUSIVE Respect diversity. Fully integrate ideas from varying perspectives. ACT WITH INTEGRITY Be honest. Be fair. Do the right thing. Led by our Core Values, our Strategic Actions help us make decisions among competing demands, test the soundness of our actions and set boundaries within which we must operate. 2021 ESG Report INTRODU C TION Our Purpose To improve the lives of customers and the well-being of co mmunities. Our V ision To be the one bank people most value and trust. BUILD A STRONGER COMMUNITY Efect positive change. Empower the underserved. Be actively engaged. PROVIDE BETTER SOLUTIONS Drive product and service innovation. Provide a world -class customer experience, every single time. STRIVE FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENC Do quality work. Be efcient. Perform through the cycle. E CONTINUOUSLY MANAGE RISK Challenge ideas. Test soundness. Promptly escalate issues. 10

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