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Case 22-11068-JTD Doc 24 Filed 11/17/22 Page 20 of 30 Entity Unrestricted Cash Custodial Cash Other Restricted Cash Total Cash Total Debtor Entities $96,166,614 $68,191,615 $5,446,532 $169,804,762 Non-Debtor Entities LedgerX LLC $13,644,269 $24,103,085 $265,603,056 $303,350,409 FTX Digital Markets Ltd - - $49,999,600 $49,999,600 Embed Clearing LLC. - - $29,978,776 $29,978,776 FTX Philanthropy Inc $10,877,387 - - $10,877,387 Embed Financial Technologies $395,371 - - $395,371 Inc Total Non-Debtor Entities $24,917,027 $24,103,085 $345,581,432 $394,601,543 Total $121,083,641 $92,294,700 $351,027,964 $564,406,305 53. The Debtors have been in contact with banking institutions that they believe hold or may hold Debtor cash. These banking institutions have been instructed to freeze withdrawals and alerted not to accept instructions from Mr. Bankman-Fried or other signatories. Proper signature authority and reporting systems are expected to be arranged shortly. 54. Effective cash management also requires liquidity forecasting, which I understand was also generally absent from the FTX Group historically. The Debtors are putting in place the systems and processes necessary for Alvarez & Marsal to produce a reliable cash forecast as well as the cash reporting required for Monthly Operating Reports under the Bankruptcy Code. C. Financial Reporting 55. The FTX Group received audit opinions on consolidated financial statements for two of the Silos – the WRS Silo and the Dotcom Silo – for the period ended December 31, 2021. The audit firm for the WRS Silo, Armanino LLP, was a firm with which I am professionally familiar. The audit firm for the Dotcom Silo was Prager Metis, a firm with which I am not familiar and whose website indicates that they are the “first-ever CPA firm to officially open its Metaverse headquarters in the metaverse platform Decentraland.”4 4 -20- 4892-0827-0654 v.2

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