FTX Chapter 11 Petition & Pleadings
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Case 22-11068-JTD Doc 24 Filed 11/17/22 Page 10 of 30
D. The Ventures Silo
27. The Debtors in the Ventures Silo make and manage private investments.
The investments are held in Debtors Clifton Bay Investments, LLC, Clifton Bay Investments
Ltd., FTX Ventures Ltd., Island Bay Ventures Inc. and, potentially, affiliated companies.
28. To my knowledge, Debtors Clifton Bay Investments, LLC and FTX
Ventures Ltd. prepared financial statements on a quarterly basis. The September 30, 2022
balance sheet for Debtor Clifton Bay Investments LLC shows assets with a total value of $1.52
billion as of its date, and the September 30, 2022 balance sheet for FTX Ventures Ltd. shows
assets with a total value of $493 million as of its date. To my knowledge, none of these financial
statements have been audited. Because these balance sheets were unaudited and produced while
the Debtors were controlled by Mr. Bankman-Fried, I do not have confidence in them, and the
information therein may not be correct as of the date stated.
29. I have not been able to locate financial statements for Island Bay Ventures
30. The chart below summarizes certain information regarding the Ventures
Silo’s assets as reflected in the September 30, 2022 balance sheets, excluding any assets held by
Island Bay Ventures Inc.
Ventures Silo
Consolidated Assets as of September 30, 2022
Clifton Bay
Investments FTX Ventures
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents $245 $261
Restricted Cash - -
U.S. Dollar Denominated Stablecoins - -
Customer Custodial Funds - -
Investments $1,492,856 $397,861
Accounts Receivable - -
Accounts Receivable, Related Party $10,200 -

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