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      video testimonials, and quotes. The testimonials One large technology company launched span industries and functions, and help prospective communities where customers can find answers or buyers comprehend how products will suit their ask for help, accessing relevant data and content. businesses. The communities include self-service portals that provide support and feedback (for example, FAQs Some companies go further and create buyer and discussions with other customers). They provide communities: platforms where buyers engage multiple benefits to the technology company, without intermediation by the seller. They are allowing it to share relevant information easily while successful only if they are seen as independent reducing sales and customer-service costs. They channels, with communities expressing their create better customer experiences, increase genuine opinions of a company’s products or customer engagement, grow customer retention, services. However, they can act as a core part of the and drive product innovation. channel journey and are a powerful tool to collect direct feedback from customers. Understanding how to integrate these non-sales functions into their channel strategy is a hallmark of successful sales organizations. 20 Future of B2B sales: The big reframe

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