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DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION CONT. Creating an Inclusive Culture When the goal to become the world’s most inclusive company was announced, our DEI efforts intensified, and our sense of urgency accelerated. Today, the cultural transformation taking place within our company is as significant as the technology transformation driving our business growth. Indeed, the two are interrelated; at the intersection of these transformations is the potential for innovation, and significant and consistent innovation is required for GM to reach its zero, zero, zero vision. Key builders of this culture are the employees in our ERGs—global voluntary, employee- led groups that serve as a resource for their constituent members and allies. ERGs help GM improve DEI maturity throughout our global business. We have 11 ERGs, with many chapters across the United States and the world. Importantly, ERGs are fully open to anyone interested in participating. Nearly all ERGs have executive-led advisory councils to help them advance and address issues and opportunities. We’re proud that all GM ERGs experienced growth in members and allies during 2021. We are complementing the work of ERGs through the establishment of DEI cultural ambassadors as well as inclusion committees. This distributed model of DEI ensures that we are addressing DEI from both local and centralized perspectives. These ambassadors and committees are critical to our ability to address local opportunities as well as to scale certain DEI initiatives across the company. Furthermore, this approach enables everyone to lead DEI efforts—not just as people leaders, but at the individual level. GM Women Making an Impact Around the World In 2021, GM Women ERGs engaged in a variety of activities to support each other, dealer networks and their communities. United States Focused on wellness, development and partnerships to encourage everyone to become their own unique leader. Mexico Created a program, WOMENPOWER, emphasizing the elimination of cultural career stallers and stoppers. South America Launched Women in Action, a continuous learning program for women at all levels to understand and overcome bias. United Arab Emirates Formed DEI Committee to build a thriving, equitable and inclusive environment that supports leaders of diverse backgrounds. Egypt Celebrated International Women’s Day by highlighting female talent and holding a session on inclusion. Philippines Held a webinar on women in traditionally male-dominated jobs. Korea Shifted to a Diversity Council to ensure men and women were brought together to address issues and drive solutions that would benefit all. China Introduced a mentoring program to create two- way learning and broaden networking among women employees. Employee Resource Groups Skip Navigation Introduction Reducing Emissions Design for Environment Technology Customers Safety Diverse Workforce Human Rights Supply Chain Communities Governance 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 70

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