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An Inclusive Social Impact Strategy Our social impact strategy focuses on philanthropic investments that create inclusive and sustainable solutions to common social issues. We prioritize programs that create equitable opportunities for minority populations. Our social impact framework encompasses four focus areas with outcomes that we strive to achieve. Learn more about our focus areas in our Social Impact Report . STEM EDUCATION Advance Education in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) VEHICLE & ROAD SAFETY Fuel Safer Practices in and Around Vehicles COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Improve Neighborhoods and Empower Residents CLIMATE EQUITY Equitable Access to a More Sustainable Future INDICATOR # of students with employable labor skills for careers in STEM # of vehicle-related injuries and deaths reduced # of individuals whose socioeconomic opportunity is improving # of closed equity gaps related to climate change SOCIAL OUTCOMES Increase in students who earn a degree in STEM that matches market needs Increase seat belt and restraint usage Increase basic literacy, essential technical skills and living wage employment opportunities Increase in number of people qualified for clean energy careers Increase presence, achievement and persistence for underrepresented minorities in STEM fields Decrease impaired and distracted driving Increase access to necessities, including food, housing, transportation and financial education Increase in awareness and/or access to sustainable transportation solutions Increase number of qualified teachers trained in STEM subjects Increase in awareness of safe road environments Increase in innovative and collaborative community improvements Increase in programs that mitigate the effects of climate change, assist with climate adaptation and/or community resilience TARGET POPULATION K-12th grade and college students with an emphasis on women and minorities All road users with an emphasis on children and teens Individuals in underserved communities Individuals in underserved communities with emphasis on Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) Skip Navigation Introduction Reducing Emissions Design for Environment Technology Customers Safety Diverse Workforce Human Rights Supply Chain Communities Governance 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 99

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