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Designing for the Environment IN THIS SECTION Sourcing & Engineering More Sustainable Materials 32 Pursuing Zero Waste 36 Nature Conservancy Programs 38 Reducing Water Intensity 39 Our Strengths y Developing innovative sustainable design solutions while delivering outstanding customer- and brand-focused products y Developing materials that involve a less resource-intensive manufacturing process and do not result in as much end-of-life (EoL) waste y Educating employees, supply chain partners and stakeholders about the benefits of sustainable materials and circular economy processes y Creating end-markets for waste and other discarded materials that would otherwise go to landfills or incinerators y Adopting construction and manufacturing processes that minimize resource consumption and promote circularity Our Opportunities y Finding the right tools and methodologies to measure environmental impacts of our materials and products y Identifying markets for repurposing opportunities, such as for plastics and metals y Reducing GM operational water intensity through innovative methods Skip Navigation Introduction Reducing Emissions Design for Environment Technology Customers Safety Diverse Workforce Human Rights Supply Chain Communities Governance 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 31

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