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Gensler San Diego On the cover: Gensler Austin

Everything we do is guided by our mission: To create a better world through the power of design. TikTok, New York 2 3

Design for a Radically Changing World Leadership is about lighting a way forward. It’s also We sought out and hired the best talent. Incredibly, Andy Cohen about creating an environment for people to do their over 3,000 people have joined our firm globally since Diane Hoskins best work and thrive. It’s about our unique culture. Our the start of the pandemic — and now, with nearly 7,000 FAIA, IIDA FAIA, IIDA, LEED AP Co-CEO Co-CEO goal since our founding has been to invest in people people in 52 offices around the world, we’re poised and a culture of belonging, inclusion, creativity, and to shape the future of cities in profound new ways. connection. And it’s because of this rich, people-first Remarkably, our teams designed projects in over 100 culture that we’ve been able to thrive through intense countries during the pandemic. adversity and change. The world around us is undergoing unprecedented In just over two years, Gensler has rebounded from the transformation, with new crises rapidly emerging. But pandemic stronger because we doubled down on our our success means that we can continue to lead our vision, purpose, and core values. We made investments clients through the ongoing challenges facing everyone. in new ideas, tools, research, and design innovation. GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 4 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 5

BMW DesignWorks + Gensler The Crisis Multiplier Today’s era of dramatic change is more complex than ever before. Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed wave after wave of crises, with lasting repercussions for human health, the environment, our social fabric, and global security. We describe this as a “crisis multiplier,” in which compounding issues multiply the speed of cascading consequences. The global pandemic, the social justice awakening, the clear and present danger of rising C02 levels, How Design and the volatile economy are feeding a growing sense of global instability. Any one of these would Responds require a significant recalibration. Together, they are creating a fundamental shift that will influence So, how does design change? How does a design design and the built environment at the core. firm like ours adapt to new realities? We think these critical issues will continue to impact real estate and the building industry for We believe design has a unique and profound role years to come. to play in making a difference in the world and tackling the world’s toughest challenges. Design can be the antidote that brings optimism and direction in destabilizing times. Design can find solutions to complex situations. Over the past 25 years, the idea of design has shifted considerably. What was once thought of as a purely aesthetic discipline in the 20th century, design now plays a key strategic role in business decisions for every type of organization in the world. Through our experience over the past two years, The world around us is people are seeing that the true value of space isn’t undergoing unprecedented in the geometry and aesthetic of a building. Rather, transformation, with new a building’s true value lies in the experience the space provides to people. This is true now more crises emerging at a than ever because of the radical changes taking rapid pace. place and the need for new types of places that are speaking to those needs. We’re leading the way with a fortitude built on design While the nature of today’s challenges seems to innovation, global and local be different, the cycle of transformative design has been our strength throughout Gensler’s history. client relationships, financial We have embraced change. We’ve evolved and strength, collaborative transformed. We’ve listened and learned to our leadership, and the clients and communities. And whenever we’ve industry’s best talent. ventured into uncharted territory, we’ve remained confident in each other to invent and grow into an even better design firm. Burlingame Point, Burlingame, Calif. 6 7

Gensler Sydney Block 16 Office Tower, Austin The Gensler Culture To Our Clients Gensler’s ability to thrive through multiple storms This culture and history of overcoming adversity — including the one we’re in now — comes from is what separates us from other design firms. It’s our unwavering commitment to our people and reflected in the big picture of who we are, but also our culture. We draw strength from our diversity in every project. It’s an outgrowth of our client- of perspectives and ideas, grounded in the premise first approach. that creativity is catalyzed when people of different experiences, backgrounds, and generations From the beginnings of our firm, we have always intermingle. We value each other’s points of view, placed our clients in the lead position. The and we seek out inclusivity. It’s an ethos that binds companies with which we collaborate open so us together. many doors to new thinking, new solutions, and better environments to live, work, and play for We are also stronger because of our shared values people all over the world. For that, we say thank and our One-Firm Firm family culture. By working you. Working as trusted advisors, it’s our mission seamlessly as an interconnected firm, we’re able to help solve your organization’s design and real to make the greatest impact for people all over estate challenges and give you the best service the world. It’s a collaborative culture composed of possible. We look forward to another year of experts from all over our firm, working together strengthening our relationships through client to bring the best talent and the best expertise to webinars, industry leadership roundtables, and every project. one-on-one conversations. Innovation has been part of Gensler’s DNA from the start, and we’ve built on that foundation by promoting a culture of research and innovation that informs our project work, strengthens our client relationships, and yields new thought leadership. And we continue to sharpen our focus on one of the most urgent challenges we face as a profession — climate change. Through our Gensler Cities Climate Challenge (GC3) initiative, we have committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions The Decade Ahead in all our projects by the year 2030. And through our Green Materials Initiative, we are reshaping As we wrestle with such radically changing the entire building materials supply chain to Putting circumstances, we have seized the opportunity significantly reduce construction-related to re-examine how we position our firm to thrive. carbon emissions. People First Every 10 years we build on our vision and set new, ambitious goals for the firm — goals that make us We do all this by putting our people first. We stretch, grow, and propel the organization forward. want to empower our team members to pursue Now we’re moving forward with Vision 2030, our their passions and make a difference in the world. roadmap for enriching the human experience in When we share the same goals, we move the the communities where we work and for achieving entire enterprise forward. And we’ve never worked design innovation through diversity of thought. together so well. Crises and change are here, and more will come. In the past two years, our people have stepped We believe the only way to accommodate that up in ways they’ve never been asked to do before. change is to inspire, lead, and show people a future They’ve pulled through adversity and hardship. more exciting than the past. Our vision, purpose, They’ve adapted to working from home and now and unique culture is the difference maker, and begun to reassimilate themselves into the office our people’s leadership, passion, and hard work are environment. It’s been a difficult season, so thank the keys to helping our clients solve some of the you for your perseverance and grit. Thank you most urgent challenges they face. By leveraging to our team of nearly 7,000 talented people for our diversity of ideas, our culture of research and boldly leading Gensler through these challenging innovation, and our One-Firm Firm global platform, times and for being the lifeblood of our One-Firm we come prepared to move Forward Together into Firm culture. a new era defined by design. 2022 Gensler Research and Innovation Awards jury Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, Redmond, Wash. GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 8 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 9

We’re leading Communities of Leadership The foundation of our firm lies in our communities of leadership, a framework that allows us to evolve our approach to design to meet the moment. This is where innovation takes place in the firm, creating growth through change with opportunities for the firm and our people. It’s where we put our strategy in action. a global platform and REGIONS & OFFICES PRACTICE AREAS Our operating platform across 10 regions and 52 offices Our broad range of expertise in 29 practice areas gives scale unmatched in is focused on our global reach and local impact. us incredible resilience to volatile market conditions. CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS CO-CEO HUB As trusted advisors to 3,500 active clients, we create The Co-CEO Hub leads our global business operations meaningful long-term relationships to address their to support our one-firm firm culture and drive the industry. aspirations, goals, and concerns. transformation in the practice. Gensler is uniquely positioned to help our clients tackle DESIGN SYNERGY the toughest problems they face. With 29 practice Our Design Synergy community brings new ways of thinking areas and 52 offices in 10 regions around the world, no and collaborating across the firm to help our design teams deliver sustainable, world-class projects. other firm in the industry can offer our combination of expertise, local insights, and global resources. This scale, combined with our communities of leadership, is the basis of a global platform of diverse expertise that helps our clients make a difference. Leadership Operations Committee Our Leadership Operations Committee brings together the co-leaders of Regions & Offices, Client Relationships, Design Synergy, and Practice Areas as a cohesive, networked leadership team. This unique model of leadership accelerates innovation and puts strategy into action to help our firm thrive in times of change. Communities of Leadership The foundation of our firm lies in our communities of leadership, a framework that allows us to evolve our approach to design to meet the moment. This is where innovation takes place in the firm, creating growth opportunities for the firm and our people. It’s where we put our strategy in Leadership Operations Committee, from left: Jordan Goldstein, Julia Simet (Regions & Offices); Jean Anderson, Joe Lauro (Design Synergy); action. Cindy Simpson, Whitley Wood (Client Relationships); John Adams, Ray Shick (Practice Areas) 10 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 11

Thank you for your leadership, your passion, and your creativity. In the past two years, we’ve faced some of the most challenging episodes of our lives. Yet Gensler has rebounded with incredible fortitude and agility, so that we are stronger today than we’ve ever been. That’s because of our people. We are so proud of the leadership you’ve shown with your clients and the relationships you have built during trying times. Thank you for showing the perseverance and commitment to help Gensler lead through change. 12 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 13

“We’ve had an incredible year for the firm with 15% growth and over 3,000 new people hired, allowing us to continue to be the strongest partners in the industry for our clients.” — Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen, Co-CEOs 14 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 15

TABLE OF 10 54 97 CONTENTS We’re organized as an Our people-first We want to lead the integrated network. culture extends to our industry toward net communities. zero carbon. Introduction 04 Design for a Radically Changing World 10 Gensler’s 5 Communities of Leadership 28 Our People-First Culture These programs support 22 Spotlighting Our Design Talent emerging design talent. 26 How We Invest in Our People 28 Supporting Emerging Design Talent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 42 Gensler’s 5 Part Roadmap to Address Systemic Racism 46 Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee 48 Partnering with HBCUs, NOMA, and ACE Community Impact 38 80 54 Our Community Impact Model 57 The 2022 Gensler Community We want to be the Research and thought Impact Awards example for a more leadership help our 59 The 2022 Gensler Give Back Awards inclusive world. clients tackle tough Design Innovation and Delivery challenges. 66 Design Technology at Gensler and the NFORM™ Ecosystem 20 68 Creating a Culture of Innovation with Design Synergy Our people are at the 72 The Gensler Design Excellence Awards heart of everything Research, Trends, and Ideas we do. 65 82 Delivering Strategic Thought Leadership We’re transforming design with a culture of innovation. 84 Insights from the Gensler Research Institute 89 The Gensler Research and Innovation Awards Climate Action 97 A Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon 102 Resilience Strategies for Our Clients 104 The U.S. Climate Action 110 Survey 2022 Firm Highlights A message from our Board of Directors. 110 A Letter From Board Chair Joseph Brancato 111 Gensler’s FY22 Finance Report 112 Recognitions, Conferences, and Media 118 Our Clients 134 Gensler Principals 16 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 17


Our people and communities are at the heart of everything we do. Gensler’s people-first philosophy is based on the premise that we grow our firm by growing our people. It’s been that way since Art Gensler started the firm in 1965 with his wife Drue and their partner Jim Follett. “I believe we should hire great people, provide a support system, and get out of their way,” said Art before his passing in 2021. “That’s how we build a family.” Today, people are still our greatest asset, and their passion, commitment, and hard work are the reason we lead the design industry. As part of that ethos, we place a high value on a diversity of people and thought. We believe our capacity for innovation grows when we embrace the perspectives of individuals from different places, backgrounds, and cultures. Our people-first approach also extends into our local communities. As stewards of those communities, we are keenly focused on how we can design impactful, meaningful projects that benefit the people who live in them. We believe that when we put people first, we make the world a better place. Gensler London 20 OUR PEOPLE-FIRST CULTURE GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 21

Spotlighting 2022 Art Gensler Lifetime Achievement Award Our Design Dan Winey, a principal who led Gensler’s Northwest, Greater China, and Asia Pacific Regions for nearly two decades and served as Chair and Talent longtime member of Gensler’s Board of Directors, received the inaugural 2022 Art Gensler Lifetime Achievement Award. It honors leaders who epitomize a commitment to collaboration, respect for individuals, support of career advancement, promotion of sustainable design, and a client-first approach. Gensler People Recognized at Interior Design’s HiP Awards Several Gensler people were honored at Interior Design’s 2021 and 2022 Honoring Industry People and Products (HiP) Awards, which recognize commercial industry pioneers. In 2021, John Bricker was named winner in Lifetime of Hipness: Graphics + Branding, Juliette Poussot was named winner of Rising Star: Workplace, and Jonas Gabbai was named an honoree in Rising Star: Workplace. In 2022, EJ Lee was named HiP Workplace Leader and Mark Morton was named a winner in Lifetime of Hipness. Lee Among Fortune China’s Most Influential Businesswomen Xiaomei Lee was listed on Fortune China’s annual Sherrod Named a Rising Star in list of China’s Most Influential Businesswomen in Forbes’ Culture List 2021. The story was published on Fortune China and China National Radio. Kevin Sherrod was recognized as a Rising Star 2022 Walter Hunt One-Firm Firm 2022 Don Brinkmann Design in Forbes’ inaugural For(bes) The Culture List Award Excellence Award among 50 leaders championing Black and Brown communities. His work designing the South Los Gensler’s Scott Dunlap received the 2022 Walter Brian Vitale, co-managing director of Gensler’s Angeles–based Gallery 90220 was highlighted. Hunt One-Firm Firm Award, honoring individuals Chicago office, was named the recipient of the who have exhibited tremendous leadership in 2022 Don Brinkmann Design Excellence Award. 2021 Design Realization Excellence elevating our integrated and seamless practice The award, named in memory of an inspirational and Gene Watanabe Awards Cohen Among Insider’s 100 People around the globe. Dunlap, managing principal interior designer who worked at Gensler, recognizes Transforming Business for Gensler’s Northwest region and co-leader of individuals whose outstanding contributions to the Washington, D.C.’s Tony Okoye, Houston’s Kristy Gensler’s Co-CEO Hub, joins a team of recipients firm have raised our standards of design excellence. Emmrich, and Boston’s Ben Trendell received Gensler co-CEO Andy Cohen was named among who embody our one-firm firm leadership, spirit, Honorees bring exemplary talent, tireless design the 2021 Design Realization Excellence Award, Insider’s “100 People Transforming Business.” The and culture. leadership, and vision. celebrating exceptional people who make our list profiles 100 business leaders across 10 distinct projects real through technical expertise, leadership, sectors who are innovating, sparking trends, and 2022 Ed Friedrichs Entrepreneurial and mentoring. Gensler Chicago’s Hey J Min tackling global challenges. On Dec. 9, Insider received the 2021 Gene Watanabe Award, which convened a virtual live event featuring people from Spirit Award celebrates visual media excellence among rising the list. designers, represented by a significant body of work Julia Simet, co-firm managing principal at Gensler in any medium. and regional managing principal of Gensler Europe, received the inaugural 2022 Ed Friedrichs Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, recognizing individuals who add new dimensions to the firm, pursue untapped opportunities, and introduce strategies that elevate the firm to new places. Lindberg, Berry, and Sheils Elevated to AIA College Anderson and Covarrubias Inducted to IIDA of Fellows College of Fellows Britt Lindberg, Glen Berry, and Theresa Sheils were elevated to the 2022 Jean Anderson and Susana Covarrubias were elevated to the 2022 American Institute of Architects (AIA) College of Fellows, an honor IIDA College of Fellows, the highest honor awarded by IIDA to its Hoskins Receives 2022 Global awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the professional members, recognizing designers who have made a Visionary Award architecture profession. significant impact to the industry, to the association, and to shaping the future of design. Pugh Among Architizer’s “12 Black Architects Making History Today” Co-CEO Diane Hoskins was honored as the 2022 Global Visionary Award recipient from the World Jason Pugh, a Gensler architect and president of National Organization of Minority Architects Trade Center Institute to honor the steadfast (NOMA), was named among Architizer’s list of “12 Black Architects Making History Today.” leaders in Maryland who are driving change. A The architects have been singled out for their distinguished designs, as well as their leadership tribute video of Hoskins was played at the 25th in advocating for a more diverse architecture industry and equitable built environment. annual Maryland International Business Leadership Awards celebration. 22 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 23

Gensler Miami A 2021 Rising Design Realization Award In 2021, the firm introduced the Rising Design Realization Award to recognize up-and-coming technical leaders. In its inaugural year, we had 20 nominees representing the next generation of leaders. In total, 10 individuals were selected from each of the firm’s regions. Gensler Tampa B 2021 Rising Designer Award Presented to individuals with less than 10 years’ experience, the Rising Designer Award recognizes emerging design talent who develop design solutions that transform people’s everyday experiences through bold, creative thinking. Ten winners were selected for 2021 (photos above), representing each of the firm’s regions. Bo. Ut pre nulparum quatian damendaeptis doles doloruM A. 2021 Rising Design Realization Award (L-R): Soni Shi, Sebastian Arenas, Ramon Castillo, Megan Bengston, Karen Flanagan, Maria Jose Tasada, Jonathan LaRocca, Jenny Chang, Chun En Ong, Amanda Strawitch. B. 2021 Rising Designer Award (L-R): Sarah Vanderhoof, Gensler Singapore Samantha Lewis, Riley King, Lea Daste, Kirk Bairian, Jae Eun Jung, Carolyn Zoerb, Anne Feng, Amber Porterfield, Adriana Esquivel. 24 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 25

We Grow Our Firm by Our People- Diversity Empowerment Investing in Our People We believe in diversity. We believe in empowering our First entrepreneurial people. Gensler’s hallmark entrepreneurial spirit has become a culture Community that empowers people to pursue their passions and design their Philosophy Impact career paths within the firm. We believe in the impact we have on our We believe in being respectful stewards of Is Centered clients, our communities, and on each other. our local communities. on These Respect Growth We believe that respect and inclusivity are We believe in supporting the professional Core Ideas: at the core of everything we do. growth of all our people. The Path In 2021 alone, we added 1,475 new team members at Gensler — an extraordinary addition to the firm. For many years, we’ve been able to to Success give people a leg up with Pathways to Success, a program that pairs new hires with a senior leader and a peer who help integrate them into the Starts Early Gensler culture and empower them to become effective contributors. +1,475 235 32 In 2021, we welcomed 1,475 In 2022, we hired 235 interns We appointed 32 Fellows in 2022 new team members across our from more than 60 colleges and from over 600 applications. global workforce. universities around the world. Providing Our culture embraces learning but encourages self-reliance, providing opportunities for every person, from junior designers to senior partners, a Foothold to carve out opportunities and influence the firm’s direction. That ethos is encouraged from day one through our programs targeted to young to Young professionals, including our Gensler Apprenticeship Program (GAP), Professionals Gensler Internships, and the Gensler Summer Fellowship program. Gensler Apprenticeship Gensler Summer Gensler Program Fellowship Internships The Gensler Apprenticeship Program is a The Gensler Summer Fellowship is a Gensler interns work side-by-side with two-year hands-on paid position for high research-focused intensive experience our design teams and clients for real- school students that offers an alternate for college students and recent graduates world experience. path into the design industry. interested in reshaping the future of cities. Gensler Chicago 26 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 27

Over the past 20 years, our scholarship programs have supported the Rising Black Designers Our Rising Black Designers Scholarship + Design We Support the education of emerging design talent, with nearly $200,000 being awarded Scholarship Challenge awards up to $60,000 annually to under- in the past year alone. Our first award of this kind was the Brinkmann represented Black students enrolled in U.S. not-for- 75 Applicants 31 Finalists 15 Winners profit architecture programs. Education of Scholarship, given to students enrolled in U.S. not-for-profit interior design programs. In recent years, we’ve also launched the Rising Black Designers C Emerging Design Scholarship + Design Challenge to help talented young designers overcome the costs associated with higher education. In the U.K., we also initiated the Talent Diversity in Design Bursary program to support underrepresented and ethnic minority architecture students in their studies at some of the U.K.’s top universities. A Brinkmann Scholarship 45 Applicants 9 Finalists 2 Winners The Brinkmann Scholarship, named for Don Brinkmann, an inspirational and gifted interior designer at Gensler, is awarded to students enrolled in U.S. not-for-profit interior design programs. Image by Olivia Raynor, 2022 Brinkmann Scholarship winner. U.K. Diversity in Design Bursary program 40 Applicants 9 Winners The Diversity in Design Bursary program in the U.K. supports underrepresented and ethnic minority architecture students with one £10,000 bursary and multiple micro-prizes. Winners and finalists may also be considered for a paid internship at Gensler’s London office. B Rendering by Alix Salomon, 2022 Rising Black Designer Scholarship winner. (L-R) A. Juliana Schwartz and Olivia Raynor. B. Qudus St. Patrick and Jasleena Sembi. C. Top: Quinton Mason, Alix Salomon, Miranda Cuozzo, Dean Bailey, Deron Charley. Middle: D’Ali Roberts, Nejla Harris, Auriel Lewis, Uthman Olowa, Cassius Palacio. Bottom (L-R): Alysia Image by Juliana Schwartz, 2022 Brinkmann Scholarship winner. Williams, Charlotte Potin, Isabelle Ndoumy-Kouakou, Derrick Seegars, Kyra Brown. 28 OUR PEOPLE-FIRST CULTURE GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 29

Art Gensler (1935-2021) Even as we grow globally, we enjoy a team spirit and a focus on excellence that is not only notable, but also sustainable. Gensler is well positioned to continue our success no matter what challenges may lie in our path. — Art Gensler (1935–2021) 30 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 31

Miraflores Museum, Guatemala City, Guatemala. The museum is designed to protect, preserve, study, exhibit, and promote the heritage of the Mayan culture while reusing as much of the existing building as possible — a critical resilience strategy. 32 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 33

University of Texas at Austin, Moody Center Basketball Arena, Austin. With an interactive plaza that ties all of the athletic facilities together, the arena creates an immersive experience and acts as a gathering space for fans, the public, and athletes. 34 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 35


We’re driving positive change within our industry and our firm. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) continue to face racial bias in the workplace, and Black professionals represent just 2% of the U.S. architecture industry and 3% of the U.S. design industry. Women are also underrepresented in both technical and leadership roles. Only 17% of registered architects in the U.S. are women. We’ve made a commitment to driving positive change in our industry and our communities. COMMUNITY OF HOPE Gensler helped expand and reposition FAMILY HEALTH AND Community of Hope’s headquarters, community center, and Washington, BIRTH CENTER D.C.’s only freestanding birth center — Washington, D.C. providing women with more control over their birth experiences. We want to be As part of our people-first ethos, we efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion, place a high value on a diversity of taking on an ever more localized and the example for people and thought. We believe our nuanced approach in each of our capacity for innovation grows when we communities. From partnering with our a more diverse embrace the perspectives of individuals clients in designing equitable spaces, to from different places, backgrounds, creating opportunities in our industry and cultures. Two years since we first for diverse talent, we have made and inclusive announced our Strategies to Fight measurable progress on all fronts. world. Racism, we continue to evolve our 38 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 39

The role that the built environment plays in equity and justice is huge, and we can acknowledge there are voices that we’ve not been paying attention to that have always been affected by what we do. —Lisa Cholmondeley, Co-Director of Gensler’s Center for Research on Equity and the Built Environment and a member of Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee JACKIE ROBINSON The interactive museum celebrates the life and MUSEUM legacy of athlete and civil rights icon Jackie Robinson with a combination of artifacts, New York memorabilia, and digital touchpoints. 40 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 41

A Five-Part Roadmap to Address Systemic Racism Gensler’s “Strategies to Fight Racism” is a blueprint for outlining key strategies to make positive and lasting change in our firm and industry. This includes changing our hiring practices; pushing for products owned or made by minority businesses; Race and Ethnicity: rethinking partnerships with consultants, vendors, and suppliers; and partnering with academia to help people understand : that design is a viable profession for everyone. Gensler’s U.S. Workforce 1,502 team members are based outside the U.S. 103 distinct, 1,502 team members are based outside the U.S. 103 distinct, identified languages are spoken by team members across identified languages are spoken by team members across Gensler’s global orkorce. 15 countries outside the U.S. Gensler’s global workforce. 16 countries outside the U.S. make up 2 o the firm’s global orkorce. make up 26% of the firm’s global workforce. AERCA ˆA OR We will increase racial We will create education We will pursue equitable ALASKA A€‘E ‡ ƒ.‚ diversity within Gensler by opportunities for Black design solutions in our A€‘E AWAA OR O€ ER ­ACC SLAˆER ‡ ƒ.„ recruiting and hiring more Black students by expanding cities and communities to €WO OR ORE RACES ‡ .ƒ professionals and supporting our scholarship program and create positive experiences for BLACK OR the Black professionals in our mentoring middle and high Black communities. ARCA AERCA ‡ . firm to achieve and exceed their schoolers in our communities. S­AC OR LA€O ‡ ‚ƒ.‚ full potential. ASA ‡ „ƒ.‚ ed W €E ‡ ’‚.„ BLACK OR ARCA AERCA  e galvaniz e ar “W unity to S­AC OR LA€O ‚ƒ by the opport ues that ASA „ƒ We will create job opportunities We will partner with our clients engage with iss in the architecture and on diversity and inclusion our firm, our clients, design industry for Black initiatives in order to integrate e professionals and serve as an and amplify efforts across and our society ar alking about.” active partner with the National our networks. t Organization of Minority s , Gensler’ ector ir o-D oger Smith, C —R uity and the q ch on E esear or R er f ent Architects (NOMA) and the ACE C vironment n Mentor Program. Built E Gender ˆi“ersity: : Gensler’s Glo”al Pursue Workforce Equitale Desin Solutions in Create Our Cities and Create o NON-BINARY/THIRD GENDER 0.2% +0.1 percentage points YOY Education Counities Opportunities O…BAR†‡€ Rˆ GEˆER ƒ.„ ‰ƒ.‚ Šercenta‹e Šoints †O† FEMALE 54.9% +2.1 percentage points YOY Opportunities in the D EALE Œ.Ž ‰„.‚ Šercenta‹e Šoints †O† for Black Industry for Black MALE 44.9% -2.2 percentage points YOY Students Professionals ALE .Ž …„.„ Šercenta‹e Šoints †O† Increase Partner Racial with Our Diversity Clients on within Diversity Gensler  Inclusion diagram_Gensler-strategies-to-fight-racism_v6_1.indd 1diagram_Gensler-strategies-to-fight-racism_v6_1.indd 1 2022-09-27 10:58 AM2022-09-27 10:58 AM 42 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 43

THE PLATFORM The project’s master plan will bridge AT GRATIOT downtown Detroit and the surrounding neighborhoods by creating a new Detroit gateway that is inclusive, welcoming, and equitably prosperous. 44 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 45

Engaging in Critical Conversations Across Our Regions Across the firm, Gensler leaders engage in open dialogues and discussions to surface some of the most impactful work on diversity, equity, and inclusion that we are doing across our regions and offices. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel (left to right): Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee (GRDC) Co-Chairs Jason Pugh, Allison Tomlinson, Vaki Mawema, Jean Anderson, Andre Brumfield, and Nayan Parekh. Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities Headquarters, Minneapolis Women in Leadership presentation (left to right): Gensler Costa Rica Co-Managing Directors Jessica García and Christine Durman. Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee and our Board Anti-Racism and ESG Committee ensure sustained action on our efforts to make diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) central to our firm’s governance and operations. Gensler’s Global Race and Diversity Committee: Thomas Ajose, Jean Anderson, Andre Brumfield, Lisa Cholmondeley, Susana Covarrubias, Christopher Crawford, Sarah Ekundayo, Joe Fan, Jessica García, Francisco Gonzalez, Todd Heiser, Larry Johnson, Hao Ko, Thabo Lenneiye, Simi Marinho, Nena Martin, Vaki Mawema, Tom Owens, Nayan Parekh, Jason Pugh, Camilo Reyes, Manan Shah, Roger Smith, Wayne Thomas, Demetra Thornton, Diane Thorsen, Allison Tomlinson. Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities Headquarters, Minneapolis 46 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 47

We’re Building a Bridge for 150 More Diverse Voices in the Students annually 54 Design Industry Mentors from Gensler participated in our 2022 HBCU Student Design Program. Our goal is to expand our perspective, find new ways of connecting with diverse communities, and bring more types of people into the profession. 7 HBCU universities with accredited architecture programs partnered with Gensler. 15 Summer fellowships awarded to participating students. 2022 HBCU Student Work 2022 HBCU Student Work Gensler’s HBCU Student Design Program Is Introducing Architecture to a New Generation Now in its second year, Gensler’s HBCU Student Design Program is a co-teaching and mentoring effort with Florida A&M University, Hampton University, Howard University, Morgan State University, Prairie View A&M University, Tuskegee University, and the University of the District of Columbia. The program enables students of color to exercise their creativity and introduces opportunities for impact by pursuing a career in architecture and design. The program has resulted in 15 summer fellowships in 2021. 2022 HBCU Student Work Our Partnerships with NOMA and ACE Help Diversify the Talent Pool To further our efforts aimed at diversifying the talent pool and advance the success of architects from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, Gensler has long-standing partnerships with programs such as the ACE Mentor Program and NOMA’s Project Pipeline camps for middle and high school students. 2022 HBCU Student Work 2022 HBCU Student Work 2022 HBCU Student Work 48 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 49

Community of Hope Family Health and Birth Center, Washington, D.C. Community of Hope enlisted Gensler to expand and reposition its headquarters, community center, and Washington, D.C.’s only freestanding birth center — providing women with more control over their birth experiences. 50 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 51


The impact of Gensler’s Our people-first approach also extends into our local Gensler office around the world, our people donate their time, people-first culture extends to communities. As stewards of those communities, we are keenly skills, and passion to their communities through volunteer focused on how we can design impactful, meaningful projects service and pro bono and low bono work. We believe that when our communities. that benefit the people who live in them. Every day, in every we put people first, we make the world a better place. ACCESS Gensler partnered with Access Gallery to GALLERY redesign its 1,500-square-foot studio and gallery, resulting in a more functional, flexible, Denver and accessible space for individuals with disabilities, teachers, and visitors. Access Gallery, Denver Housing & Homelessness The Environment Gensler’s community impact model revolves around four key We’re committed to finding and creating housing solutions for urban Gensler is committed to building more resilient and sustainable themes. communities facing the crises of homelessness, displacement, and buildings, communities, and cities and developing innovative and lack of workforce housing. sustainable practices to mitigate the effects of climate change and combat its root causes. Through uncertain and challenging times, our people have stepped up to meet pressing needs in our global communities through the firm’s Community Impact initiative. This platform encourages offices to dedicate at least 80% of their Health & Wellness The Next Generation Community Impact resources to one or more of our four themes: housing and homelessness, health and wellness, the environment, and the next generation, while the remaining 20% allows for new Gensler is dedicated to building healthy places that will blend Through partnerships with programs such as ACE Mentor Program, opportunities and innovative ideas. functionality and comfort and improve measurable health outcomes NOMA, and City Year, we’re supporting organizations and efforts for all users. that foster the well-being of children and the education and training of students for careers in architecture and design, ensuring a diverse and inclusive pipeline. 54 COMMUNITY IMPACT GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 55

The 2022 Gensler Community Impact Awards Every year we recognize our people’s commitment and dedication to their communities. Now in its seventh year, the Community Impact Awards celebrate the achievements of teams across the firm delivering pro bono and low bono efforts that leverage Our local- our unique skills as architects and designers to create measurable impact in our communities. Five projects were chosen by an external jury of experts, each winner aligned with a theme in the Gensler Model of Community Impact, as well as a fifth first approach category, The 20%, for projects that may not fit squarely within the model. empowers offices to grow their relationships with local nonprofit partners and 42 Submissions respond to the 31 Offices needs of our 5 Winners communities first. Community Impact Awards Jury Housing & Homelessness: Chris Ko, Vice President of Impact & Strategy, United Way of Greater Los Angeles — Margaret Skrmetti, Director, Community Impact Health & Wellness: Elizabeth Fennell, Director of Architecture and Workplace Design, Humana The Next Generation: Charity Chandler-Cole, CEO, CASA Los Angeles The Environment: Gina LaMotte, President and Founder, EcoRise The 20%: Damon McLeese, Executive Director, Access Gallery 56 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 57

2022 Community Impact 2022 Gensler Give Back Award Winners Award Recipients Housing & Homelessness: The Gensler Give Back Award, now in its second year, honors teams of volunteers across our firm for their dedication to Shower in a Box, Gensler San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston serving others through grassroots efforts that extend beyond their design skills. Health & Wellness: Treasured Vessels Foundation, Gensler Dallas Health Engagement Screening Gensler Singapore The Next Generation: Chapter 510 – Swan’s Market, Gensler Oakland Greetings for Seniors Gensler Munich The Environment: Overton Elementary Outdoor Classroom, Gensler Austin Kelly Miller Middle School The 20%: Gensler Washington, D.C. Health Engagement Screening, Gensler Singapore Dress for Success, Gensler New York More than 1,000 low-wage migrant construction workers were provided with health screenings and specialized referrals through this partnership with Lighthouse Club DignityMoves Singapore and HealthServe. Gensler San Francisco Treasured Vessels Foundation, Gensler Dallas Bowery Mission Gensler Dallas partnered with Treasured Vessels Foundation to design their new Gensler New York campus, which will be the United States’ first clinically therapeutic aftercare program for survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Lockhart Elementary Mural Gensler Houston Greater Chicago Food Depository Gensler Chicago Homeboy Industries Gensler Los Angeles Greetings for Seniors, Gensler Munich Employees in Munich put their artistic talents to work, creating handmade cards for seniors in local retirement communities to help reduce loneliness during COVID-19. Homeboy Industries, Gensler Los Angeles Employees developed an innovative drive-thru distribution model to ensure that Homeboy Trainees and their families received donated items in time for the holidays. Shower in a Box, Gensler San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston Lava MaeX and a team of Gensler designers collaborated to create Shower in a Box, a sustainable, scalable, and mobile solution that restores dignity to those experiencing homelessness. Kelly Miller Middle School, Gensler Dress for Success, Gensler New York Greater Chicago Food Depository, Washington, D.C. Gensler New York partnered with Dress for Success to design two storefront units in Gensler Chicago As part of a series of partnerships in Ward 7, employees Jamaica, Queens, empowering women to achieve economic independence to help them Through an ongoing partnership, employees have Chapter 510 – Swan’s Market, Gensler Oakland developed a robust year-round partnership with this local thrive in work and in life. volunteered more than 250 hours and packed more than A multi-year partnership with Chapter 510, a local creative writing nonprofit, led to a school that has increased access to educational supplies 200,000 meals for those facing food insecurity. newly designed writing center that supports programming and retail operations while and healthy food. serving as a community hub. 58 COMMUNITY IMPACT GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 59

Rose Haven, Portland, Ore. Gensler partnered with Rose Haven to offer pro-bono services to design their new facility to help them better serve the homeless in the community. 60 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 61


Delivering Innovative Projects Here’s a look at a few future-forward designs, illustrating how our teams Our culture of across Gensler discover and deliver world-class ideas and solutions. innovation is transforming the way we design and deliver projects. We are leading the way in leveraging the power of data-driven design that allows us and our clients to balance design, function, form, and metrics. Our proprietary collection of design technologies helps our design teams tackle complex challenges together with our clients. Our Design Synergy community brings new ways of thinking and collaborating across the firm, so that our designers are always connected as one borderless team. As we forge ahead, our investment in world-class design technology and digital innovation talent, coupled with these foundational platforms, allows us to collaborate with our clients and with each other in a more agile, dynamic, and hybrid manner to create transformational outcomes. NEXT: LAB BUILDING Gensler partnered with Buro Happold and KPFF to develop NEXT, a concept for the lab OF THE FUTURE building of the future. The concept promotes resiliency, social equity, and community — and redefines what a lab can be. 64 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 65

Our technology ecosystem enables designers to tackle the world’s most complex challenges. Through our investment in our design technology talent, we are enabling our designers to work with innovative computational products and data-driven insights that help guide our clients’ decisions and deliver transformative work. Now more than ever, it’s critical to make Our NFORM Ecosystem brings the power predictable, informed, and confident of data to project decision making from design decisions. That’s why Gensler, early stages in the design process, taking through our Design Technology team, our clients on a unique and informed has continued to evolve our NFORM design journey through their projects ecosystem of platforms, processes, and from day one. NFORM allows us to tailor intellectual property. our designs to more accurately predict, simulate, and evaluate everything from floor layouts to a project’s carbon footprint. gBlox™ gFloorz™ Gensler’s proprietary data-driven design and Gensler’s workplace interiors agile test-fit computational product allows our designers to design product places decades of our firm’s leverage deep domain expertise, powered by workplace interiors expertise and metrics at market-specific, real-time metrics to balance our designers’ fingertips with semi-automated form, function, and business insights on and rule-based layout technology. design projects. gMP™ gPlanet™ Our parametric platform for generating A comprehensive approach to resilience an infinite number of digital materials for analysis, consisting of industry-validated visualization through computation and analysis engines, custom workflows, scanning that adhere to industry standards educational resources, and internally around physically based rendering technology. developed computational software to enable our designers to achieve design resilience across the globe. 66 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 67

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity and Innovation to Spark New Design Thinking CONFIDENTIAL Our global design community collaborates regularly to spark innovative design solutions. Our homework series is a forum for design teams at Gensler to Office: New York present ideas, concepts, and studies while our ongoing global design charrettes REPOSITIONINGbring designers together to address specific challenges our clients face. Office: Dallas Home/Work Now in its 10th volume, our Home/Work series continues to showcase design’s impact and the ways that our borderless teams have overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic. Within these pages are ideas, concepts, studies, research, design work, and project imagery created for our clients highlighting an array of work: built and unbuilt, in-process and completed. FIFTH + RED RIVER F&B Office: Austin Confidential Accounting Firm Office: Washington, DC, Austin, Costa Rica Gensler Global Design Charrette 3.0: Climate Action Now in its third year, Gensler’s Global Design Charrette has surfaced design ideas for influencing the human experience. Our first two charrettes focused on COVID-19 and our fight against racism, putting forth a variety of ideas to tackle these issues head on. Our third charrette provides an open platform of ideas to transform and mitigate the CONFIDENTIAL climate crisis and collectively change RD HQ BOUTIQUE practices to move the industry forward. Office: ShanghaiMIXED USE Office: San Antonio 68 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 69

VERIZON AT Located within The Hub on Causeway development, this vertical campus was designed to accelerate innovation, THE HUB collaboration, and connection with its amenities spaces to Boston complement The Hub’s public mixed-use spaces. 70 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 71

Celebrating Impact SPRINGDALE Located on a former brownfield site, the reimagined campus is designed to attract GREEN the creative workforce with outdoor with the Gensler Design amenities, restored landscape, and a focus Austin on sustainability and wellness. Excellence Awards Now in its 22nd year, the Gensler Design Excellence Awards (GDEA) program sets a standard of excellence that nurtures and elevates our design culture. The rigorous review process begins with staff in each of the firm’s 10 regions, who critique projects from outside their region, which are then vetted by design leaders. A shortlist is critiqued by an external jury, who convene to deliberate 95 projects to recognize during a live broadcast to the firm. This year, the program expanded into four juries across our Health, Lifestyle, Work, and Community sectors . 150 Submissions 95 To jury 21 Winners 18 Multi-office teams GDEA JURY Health Jury: Craig Dixon, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, The St. James Helen Foster, Principal, Foster Strategy Sara Marberry, Healthcare Design Knowledge Expert Community Jury: Melanie Ide, President & CEO, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Astrid Piber, Partner, UNStudio Duke Reiter, Senior Advisor to the President, Arizona State University and Founder and Executive Director, Ten Across Ricardo Santa Cruz, President & CEO, RSC Development Work Jury: Andrew Chin, Associate Dean, Florida A&M University (FAMU) School of Architecture & Engineering Technology Heather Combs, Senior Director, Head of Brand Strategy, Adobe Emma Dixon, Senior Project Manager, Johnson & Johnson Zahra Ebrahim, CEO, Monumental Lifestyle Jury: George Aquino, Managing Director, AHC Hospitality Greg Hoffman, Founder, Modern Arena Debbie Millman, Host, Design Matters podcast Nathan Tan, Partner, DOM Food Group 72 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 73

GDEA WINNERS Work Awards: Confidential Financial Services Workplace, New York EF Education First, Denver pladis Global Headquarters, London Springdale Green, Austin The Link, Denver The Morphable Office, Baltimore EF Education First, Denver Community Awards: Beth Yeshurun Sophia and Jack Bender Memorial Chapel, Houston Confidential University Library, Beijing Design for Distancing: Station North, Baltimore Dwight-Englewood Middle School, Englewood, N.J. SFO Harvey Milk Terminal 1, San Francisco SFO Sustainability Campaign, San Francisco Health Awards: pladis Global Headquarters, London 3151 Market, Philadelphia 3151 Market, Philadelphia Confidential Hospital, Chengdu, China Confidential Research and Development District, San Diego OhioHealth Neuroscience Wellness Center, Columbus, Ohio Bill Richards Center for Healing, Rockville, Md. Lifestyle Awards: AT&T Discovery District, Dallas Confidential Mixed-Use Development, Chengdu, China Confidential Stadium, Guangzhou, China Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Industry Promotion Center, Sanya, China Margo Award: SFO Harvey Milk Terminal 1, San Francisco Rethink Dupont Circle: Illume, Washington, D.C. Springdale Green, Austin Bill Richards Center for Healing, Dwight-Englewood Middle Rockville, Md. School, Englewood, N.J. OhioHealth Neuroscience Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Wellness Center, Technology City Industry Promotion Columbus, Ohio Center, Sanya, China AT&T Discovery District, Dallas 74 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 75

New Development Bank, Shanghai. Holistically integrating space, experience design, and technology, the New Development Bank headquarters lobby delivers the bank’s mission and values, representing a future workplace that is innovative and human centric. 76 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 77


Our insights and thought leadership help our clients tackle tough problems. Gensler Research Institute at a Glance 180 Research proposals for FY23 JABIL GLOBAL With dynamic employee and client HEADQUARTERS experiences, Jabil’s new campus is a global hub and innovation launchpad St. Petersburg, Fla. that connects the company’s 70 180,000 employees worldwide. Research projects funded A combination of research, blogs, newsletters, social The insights we uncover with our research play a vital role 45 media, and other digital content give our clients an in unlocking the innovative design solutions our clients Grant projects understanding of the key issues facing the real estate and need to navigate a changing world. Research also serves awarded building industries. Led by the Gensler Research Institute, as the foundation for the content we deliver to our clients our proprietary research gives clients a closer look at the every week through our Dialogue Now newsletter, Client design challenges facing many types of spaces and places, Letters from our Co-CEOs, and our annual Design Forecast including those for the Workplace, Cities, Lifestyle, and publication. 17 Health. We also focus on issues of equity and sustainability Signature IP and how each of those issues is informing design projects awarded decisions. 80 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 81

We Translate Data Into Real-Time Insights and Strategies To understand and plan for the complex challenges our clients face, DIALOGUE BLOG we publish new thinking and practical design solutions every week 10 Considerations for Transitioning Back to Work in a Post-COVID-19 World through our blog and website at Our weekly Dialogue Now By Cindy Coleman, Don Ricker newsletter, regular client emails from our Co-CEOs, and our social media channels deliver these insights regularly to help our clients drive their business forward. DIALOGUE BLOG 5 Trends Driving the New Post-Pandemic Workplace By Janet Pogue McLaurin This year’s Design Forecast focuses on design strategies that will define a new era of the human experience and shape the future of cities, with design trends, research, and insights With client emails from our Co-CEOs, we to help clients navigate a changing world. provide real-time strategies and expertise DIALOGUE BLOG that provide a deeper understanding of the The Lab Building of the Future is NEXT connection between design, business, and By Chad Yoshinobu the human experience. DIALOGUE BLOG The Future of ESG in Architecture By Anthony Brower, Audrey Handelman, Stacey Olson Our weekly Dialogue Now newsletters provide timely, relevant thought leadership insights, This year, we received over 647,000 research, and strategic advice as we explore how followers across our social media design can make the world a healthier place. channels, amplifying our people’s voices, projects, partnerships, and community involvement. DIALOGUE BLOG Redesigning Mixed-Use Environments for a Post-Pandemic World By J.F. Finn, III, Duncan Paterson 82 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 83

Our City Pulse research Data from Gensler’s global Workplace shows how hybrid work could Surveys show that the future workplace revitalize downtowns and must be an experience multiplier, and a urban neighborhoods. destination rather than an obligation. Our real-time research reveals how the pandemic has Our global workplace surveys uncover what kind of office experience impacted cities globally. employees expect now and in the future. Most respondents in the cities we surveyed would Younger generations prefer third recommend their city as a great place to work. places to complement their in-office We found that people who have the ability to have hybrid work schedules think their city is a great place to work. and remote work locations. Source: Gensler City Pulse Survey Spring 2022 Source: Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey Winter 2021 61% of urban dwellers feel Employees at top-performing companies feel safe in their cities. that their companies are better prepared for hybrid work. Source: Gensler City Pulse Survey Spring 2022 “Because remote workers can now go pretty much Source: Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey Winter 2021 anywhere, cities are going to have to start focusing on attracting people, and not just focusing on attracting businesses.” — Sofia Song, Gensler Global Cities Lead “My company’s workplace is prepared for hybrid work.” 84 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 85

With recently released findings on healthcare, residential, and sports, our Experience Index Our equity research addresses a variety research quantifies the factors of design that of urgent topics, such as environmental impact the human experience. justice, community partnership, education This research centers around Gensler’s experience and the BIPOC experience, and Black framework, a new way of thinking holistically about the voices in healthcare. human experience. Our equity research allows practitioner-led teams to collect diverse perspectives, explore current issues, and deepen understanding into how How do we define design can be a catalyst for change. community cohesion? Source: Gensler Residential Experience Index 2022 The community cohesion scale is comprised of nine interrelated variables. Education and the BIPOC Experience Building Trust: Black Experiences in Healthcare Safety and belonging in educational spaces play an essential role in the lives of Black communities in the U.S. have endured a long history of systematic BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students. Yet when it comes to mistreatment by the healthcare system, resulting in deepfelt mistrust that must be designing learning spaces, these students often do not have enough of a voice. We addressed. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Black community has must truly understand how students perceive education spaces today in order to find only exacerbated these issues, while further highlighting the impacts of disparate new ways to design schools that make all students feel safe and included and enable health outcomes and opportunities. Our research sought to address this issue via a diverse student community to flourish. open and honest conversations to understand the barriers to trust in healthcare today and to improve the Black experience within healthcare systems. All markets surveyed are 34% report positive Team: Margot Kleinman, Phillip Redpath, Vivian Schapsis, Sara Silvestri, Mark Thaler experiencing challenges feelings during an Team: Patricia Nobre, Michael Schur, Amy Carter, Eleanor Ma, Rebekah Gandy with housing affordability. outpatient visit. Source: Gensler Residential Experience Index 2022 Source: Gensler U.S. Outpatient Healthcare Experience Index *Data represents housing affordability Over one-third of the variance in ratings for 2020 Q3 (September). positive feelings during the visit can Housing affordability rating uses be explained by the impressions of the the “median multiple”— the ratio of exterior and exam room quality. median house price to gross median house hold income. A Strategy to Optimize Minority-Owned Food & Inclusive Design and the Black Experience Beverage Businesses It’s estimated that only 2% of U.S. architecture professionals, and only 3% of The disparate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black-owned businesses design professionals more broadly, are Black. We cannot achieve inclusive design expose the seams of economic, social, and interpersonal injustices that have through checklists and principles alone — a design process that includes diverse compounded over time. Through a review of the industry landscape and discussions representatives and perspectives must be our first step forward. Our research with key industry players, we documented the unique challenges facing Black- uncovered that the opportunities to address racial bias and lack of inclusion were owned businesses and the key determinants to overcome them. Our insights form more about the design process, and end-user participation, than the form of the a strategic outlook to improve the F&B landscape — an approach that combines ultimate outcome. infrastructure, operations, capital, and workforce considerations. Team: Josh Berliner, Nambi Gardner, Caty Moniz, Zsuzsi Nagy, Gail Napell, Kati Osztian- Team: Vaki Mawema, Tony Okoye, Thabo Lenneiye, Jen Liao Hadfield, Amy Pothier, Amanda Ramos, Vivian Schapsis, Clark Sept 86 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 87

A SYMBOL Reimagined as amenities within and between Celebrating the Parisian neighborhoods, these reinvented FOR PARIS newspaper kiosks become a catalyst for change, helping to bridge barriers between Research and Innovation neighborhoods and foster social cohesion. That Threads Through All Our Work The Gensler Research & Innovation Awards (GRIA) recognize individuals and teams within the firm who are pushing the boundaries of research, innovation, and experimentation. This year, the GRIAs were announced live to 6,000+ people across Gensler’s global platform. An external jury selected the winners out of 128 submissions. The GRIA platform has raised the caliber of our work, contributed to our brand’s reputation as a research-driven design firm, and has made a tremendous impact on our culture. For 2022, the program included three juries across categories: Discovery (original and applied research), Delivery (business and process transformation), and Design (systems, platforms, and environments). 128 Submissions 68 To jury 12 Winners 6 Honorable mentions 2022 GRIA JURY Discovery Jurors: Matt Ayres, Lead Research and Innovation, Microsoft Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer, National Health Service Bisi Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Insights Officer, Massive Change Network Delivery Jurors: Timothy Ahrensbach, Head of Workplace Experience, LEGO Group Jamer Hunt, Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons School of Design Christiane Glanzmann, Global Expert, Laboratory Workplace Strategy, Roche Diagnostics Design Jurors: Ralph Belton, Associate Professor, Urban Architecture and Community Planning, University of the District of Columbia Jesse Bryan, CEO, Belief Agency Suzet McKinney, Principal, Director of Life Sciences, Sterling Bay Pascale Sablan, Senior Associate, Adjaye Associates, and Founder and Executive Director, Beyond the Built Environment 88 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 89

GUANGZHOU This facility showcases a sustainable urban farm that uses clean energy harvested SUBSTATION from elements around the substation, giving it a considerably smaller footprint Guangzhou, China than traditional farms. Mera Kitchen Collective Design Winners A Symbol for Paris, a Bridge for the Neighborhood Co-Creating Mera Kitchen Collective Guangzhou Substation Office-to-Residential Conversion Scorecard The Forever House Equitable Urbanism Discovery Winners Equitable Urbanism Neurodiversity in the Workplace Not Just a Load of Hot Air Quantifying Embodied Carbon Honorable Mentions: Candid Conversations, Designing for Justice: The Newark Community Museum for Social Justice + Center for Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery, Urban Education: Understanding the Complexities of the BIPOC Student Experience, Momentum: Applied Research in Inclusive and Universal Design, Sustainable Shade Structures and Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Ambient Signals Delivery Winners Ambient Signals EU Design Centre GAP: Gensler Apprenticeship Program Honorable Mention: Diversity in Entourage 90 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 91

Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Los Angeles, The Shonda Rhimes Performing Arts Center supports the nonprofit’s commitment to expanding the reach of dance and theater arts to enrich the lives of young dancers in the Los Angeles area. 92 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 93


FIFTH + Fifth + Tillery reimagines a large warehouse as an indoor-outdoor creative TILLERY office building with solar panels, rainwater We’re leading the collection, and other sustainable design Austin strategies. industry toward net zero carbon. We are defining the roadmap for sustainable change in the building industry. Addressing climate change is the moral and business imperative of our time. Climate change — and its increasingly communities are built to withstand climate visible threat to people’s lives and cities change. The disconnect between these — continues to elicit a sense of urgency startling percentages reveals a profound everywhere. According to insights from opportunity for leaders in the real estate the Gensler Research Institute, 87% of and building sectors, given that buildings adults in the United States have been are responsible for some 40% of total personally impacted by extreme weather global carbon emissions. We know that events since 2019. At the same time, to bring about a more resilient future, the only 18% of Americans believe their building industry must act now. 96 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 97

The Gensler Cities Climate Challenge Environmental stewardship is at the core of our brand, and GC3 — or the Gensler Cities Climate Challenge — is our five-part roadmap for how we intend to help our clients reach their carbon targets and our goal of making every building in our portfolio net zero carbon. LEADING INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS As trusted advisors to 3,300 active clients, we create meaningful long- term relationships to address their aspirations, goals, and concerns. In the past year alone, we worked in more than 100 countries — even though we were in the throes of the pandemic. And we welcomed 740 new clients. SPECIFYING The message GREEN MATERIALS from the business To reduce the impact from embodied carbon, we’ve launched new guidelines for the materials we specify in all our projects. By January community is clear: 2024, our goal is to make sure every material our designers specify has Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Disclosure or Global Warming Now is the time Potential (GWP) limits. for a global, coordinated action MEASURING OUR on climate change. CARBON IMPACT To improve our outcomes and reach our carbon-neutral goals, we first have — Gail Napell and Rives Taylor, Co-Directors of Gensler’s to be able to measure our impact. We must establish a universal and uniform Global Design Resilience practice method for measuring the operational and embodied carbon across all our DESIGNING WITH As part of our NFORM Ecosystem, we created gPlanet, a comprehensive projects. We are streamlining our data ENHANCED approach to resilience analysis consisting of industry-validated analysis collection from consultants to assess our engines, custom workflows, and internally developed computational operational carbon. To understand our TECHNOLOGIES software to enable our designers to achieve design resilience in real time embodied carbon output, we’re identifying on projects across the globe. accurate material quantities and assigning embodied carbon values to them. EDUCATING OURSELVES AND OUR CLIENTS To provide our clients with sound guidance, we must be a model for the industry by making sure our designers are trained and developed in design resilience practices. This fundamental shift in how we engage our people is necessary to impact every project, every person, and every place. 98 CLIMATE ACTION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 99

300M By 2030, we will have saved 300M metric tons of CO2. NVIDIA, Santa Clara, Calif. 100 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 101

Design Resilience Greening the Supply Chain with Client Services for Climate Action Responsible Materials and Sustainability Strategies for Our Clients Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins announced Gensler’s new global green The real estate industry is increasingly recognizing the potential materials specifications initiative at the 2021 United Nations Climate consequences and economic risks posed by climate change. Our Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. This new effort is a Action & Sustainability practice offers sustainability consulting services We are taking strategic steps to ensure our clients have access to green collaboration with our partners along the supply chain that will emphasize and smart, effective climate action strategies for developers, building materials and key services while offering new research into the effects low-carbon materials and products for our clients so that they can meet owners, and tenants who want and need to minimize the operational and of climate change on people’s lives. their sustainability mandates, new building code requirements, and embodied carbon impacts of their owned and leased facilities. ongoing tenant demands for greener, healthier spaces. ERICSSON 5G This highly automated, efficient factory FACTORY OF showcases how manufacturing can THE FUTURE transition to a low-carbon future through a combination of energy use reduction, Lewisville, Texas on-site renewables, and clean power. A Framework for Environmental Preparedness Experiential Preparedness Equitable Preparedness Economic Preparedness Design Resilience Climate change and resilience are interconnected issues affecting our • Minimizing carbon emissions while • Taking action that enhances quality • Ensuring that our actions create greater • Planning as you face climate events for environment, our economy, and our society. In order to make meaningful also investing in ecosystem preservation of life and human health, well-being, equity by prioritizing the needs and business continuity, efficiency and value progress, we created a framework that looks at preparedness through four and restoration. and connection. challenges of our most marginalized creation, and extended service life related but distinct lenses: • Minimizing the amount of new carbon • Promoting cultural resilience and communities. of projects. emitted into the environment. preparedness. • Focusing on communities that are already • Incentives or cost recovery vehicles for • Reducing the resource needs/impact of • Creating places that improve human health, feeling the most negative impacts from adaption/resilience upgrades. new development. well-being, and social connection. climate change. • Prioritizing investments in energy and • Investing in natural capital and greening • Creating awareness and optimism in • Addressing the impacts of climate change resource efficiency and adaption. our communities. our communities. on local and regional identity. • Addressing insurability and long-term • Supporting/preserving local ecologies value of real estate. and resources. 102 CLIMATE ACTION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 103

New Research: U.S. Climate Action Survey 2022 Gensler’s U.S. Climate Action Survey 2022 surveyed 1,800+ U.S. residents to of U.S. residents believe understand how climate change their community has a plan is impacting their lives, and what can be done to prepare for the uncertainties to address climate change. of tomorrow. Source: Gensler U.S. Climate Action Survey 2022 PERCENTAGE OF INDIVIDUALS WHO AGREED WITH THE STATEMENT “My community has a plan to address climate change.” of U.S. residents believe of U.S. adults believe their communities that climate change are built to withstand is an urgent issue, but climate change. only 18% feel as though their communities are prepared to tackle it. Source: Gensler U.S. Climate Action Survey 2022 Source: Gensler U.S. Climate Action Survey 2022 Confidential Corporate Headquarters, Lisbon 104 GENSLER ANNUGENSLER ANNUAL REPORAL REPORT 2022T 2022 105105

TK Elevator Americas Complex, Atlanta. TK Elevator’s new North American headquarters includes interactive experience for visitors to engage with and learn about the company’s commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation. 106 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 107


A Message From The Board FINANCE REPORT (revenue in USD) We’re operating globally across 50 locations, with total revenues for the year exceeding $1 billion for the eigth year in a row. $1.47B 2022 Total Revenue 15% Increase $ M 34.7 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS Contributions to U.S. and international retirement plans. (USD) 100% EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP Gensler is fully employee- owned through direct shares and our ESOP. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: FROM LEFT: Joseph Brancato (Chair), Robin Klehr Avia, Andre Brumfield, Andy Cohen, TOP RANKING REPORT BACKED BY GREAT Jordan Goldstein, Diane Hoskins, Xiaomei Lee, Judy Pesek, Ray Shick, Julia Simet, Cindy CLIENTS, WE CONTINUE Simpson, Karen Thomas, Michael White, Dan Winey Gensler is the leading architecture and design firm in the world. Our recognition TO EARN INDUSTRY # by media and the industry’s most prestigious award programs reflects the value RECOGNITION YEAR 1 we deliver to our clients and peers every day. AFTER YEAR. Our investments in talent and design We’ve transformed our tools and methods people-first values that uphold the culture innovation have catapulted us to the to harness the power of technology and of the firm, stressing the importance ARCHITECTURAL RECORD BUILDING DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION ENR INTERIOR DESIGN top of the industry. support hybrid work as we’ve begun making of diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, Top 300 Architecture Firms: 2021 GIANTS 400: 2022 TOP 500 DESIGN FIRMS: 2022 TOP 100 GIANTS the transition back from home to the office. empowerment, growth opportunities, and #1 Architectural Firm #1 Architecture Firm #1 Architecture Firm #1 Overall The complexity of change we’re facing mutual respect. They emphasize the fact #1 Cultural Sector Architecture Firm #1 Office today is challenging us in ways we’ve never We’re partnering with outside organizations BUILDING DESIGN #1 Hotel Sector Architecture Firm 2022 TOP 225 INTERNATIONAL #1 Retail to broaden our impact and better deliver that we can’t be a global firm unless we are 2022 World Architecture 100: #1 Office Sector Architecture Firm DESIGN FIRMS: #1 Transportation Design faced before. It starts with the pandemic on our promise. And we’ve already seen first grounded in our local communities. #1 Firm #1 Reconstruction Sector #1 Firm but encompasses so many more issues that a significant boost in our revenues — And they acknowledge the primacy of our Architecture Firm VMSD have bubbled to the surface in the recent client relationships in creating and sustaining #1 Religious Sector Architecture Firm 2021 TOP 100 GREEN BUILDINGS TOP RETAIL DESIGN past. Every day, it seems, there are new a robust rebound from the COVID-related #1 Retail Sector Architecture Firm DESIGN FIRMS: FIRMS OF 2021 challenges in terms of social justice, climate downturn that so many businesses in our the kind of firm we have become. #1 University/College Sector Firm #1 Firm #1 Firm overall change, global instability, and economic industry encountered. Among those characteristics is a volatility. These disruptions to our lives Leading through change conservative fiscal policy. It’s been our TOP AWARDS 2021–2022 are having cumulative impacts that we’ve Gensler is a firm that designs for all long-standing tradition to operate a business never seen before. They are bringing of humanity, a firm whose work spans that is financially strong and debt-free, and Top design awards won across the firm in 2021 and 2022. Here are some highlights: unprecedented levels of change. To many, geographical borders, a firm that enriches through turbulent times we’ve maintained AIA San Francisco Eventex Middle East Consultant Shaw Contract these issues might appear to lie outside the the human experience in every community that position in 2022, contributing $34.7 2022 People’s Choice Awards Eventex 2022 Awards 2021 Middle East Consultant Shaw Contract Design Awards domain of design. But we believe design we work in, and a firm that embraces design million in deferred compensation to our San Francisco International Airport, Costa Rica Convention Center, Heredia, Awards 2021 thinking and design solutions are critical for innovation through the diversity of our employees through our ESOP, profit-sharing, Terminal 1, San Francisco (Over $10M) Costa Rica (Gold: Convention Center, Gensler (Gender Diversity Champion Leidos Headquarters, Reston, Va. leading through change. people and ideas. These are the tenets of and international retirement plans. Hybrid Event Venue, and People’s of the Year/Interior Design Company of (Best Large Office) our Vision 2030 platform — our aspirational Architect Choice Supplier, and Platinum: the Year) We’re strengthening our ability 2022 Architecture & Interiors Sustainable Venue) URED Diplomatic Quarter Mall, Riyadh, Urban Land Institute to lead goals for the next decade of growth and Awards Saudi Arabia (Project of the Year: Retail 2022 ULI Americas Awards for Over the past two years, we’ve taken critical development. Our purpose is to make the Zendesk EBC, San Francisco (Small Interior Design & Public Facilities) Excellence steps to strengthen our organization. We’ve world a better place, and our path to that Office) 2021 Best of Year Awards EPIC, Los Angeles destination is to lead through change. Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Mix Interiors expanded our global footprint, providing Joseph Brancato DJSER Riverwalk, San Antonio (Chain Hotel) Mixology22 Awards Urban Land Institute broader client service by establishing new Our guiding principles are FAIA, OAA 2021 China Real Estate & Design Gensler Raleigh (Firm’s Own Office) McCann Worldgroup, London (Project of 2022 ULI Asia Pacific Awards for offices in Berlin, Riyadh, and Nashville. We our foundation Chair of the Board Awards Design for Distancing, Baltimore the Year, Workplace Over 70,000 sq ft) Excellence are building a stronger workforce — adding Gensler is an organization that is owned by Qianhai Shimao Tower, Shenzhen, (Outdoor Dining) One Museum Place, Shanghai 3,000+ new team members since the our people, self-directed and self-governed. China (Silver, Public Building) PCBC beginning of 2021 and quickly growing Xiaomi Mobile Internet Industrial International Property Media Ltd. 2022 Gold Nugget Awards We are led by a set of guiding principles Park Workplace Design, Beijing (Silver, 2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards NFL Media, Los Angeles (Best Interior their expertise through mentoring that were inspired by our founder, Art Interiors) Suzhou Zhongnan Center, Suzhou, Renovations) programs and real-world experiences. Gensler. These principles outline the China (Best Commercial High Rise ELDI Panama Development China) Society of American Registered 2022 Premios LADI (Latin Lumina, Shanghai (Best Commercial Architects American Real Estate High Rise Architecture Shanghai) 2022 SARA National Design Development Awards) Awards Lyra, Monterrey, Mexico (Best 545wyn, Miami (Excellence Award) Sustainable and Triple-Impact Project) Design for Distancing, Baltimore (Honor Award) 110110 GENSLER ANNUGENSLER ANNUAL REPORAL REPORT 2022T 2022 111111

Costa Rica Convention Center Highlighting Our Recognized at Eventex 2022 Awards The Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica (Costa Design Work Rica Convention Center) was honored in the Eventex 2022 Awards. The project received Gold in Convention Center, Hybrid Event Venue, and We are recognized by our industry, our clients, and our People’s Choice Suppliers, and the Platinum award as Sustainable Venue. With these awards, the project communities for our leading design work. adds more than 19 international certifications, recognitions, and awards since its inauguration in 2018. SFO Terminal One Receives AIA SF Chapter’s People’s Choice Award The American Institute of Architects’ San Francisco chapter honored the SFO Harvey B. Milk Terminal 1 with the 2022 People’s Choice Award in the category recognizing projects over $10 million. Interior Design Honors Best of Year Winners Several Gensler projects and people were among the winners for Interior Design’s 2021 Best of Year (BOY) Awards. In Best Projects, Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk won in the Chain Hotel Our Firm Is Recognized by Our Industry and Our Peers category, Gensler Raleigh won in Firm’s Own Office, and Design for Distancing won in Outdoor Dining. Gensler’s John Mulling was named For the seventh consecutive year, Gensler received the #1 rank overall in Building a Winner, Interior Designer: Workplace. Winners and honorees were Design’s World Architecture 100 2022. For the 11th consecutive year, Gensler was featured in the December issue of Interior Design. ranked the #1 architecture firm in the U.S. by Architectural Record. Gensler was also recognized as one of the “2022 Top 500 Design Firms” by Engineering News- Record and earned the #1 spot on the 2022 Interior Design 100 Giants list — a spot it has held for the past 42 years. Gensler’s Global Workplace Surveys Recognized Gensler Recognized at China Real Gensler’s global workplace surveys received a Estate Design Awards Certificate of Research Excellence (CORE) for 2022 by the Environmental Design Research Association. Three Gensler projects honored in China Real Estate Design Awards: Gensler’s submission, “Learning and Re-Learning: The Qianhai Shimao Tower won Silver in the Public Building category, Researching the Impact of the Pandemic on People, Xiaomi Headquarters won Silver in Interiors, and Shougang Ice Hockey Work, and the Future Workplace,” recognized global Arena won the Merit Award. surveys in the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, China, and India, conducted during the pandemic. Gensler Middle East Recognized for Championing Inclusion & Diversity Gensler was named Gender Diversity Champion of the Year and Interior 2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards Shaw Contract 2022 Best of Region Awards Design Company of the Year at the Middle East Consultant Awards, while the URED Diplomatic Quarter Mall was named Project of the Year: Suzhou Zhongnan Center won a Five Star Award for Best Commercial High Rise Several Gensler projects were honored among Shaw Contract’s 2022 Retail & Public Facilities. Gensler Middle East was also awarded the Development for China, and Lumina Shanghai won an award for Best Commercial Best of Region Awards. From nearly 600 design submissions, just 37 “Company of the Year Championing Inclusion & Diversity” at the Big 5’s High Rise Architecture for Shanghai at the 29th Asia Pacific Property Awards, projects were selected. EY Melbourne and Sheraton Denver Downtown Women in Construction Forum & Awards for promoting diversity part of the International Property Awards. Hotel were recognized. and inclusion to transform the construction industry. 112 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 113

We Are Leading Best of NeoCon 2022 Gensler thought leaders had a strong presence at NeoCon 2022, speaking on topics ranging from the reimagined future of work and the Conversation place, to the future life sciences workplace, to the benefits of material reuse and the circular economy. NeoCon is North America’s largest design expo and the leading conference for commercial interior in the Industry design. In today’s rapidly changing world, NeoCon is a launchpad for innovation in commercial design. Our thought leaders are speaking at top tier conferences about how design is impacting the Gensler’s Todd Heiser and Lily Diego presented on theMART 2.0 at NeoCon 2022. most critical issues shaping our cities — from global health, to climate change, globalization, economic volatility, and social justice. Examining the Future of Work at Worktech Berlin and Worktech Munich Cohen Speaks on the Post-Pandemic In May, Gensler’s Peter Stueck spoke at Worktech’s Outlook for Cities Berlin conference on the future of corporate real estate in Germany, and Agnieszka Flasinska spoke at Worktech Co-CEO Andy Cohen was a featured panelist at the USC Munich on the future of hybrid work. Gould School of Law’s Real Estate Law and Business Forum discussing the workplace of the future and the post-pandemic outlook for cities. Gensler Takes Center Stage at ULI Gensler has partnered with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), joining the top decision-makers from every real estate development sector to address Chang Speaks at land use challenges and the built environment. Gensler thought leaders Hoskins Speaks at CEO Gathering 2021 Greater China keynoted and spoke on panels at ULI’s signature global conferences on “Towards Net Zero Carbon” CBRE Forum in Chicago, San Diego, and virtually in Shanghai, speaking on a range of topics, from design strategies for the future of cities, to equity and the In June, co-CEO Diane Hoskins was a featured In October 2021, Gensler’s 20-minute city, to adaptive reuse and repositioning. speaker at the Global Cement and Concrete Emma Chang participated in the Association’s annual CEO Gathering in Atlanta, 2021 Greater China CBRE Forum, where she presented on “Towards Net at CBRE Beijing, on the topic of Zero Carbon.” “Experience and Flexibility in Workplace Design.” Gensler’s Todd Pilgreen delivered a keynote speech at the 2021 ULI China Mainland Winter Meeting entitled “Reconnect: Design Strategies for a Post-COVID World.” Gensler’s Presence at the AIA Conference on Architecture Gensler’s Jason Pugh, NOMA president, with Tiffany Brown, NOMA executive director, and former U.S. President Barack Obama at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2022. Gensler’s Nate Cherry, Sofia Song, and Rives Taylor presented on “Reimagining Cities: A New Era for Planning and Development” at the ULI Spring 2022 Meeting in San Diego. Gensler’s Ben Tranel presented on “Redefining Excellence in Real Estate with Equity at the Core” at the ULI Spring Meeting. 2021 CoreNet North America Global Summit Over the past year, Gensler has worked with CoreNet Global through a series of speaking events at CoreNet Global Summits and regional events. In November, Gensler’s Global Workplace Research Leader Janet Pogue McLaurin presented at CoreNet’s Global Summit on “Emerging: New Workplace Realities.” Digital Experience Design Regional Leader Greg Gallimore led an interactive session in partnership with Arup, empowering participants to create a “future of work” experience and explore the opportunity of hybrid work systems. In June, Amanda Carroll participated in a CoreNet Eastern Regional Lisa Cholmondeley and Sofia Song at the ULI Spring Meeting in San Diego. Symposium panel on “Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work.” 114 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 115

Expanding The New York Times Our Global “The Trouble With Airports, and How to Fix Them” Christian Science Monitor Ty Osbaugh “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Employees’ Needs Are “Post-Pandemic City: What Does ‘Downtown’ Mean in a Changing Workspaces” Reach in the World of Hybrid Work?” Robin Klehr Avia, John Harrison, Eric Gannon Media Sofia Song CNN McKinsey “When It Comes to Cutting Carbon Emissions, the Real Airport World Bloomberg Estate Industry Is Running Out of Time” “The Rebirth of Workspace Design: An Interview With Diane Hoskins Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins” “Trends That Will Influence Airport Design in the Future” “Creating Sustainable & Equitable Future Cities” Diane Hoskins Tim Hudson, Ty Osbaugh Tim Martin McMorrow Reports “The Office Tower Has a New Job to Do” “Inclusive by Nature, Impelling by Nurture: The Future of “Where’s the C-Suite in an Open, Hybrid Office?” Todd Heiser Fast Company the Tech Workplace” Matthew Kobylar Brian Stromquist “The Future of the Office Is an Open Question, but This The Straits Times Company Is Testing 3 Designs to Figure It Out” gb&d Nena Martin “The Race to Net Zero: Eco-conscious Design Solutions” “One Huge Post-Pandemic Shift for Retail Workers? David Calkins “How Weather Is Changing the Way We Build” More Comfortable Stores to Work In” Rives Taylor Lara Marrero Work Design Magazine Healthcare Design Metropolis “Strategic Repositioning: The Key to Reimagined, Livable Architect Building Design + Forbes Urban Work Environments” Construction “How to Design Better Outpatient Environments” “Redefining the Experience-Driven Workplace” Sheryl Schulze, Ian Zapata “18 Designers Share Hopes, Fears, and Disruptors Nicholas Watkins and Kyle Sellers “How to Make Your Office an Experience Multiplier” Brian Stromquist, Nena Martin, Ian Zapata for 2022” “Gensler’s Latest Design Forecast Is Also a Call to Action” Andy Cohen Urban Land Jordan Goldstein Andy Cohen, Diane Hoskins “Texas Opens Moody Center Arena With Modern Design For Basketball, Concerts” “Stranded Assets: Realizing the Potential of Old Malls “Green the Supply Chain with Better Building Materials” Jonathan Emmett, Laura Brodersen, Kirk Funkhouser and Abandoned Office Parks” Andy Cohen Business Insider Joe Brancato Architectural Record “Andy Cohen, Co-CEO of Architecture Giant Gensler, Says the Ability to Choose Will Shape Offices and Careers “Willis Tower Transformation by Gensler” of the Future” Benjy Ward, Michael Townsend Andy Cohen Interior Design “The Role of Circular Materials and Construction “Employee Engagement Is the Key to Business “Gensler Explores Building the Materials of Tomorrow” “Great Workplace Design Can Combat the Practices in Reducing Carbon Emissions” Transformation According to Executives From IBM, Chad Yoshinobu ‘Great Resignation’” Amanda Carroll Gensler, and Huge” Andy Cohen Andy Cohen, Diane Hoskins Middle East Consultant “Climate Disclosure Mandates Will Irreversibly Transform Associated Press Real Estate — and Supercharge the Low-Carbon Market” Diane Hoskins “Designing With Purpose” “New Offices for the Hybrid Era? Many Companies Commercial Tim Martin Are on Board” Property Advisor “BMW and the Biggest Architecture Firm in the World Jordan Goldstein Have a Vision for the Post-Gas, Electric Future” Morning Brew “What Will Future Lab Space Look Like?” Jordan Goldstein Erik Lustgarten, Chad Yoshinobu “Why Stores — Like One Permanent Pop-Up — Should Be Designed More Like Lego Sets” Lara Marrero “Why Brick-and-Mortar Retail Should Consider Moving Into Mixed-Use Developments” J.F. Finn III, Ben Tranel The Wall Street Journal Globe St. The Economist BBC “Raise Residential Taxes? Bring in Casinos? Cities Look “Pay It Forward: ‘We are a Constellation of Stars Because “The Office of the Future” at Ways to Bolster Budgets” “The Office Spaces Transforming Into Luxury Apartments” of Our Shared Leadership Model’” Robin Klehr Avia Joe Brancato Steven Paynter Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen 116 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 117

Agilent American Real Estate Partners # Agilysys, Inc American Thermal Systems Inc. AHC + Hospitality American Water 1033 Broad Street Renewal, LLC AHS Residential Our Clients 11 East Partners LLC Ahuja Hive AmerisourceBergen 1199SEIU National Benefit Fund AIG Amerlux Lighting 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Air Canada Ames Watson Capital 2033 Higher Education Development Foundation Air France Amgen 2nd Wave Development Air Liquide Amherst Holdings 2U Air Methods Amtrak 3,547 3423 Holdings, LLC Air New Zealand Amundi Total current Gensler clients, across every market 353 N. 4th Ave. LLC Airtable AmWINS Group, Inc. sector and around the world. 360 Collective Akamai Technologies Analog Devices 7-Eleven AKDO Anchor Bend Church AKF Anderson Real Estate 9 of the Top 10 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Angel City Football Club A Akre Capital Management LLC Angelo Gordon Technology companies globally are Gensler clients. Akridge Ann Inc. Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas Al Ahly Sabbour Anschutz Corporation AB InBev Al Muhaidib Group Anta Sports Products Limited Abbott Laboratories Alameda County Community Food Bank Antares Pharma 22 of 25 AbbVie Alamo Trust, Inc. Antelope Valley College Interbrand’s Best Global Brands are Gensler clients. Abco Realty & Investment Inc Albany County Airport Authority Anthem ABeam Consulting Albertsons Companies Antin Infrastructure Partners SASU Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Alchemy Properties Apache Corporation Acadia Realty Trust Aldar Properties PJSC Apleona Gruppe Over 90% Accenture ALDI Apollo Global Management of our work comes from repeat clients. Accruent Aldrich & Bonnefin, PLC Apple Accurate Builders and Developers Alduwaliya Asset Management Appleton Partners Acibadem Project Management Alembic Real Estate Aramark ACLU Alexander & Baldwin Arax Properties Ltd 7 of the Top 10 Acram Group Alexandria Real Estate Equities Arca Continental Coca Cola Southwest Beverages Media Companies globally are Gensler clients. Acre Alibaba Group Archdiocese of New York Activision Align Real Estate Archrock Activision Blizzard Aligned Data Centers Arcis Golf 9 of the Top 10 Acton Academy Alimentos Prosalud S.A. -SARDIMAR Arconsa Adage Capital Management Alkeon Capital Management Arcos Dorados Commercial banks in the U.S. are Gensler clients. Adam Corporation All Web Leads Area15 Adamantine Allegheny County Airport Authority ARENA Property Development Adams and Reese LLP Allegis Group Arent Fox 10 of the 10 Adaptive Biotechnologies Allen Matkins Ares Management ADEC Ltd Allergan Areté Preparatory Academy Highest-grossing law firms globally are Gensler clients. Adelaide Real Estate, LLC AllianceBernstein L.P. Argent Ventures Adelphi University Alliant Credit Union Argonne National Laboratory adidas Group Allied Properties REIT Arise Austin Medical Center 9 of the 10 Adient Allspring Global Investments Arista Networks Adler Realty Investments, Inc. Alma Agency Aristotle Fortune’s Most Profitable Companies are Gensler ADM Al-Mansour Automotives Arizona Cardinals clients. Administration Committee for the Xiong’an New Area Alpha Epsilon Phi House Corporation Arizona Coyotes in Hebei Province ALPISTE Arizona Department of Administration 9 of the Top 10 Administrative Committee of Nanjing Xuzhuang Alsea Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System High-tech Zone Altais Arizona State University Pharmaceutical companies in the world are Administrative Office of the United States Courts Alternative Resource Group Armstrong Consultants Gensler clients. Adobe Alterra Capital Management Armstrong World Industries ADP Alterra Mountain Company Artemide Adtalem Global Education Alteryx Artisan Realty Advisors 10 of the 10 AdvaMed Altos Labs Arup Advantage Solutions Altus Realty Asana Most Valuable Tech Companies are Gensler clients. Adventist HealthCare Alvarez & Marsal ASB Real Estate Investments Advisor Group Alzheimer’s Association Ascend Public Charter Schools Advocate Aurora Health AMD ASG Equities 140 Countries Advocate Physician Partners Amegy Bank Asian Development Bank AECOM America’s Capital Partners Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Where Gensler has worked to date. With offices in AEG Staples Center and Microsoft Theater American Airlines Aspect Health 52 locations, we deliver projects for our clients in Aeris American Ballet Theatre Aspen Aerogels every region. AEW Capital Management American Communities Aspen Dental Affinity Credit Union American Express Assurant AFLAC American Family Housing AstraZeneca AfrAsia Bank Limited American National Asurion 118 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 119

AT&T Battersea Power Station Development Company BlueCross BlueShield Association Bucknell University CATO Institute China SCE Group Holding Limited Atari Hotels Battle and Brew BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Building and Land Technology Cavender Auto Group China Southern Airlines Atelier Capital Partners Bausch Pharma BlueRock Therapeutics Bunker Hill Community College Cawley Partners China SouthWest Architecture Design and Atlantic Health System BAW Development LLC BMO Financial Group Burnham Ward Properties CBRE Research Institute Atlas Properties Bay West Development BMW Group Burns & Levinson CBRE Global Investors Inc China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. Atlas Stark BayCurrent Consulting, Inc. BNP Paribas Burr Computer Environments, Inc. CBS Corporation China Stock Atos Bayer BNY Mellon BYD CC Real China Telling Atradius Baylands Development Inc Boardwalk Auto Group BYJU’S CDK Global China Tourism Group Atrium Health Bazaarvoice Bobrick ByteDance Ltd. CDO/Fox Restaurant Concepts Chirisa Capital Management Ltd ATXK BBB Shoes & Boots Bocadillo Market CDV5 Properties Chongqing Jiangbeizui Central Business District Auburn Bank BCR Fondos de Inversión Bojangles CEC Optics Valley Development and Investment Audi BDO Bolon C Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Development & Augusta National Golf Club BDP Holding LLC BonaBatiste Taste Couture Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy Investment Group Co., Ltd. Aurora Capital Associates Be Well OC Bond Companies, LLC C&A Celonis Christina Austin Community College Beach City Capital Booking Holdings CA Ventures Celularity Chubb Group Austin Energy Beacon Capital Partners, LLC Bosa Properties Cadillac Cemaco Internacional, S.A. Cía Agricola Industrial de Tacares Ltda Austin FC Beacon Partners Bose Cadillac Fairview Corporation Cengage CIBC Autograph Collection Hotels Beacon Real Estate Group, LLC Bosley Cahill Centennial Real Estate Cie AutoMercado Beam Reach Partners Boston Ballet Cain International Center for Global Health Innovation Cinemark Auto-Owners Insurance Bearing Point Properties Boston Consulting Group Cain Watters & Associates PLLC CenterCal Properties Cinespace AvalonBay Communities Bedrock Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Caliber CenterPoint Energy Circuit of The Americas Avant Beijing Building Materials Group Boston Properties California Baptist University Central China Real Estate Group (China) Co., LTD. Cisco Systems Avantage Entertainment Beijing Science and Technology Park Auction Tender Boston Scientific California Institute of the Arts Central Houston Cadillac Cisneros Real Estate Avary Holding Co., Ltd Boxer Capital, LLC California Judicial Branch Central Houston, Inc. Cisterra Development Avenger Flight Group Beijing Yonghe Hospital Co., Ltd Boy Scouts of America California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Centrex Construction Inc. Citgo Petroleum Corp AVENIR GLOBAL Belmond Boyne Resorts California State University, Long Beach Centrum Realty & Development CITIC Group Avenues: The World School Belmont Village Senior Living Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver California State University, Northridge Cerberus Capital Management Citic Pacific Properties Avetta Bendheim Glass BP Calvin Klein Inc Cerritos College Citigroup Avison Young Benefit Line Bracco Diagnostics Cameron Management CH Premier Jewelers citizenM Aviva Investors Benjamin Moore Bracewell Campbell Hall Chabad of Rancho Santa Fe Citrix Systems, Inc. AWH Partners BenQ Bradley Campus Partners Chabad Palisades City and County of Denver, CO AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. BentallGreenOak Brandywine Realty Trust Canadian Tire Chaffey College City Being Axis Communications Bessemer Trust Brasa Capital Management Canary Wharf Group plc Chaffey Joint Union High School District City Center Allentown Best Buy Brasfield & Gorrie Canderel Chaincode Labs City College of San Francisco BetMGM Brause Realty Cano Health Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry City Electric Supply B Better Mortgage Corporation Break Bread Ventures Canopy / Sidewalk Labs Charah Solutions City National Bank Beveridge & Diamond, PC Bregal Investments Inc Canopy Sands Charities Aid Foundation America City of Alexandria, VA BAC Credomatic Bexar County, TX Brevan Howard Inc Capgemini Charles Company City of Anaheim, CA Baccarat, Inc. BH Luxury Residences, LLC BRG Hospitality Capital Associates Charlotte Douglas International Airport City of Austin, TX Bad Axe Throwing BH Properties Bridge Tower Properties Capital Group Charter Communications City of Bangor, ME BAE Systems BHP Bridgestone Corporation Capital One Chartwell Real Estate Development City of Bellevue, WA Bagmane Developers Biglari Holdings Inc. Brier Creek South LLC Capital Retail Properties City of Blaine, MN Bahamas Environmental Group Billingsley Bright Horizons Family Solutions Capital Square Cheergrey Properties City of Boston, MA Bailian Group Co., Ltd. Billy Baldwin Studio BrightDrop CapitaLand Chemonics City of Brampton, Ontario Baird Binswanger Bringsol SCI Capitol Broadcasting Company Chengdu High Tech Industrial Development Zone City of Brea, CA Baker Botts Biola University Brink Management / Advies CAPSTAR Real Estate Advisors Management Committee City of Carlsbad, CA Baker McKenzie BioLabs Bristol Group CAPTRUST Financial Advisors Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial and Business Zone City of Chicago, IL Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C. BioMarin Bristol Myers Squibb Cardinia Real Estate Investment & Development Co.,L City of Citrus Heights, CA BakerRipley BioMed Realty British Business Bank PLC Cargill Cherry Creek West Development Company, LLC City of Coral Gables, FL BALA Birtcher Development British Land CarGurus Chesnut Properties City of Dallas, TX Ballmer Group BKM Engineering British Volt Caribbean Development Partners Chevron City of Deming, NM Bally Black & Veatch Broad Street Real Estate, Inc. Caribou Industries Chiatai Tianqing Pharmacy Group City of Frisco, TX Baltimore Gas & Electric Black Creek Group Broadcom CarLotz Inc Chicago Cubs City of Hope Balyasny Asset Management L.P. Black Forest Ventures Bronsky Orthodontics Carlow University Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 UA City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering Banco de Costa Rica Black Palm Development Brookfield Global Asset Management Carlton Fields Chicago Title Insurance Company City of Los Angeles, CA Bandwidth BlackRock Brookfield Properties Carnegie Fabrics Chick-fil-A City of McKinney, TX Banfield Pet Hospital Blank Rome LLP Brookfield Property Partners Carnegie Museums Of Pittsburgh Chiesi USA, Inc City of Mesa Engineering Department Bank of Shanghai Blatteis & Schnur Brookhaven National Laboratory Carpenter & Company Child Advocates of Fort Bend City of Minneapolis, MN BankUnited, Inc. Blendin Roastery Brooklyn Public Library Carr Properties Children’s Health City of Newark, NJ Banyan Street Capital Blinn College Brooks Carrot Health Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters Health City of Philadelphia, PA Barclays BlitzLake Partners Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP Cartel Properties System City of Phoenix, AZ Bareeq al Retaj Real Estate Services W.L.L. Block Companies Brookwood Medical Cartier Children’s National Hospital City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Baring Private Equity Asia Block One Brother International Corporation Carvana Group, LLC China Communication and Construction Company City of Redwood City, CA Barings Block Real Estate Services LLC Brown Harris Stevens Casey Development (CCCC) City Of Refuge Barnes & Thornburg Bloomberg Bruntwood Cassels China International Travel Service Real Estate City of Regina, Canada Baron Capital, Inc. Bludorn BTG Pactual Cast & Crew China Merchants Bank City of Richfield, MN Bartell Hotels Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona BTI Acuario México Caterpillar China Merchants Group City of San Clemente, CA Bass Berry Sims Blue Owl Capital Buck Institute for Research on Aging Cathay Life Insurance China Minsheng Investment Development City of San Diego, CA Batch Service Blue Shield Of California Buckeye Properties Cathy Mackenthun’s Meats & Deli China Resources Land City of San Jose, CA 120 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 121

City of Santa Ana, CA Core Development Daiichi Sankyo Driftwood Capital Engineering Design Management Center Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco City of Silver Bay, MN Core Scientific Dakota County, MN Driscoll’s Inc Enoch Pratt Free Library Federal Realty Investment Trust City of Toronto, ON Coretrust Capital Partners, LLC Dakota Pacific Real Estate Driven Brands Enterprise Singapore Federation of Italian-American Organizations of City Realty Co., Ltd. (Thailand) Cormint Data Systems Dallas County, TX DSM Entrenuity Brooklyn, Ltd. Cityplace Co. Corning Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DTCC Environmental Charter Schools Feldman Equities Clarett West Development Corporate Office Properties Trust Daltile Duluth Public Library Envision Digital Fenway Capital Advisors Clarion Partners Corporate Realty Development Danker & Donohue Dun & Bradstreet Ephant Group Ferguson Clark Art Institute Cosa Nova Fashions Limited Dassault Systèmes Durable Capital Partners Epic Games Inc Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Clark Construction Group CoStar Group DataBank Durban Group EpicGenetics, Inc. Ferreterias EPA Clark County School District Coty Datong Jiade Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. DW Partners Epicor Software Corporation FHQ Holdings LP Clay Lacy Aviation Countryside Properties PLC Davidson Hotels & Resorts Dwight-Englewood School Epstein Becker & Green Fidelidade Clayton, Dubilier & Rice County of Forsyth, NC Davis Polk DXC Technology EPT Land Communities FilaMar Energy Services Cleveland Clinic County of Los Angeles, CA Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Dynata EQ Office Filinvest City Clifford Chance County of Orange, CA Daylight LA Dynatrace Equator Capital Management Financial Accounting Foundation Clint Reilly County of Placer, CA DBS Bank Dyson Equinix Finepoint Capital Clise Properties, Inc County of San Diego, CA DCS Data Centers Equinox Finning International Inc CloudCenters LLC County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department De la Vega Capital Development Equity Commonwealth Firefly Autism CloudKitchens County of Santa Barbara, CA De Rito Partners, Inc. E Equity Residential First Bancorp CMK Companies County of Santa Clara Dealerware Eskew Dumez Ripple First Citizens Bank CMTA Consulting Engineers, Inc. County of Santa Cruz, CA Debbie Allen Dance Academy e.l.f. Cosmetics ESO Solutions First Foundation Inc. Coast Community College District County of Stanislaus, CA Debevoise & Plimpton LLP E.W. Scripps Company Espresso Americano First Gulf Coastal Kids Pediatrics Courtyard by Marriott Dechert Eagle County Regional Airport Etsy First Unitarian Church of Dallas Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass LLP Cousins Properties Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Eagle Hills Properties LLC Eunice Restaurant First United Bank Cognizant Cove Property Group Deerfield Management East End Capital Eurazeo FirstService Residential College of the Desert Covenant Denison Holdings, LLC. Del Mar College East West Partners Euromobilia FIS Colliers International Covenant House Texas Delegation of the European Union to the Eastdil Secured Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center Fish & Richardson Colliers Strategy & Consulting Coventry Development Corporation United States Eataly of Houston Fisher Brothers Columbia College Chicago Covetrus Delivery Hero EB Arrow EvensonBest Fisher Development Associates Columbia Property Trust Covivio Deloitte eBay Eventbrite Fisher Industries Columbia University Cowtan & Tout Delta Air Lines, Inc. Eco Villa Eventide Asset Management Inc. Fisker, Inc Columbia University Irving Medical Center Cozen O’Connor Denham Capital Management LP eCombustible Everest Hospitality Five Star Development Columbus Regional Airport Authority Craig Ranch Dentons Edblox Inc. Evergrande Group Fivetran Comarch Inc. Craig Realty Group Dentsply Sirona Edelman Eversheds Sutherland Flamboyant Comcast Crain Caton & James Denver Beer Co. Edelman Leather EWR Terminal One, LLC Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe ComEd Cravath Denver International Airport EdgeConneX Excel Dryer Fletcher Jones Auto Group Comite Center for Precision Medicine CreateMe Desarrollos Axxis Edrington Excelsior Partners Flo Networks Commercial Club of Chicago Credit Suisse Design Workshop Edward J. Minskoff Equities Exelon Corporation FM Global Common Desk Cresa Deutsche Bank Edwards Lifesciences Exeter Property Group LLC FMI Corporation Common Securitization Solutions Crescent Communities LLC Development Capital Solutions LLC EF Education First Expo City Focus Development Commonwealth of Massachusetts Crestlight Capital dhp Urban Development Co., Ltd. EFIRE (Emirates Future Investment Real Estate) Extell Development Foley & Lardner LLP CommonWealth Partners Crestron Electronics DigitalBridge EFunds Management Co., Ltd Exterran Fontainebleau Development Communitas America CriticalPoint Partners LLC DignityMoves Ehrenkranz Partners ExxonMobil Foothilll-De Anza Community College District Communities in Schools of Central Texas Crossover Health Dimensional Fund Advisors Ek-Chai Distribution System Company Limited EY Foragers Community FoodBank of New Jersey Crosspoint Properties Dine Brands El Palacio de Hierro Forcepoint Community of Hope Crow Holdings Office Directors Guild of America Eldridge Industries Ford Community Resource Talent Development Crown Realty Partners DIRTT Electronic Arts Inc. F Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice Community Three Development Cruzan Discover Financial Services Element Critical Foresters Financial Compass Group Crypton Disney Corporate Real Estate Elevate Clearwater, LLC F. Hoffmann-la Roche Forestry Corporation Compton College CS Capital Management Inc Distillery Labs ElevateBio Fabbian Forge Development Partners Comstock Partners CSG District of Columbia Department of General Services Elevation Development Group Fabian VanCott Forme Development Comuna Mogosoaia CTF Education Group DivcoWest Elliott Davis Fair Park First Fort Bend ISD Concept Neighboorhood Culinary Khancepts DJM Capital Partners Elliott Management Fairfield Residential Fort Meade Alliance Concord Eastridge Cummins DLA Piper Ellis Partners Family Network Ventures, LLC Fortis Property Group Condiminio Cincuenta y Cinco - Las Brisas, S.A. Cushman & Wakefield DLF Limited EllisDon FANA Group of Companies Fortress Investment Group Conduent Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Dominion Electric Emaar Misr for Development S.A.E. FanDuel Fosun Cone Health CVG Management Domino Realty Management Co Emaar Properties PJSC Fannie Mae Four Corners Regional Airport Conrad Hotels & Resorts CymbaX Domtar Emanate Health Fantoni Group Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago Con-Real, LP Cypress Development Donnelly Construction EmblemHealth Far East Group Fox Corporation Constellation Brands Cypress Equities DoorDash Emerson Farallon Capital Fox Entertainment Constructora Navarro y Avilés S.A. Cypress Office Properties Doris Duke Foundation Emory University Faring FOX Television Stations Continental Development Corporation Cypress Realty of Fla LLC Dorsey & Whitney Empire Group Farmacias Cruz Verde Francis Parker School Continental Development Group Dosax Empire State Realty Trust Farmers & Merchants Bank Franklin Templeton Investments Continental Resources Douglas Emmett Emser Tile Farpoint Development Frasers Property Continuum Partners, LLC D Downtown DC Business Improvement District Enbridge Fast Retailing Freeborn ContourGlobal Downtown Development Group LLC Endeavor Real Estate Group FDF Holdings, LLC French American International School Contra Costa County, CA D & B Properties Downtown Manhattan Beach Endotronix Fedcap Rehabilitation Services Fresenius Medical Care ConvaTec Inc D1 Capital Downtown Redevelopment Authority enel Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A.C. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP Cooley DA LI Development USA, LLC DPR Construction Enfield Commercial Federal Aviation Administration Fried Frank CO-OP Financial Services Da Vinci Schools Dr Mehrdad Mazaheri, MD Engie Federal Emergency Management Agency Friends for Life 122 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 123

Front Burner Restaurants Goodwin Hackman Capital Holland Casino IHG Hotels & Resorts Jacobs Levy Equity Management Frost Brown Todd Google HAEAHN Architecture Hollywood Park Illinois State University James Wood Auto Group Fry Reglet Goulston & Storrs Hagerty Garage + Social Holt Renfrew Illumina, Inc. JAMS FTI Consulting GPI Companies Hall Estill HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County IM HOME (IMH) Companies Japan Airlines FTX US Graff Interests Hamilton County, OH Hong Kong China Travel Service (China) Investment IM Properties Jay Paul Company Fujifilm Graham Capital Management Hamilton Lane Hope City IMAX Corporation JBG SMITH Fujitsu Gran Ciudad Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Management Hope Media Group Imperial Valley College JC Resorts Fulcrum Development Inc Grand St. Settlement Committee Hopkins & Carley A Law Corp Incipio Group Jefferson Bank Funing City Construction & Investment Co., Ltd Grand Willow Development (PTC) Ltd. The Trustee for Hansen Yunken Hopson Development Holdings Limited Independent Financial Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Future & Main Viewgrand Trust F Hapag Lloyd Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Index Exchange Jenner & Block FUTV Grande Cheese Company Hard Rock International Horizon Therapeutics Indorama Ventures Oxides LLC JetBlue Airways Corporation FuWah International Group Granite Properties Harmony Hotel Horizontal Inertia Egypt Jetex Flight Support LLC Grant Thornton Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment Horseshoe Bend Holdings, LLC Infinitus Property Investment (Hong Kong) Limited Jewish Leadership Academy Gravie Harris County, TX Hospice Austin Infrastructure Ontario JEWISHcolorado G Gravity Fitness Limited Harrison Merrill Hospital for Special Surgery ING JFK International Air Terminal LLC Gray Robinson Harvard Business School Hospital Metropolitano Ingka Group Jiangong Real Estate G2 Capital Development GrayStreet Partners Harvard Medical School Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. Inmobiliaria Aldebarán Jim Norton Chevrolet Gaedeke Group Great Hill Partners Harvard-Westlake School Houlihan Lokey InnerHaven Management Company JLABS - Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC GALAXY Holding Great Point Partners Hatch House of Blues InnFocus Inc. JLL Galicia Abogados Great Wolf Resorts Hawkins Way Capital Houston Airport System Innovant, Inc. JMI Realty Galileo Labs Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Haworth Houston First Corporation Innovar John Soules Foods Gap Inc. Greater Toronto Airports Authority Haymes Investment Company Houston Street Hospitality Inova Health System Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation Garnier & Garnier Greatland Realty Partners Haynes and Boone HOYER Group Insight Enterprises Johns Hopkins University GateWay Community College Greeley and Hansen HBF HPI Real Estate Services & Investments Inspire Brands Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Gateway Investment Partners LLC Green Earth Investments HBO HRI properties Intact Insurance Johnson & Johnson Gavilan College Greenberg Traurig HCA Healthcare HSBC Intel Corporation Johnson Controls GBT Realty Corporation Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP HDDA HTS Engineering Intelsat JOMOO Group Co.,Ltd. GCI General Contractors Greene Tweed Health Management Associates Huatai Securities Interactive Brokers Jones Day GDS Associates Greenhill & Co., Inc. Healthcare Trust of America, Inc HUB International Inter-American Development Bank Joyería Argento GE Healthcare Greenlaw Partners Hearst Hubei Real Estate Investment Group Co., Ltd. INTERCALSA JP DiNapoli Companies Inc. GEA Engineering Greentown Hebrew Academy of Long Beach Hudson Capital Properties Intermain Pty Ltd JPI Gemadept Greystar HEI Hotels & Resorts Hudson Pacific Properties Internal Revenue Service JPMorgan Chase & Co. Gemdale Group Griffin Capital Heidrick & Struggles Hudson River Trading International Center of Photography JPS Health Network Gen II Fund Services, LLC Griffin Living Hellman & Friedman HUGE International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd JSSI Gen Re Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Hemisphere Companies Hughes Commercial Properties International Finance Corporation Junior Achievement Gencom Grupo Aliss Henderson Land Development Hughes Network Systems International Monetary Fund (IMF) General Dynamics Corporation Grupo Cuestamoras Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Hulic Co., Ltd. Interpublic Group General Electric Grupo Do It Henry Ford Health System Hulu Intuit K General Glass International Grupo Leumi Hensel Phelps Humana Inc. InvenTrust Properties General Motors Company Grupo Matra Herbalife HumanCo Inversiones Puente-Piedra Kairoi Residential Generations FCU Grupo Montecristo Heritage Properties, Inc. Humanscale Invesco Kaisa Group Genmab Grupo Residencial HHH Properties Corp Humboldt County Airport Invitae Corporation Kaleideum Genpact GTCR Hi Honor HUNG VUONG Developer JSC IOC Project Partners Kam Sang Company Genting Group Guangzhou City Planning Research Information HI Lindberg LLC Hunt Companies IP Capital Partners, LLC Kane Realty Corporation Gentor Centre Hi Tech Motorcars Hunt Realty IQHQ Kantar Group Genzon Guangzhou Development Group Inc Highgate Hotels Hunter Properties IQVIA Karius Geode Capital Management Guangzhou Industrial Investment Holding Group Highland Resources, Inc Huntington Ingalls Industries Irell & Manella LLP Karlin Real Estate George Comfort & Sons Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Highmark Advisors Hunton Andrews Kurth Iron Mountain Katten Georgia Technology Authority Resources Bureau Highsun Group Huselton, Morgan, and Maultsby Ironclad Kavak Georgia World Congress Center Authority Guangzhou Xin Zhongzhou Construction Co. Ltd. Highwoods Properties Hutchison Property Group IronWorkers Local 63 Kaver Dental GFL Environmental Guidewire Hilco Redevelopment Partners HWS Group (Shanghai) Limited Irvine Valley College Kawa Capital Management GHPSI, LLC Guilford County Schools Hill Associates Hyatt Hotels Corporation Isa Realty Group KBS Realty Advisors GI Partners Guilin Dingheng Hotel Investment Company Hill Holliday Hyperion Development Group ISG KCI Technologies Inc. Gibson Dunn Gulf Coast Commercial Group Hillcrest Country Club Hyundai Motor Company Islamic Society of Greater Houston KDW Gilbane Gulf States Toyota Hillwood Hywow Resorts Group Islander Resort Kearney Ginsberg Jacobs LLC Gundersen Health System Hilson Moran Partnership Ltd It Cosmetics Keck Medicine of USC Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport Hilti Ivanhoé Cambridge Kelley Drye Give Merit GuocoLand Limited Hilton Grand Vacations I Keltic Development GlaxoSmithKline GurryShark Capital Hines Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc. Glenstar Gusto Hitachi i2Systems J Kennedy Krieger Institute Global Aerospace gusto! Hi-Tech Auto Realty, LLC IAT Insurance Group Kennedy Wilson Global Alliance Realty Co., Ltd. GWL Realty Advisors Hi-Tech Realty, LLC IBEW Local 102 J Street Companies Kent County Council Global Furniture Group HITT IBM J.C. Flowers & Co. Kent State University GLP Investment Co., Ltd. HJ Kalikow & Co ICCP Land Management Inc. J.F. Lehman & Company Kettler Goddard Investment Group, LLC H Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian ICON Jabil, Inc. Keurig Dr Pepper Golden State Warriors Hobbs Brook Management LLC Idaho State University Jackson Lewis Keyes Automotive Group Golub & Company H&M Hoffman & Associates Ideanomics Inc Jackson Walker Keystone Property Group Good Hotel H.I.G. Capital Hogan Lovells IDS Real Estate Group JacksonShaw Keystone Strategy, Inc Goode Company Hackensack Meridian Health Holder Properties, Inc. IECA Jacksonville Jaguars KHP Capital Partners 124 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 125

KI LBA Realty Lowenstein Sandler Maryland Institute College of Art Microsoft Multnomah Athletic Club KIK Custom Products LCOR Lowe’s Marymount University MidAmerican Energy Company Mulvey & Banani Kilroy Realty Corporation LCR LoyaltyOne MASH Baseball Middlefield Group Munger Tolles King & Spalding Le Labo Fragrances LPC West Mass General Brigham Midgley Tecnica Munich Airport King Street Properties LeBeau Realty LPL Financial Massachusetts Institute of Technology Midland Memorial Foundation Munich RE Kingdee LeFrak LSU Tiger Athletics Foundation MassHousing MidPlaza Holding Municipal Building Commission Kingold Group Legacy Investing Lubert-Adler Massport Midtown Equities Munsch Hardt KingSett Capital Lehrer Cumming Lucent Capital Master Properties Midway Companies Muraflex KIPP Leidos Lucid Motors Mastercard Midwest Property Group, Ltd. Murphy Real Estate Services Kirkland & Ellis Lenczner Slaght Lucifer Lighting Company MathWorks Midwood Investment & Development Musso & Frank Grill Kite Lendlease Luen Mei Matter Real Estate Group MIG Capital LLC MVP Holdings Klyde Warren Park Lennar Lujiazui Group Matteson Area Public Library Mikimoto My Friend’s Place Knickpoint Ventures Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Lumenwerx Maverick Capital Mill Creek Residential Trust My Home Group Knight Foundation Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. Luneng Group Maverick Hotels and Restaurants Miller Canfield Myers & Chapman Knightsbridge Resources PTE LTD Lerner Enterprises Luther Seminary Mavis Tire Supply Miller Capital Advisory, Inc. Myovant Knotel Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Maximus Miller Global Properties Koelbel and Company Levi Strauss LVMH Mayer Brown MillerKnoll Kokuyo Co Ltd Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie Mayfair Advisors Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore N Komatsu Wall LG Development Group McAdams (MCCY) Konnect General Services LHC Group M MCC Real Estate Group Ministry of Justice of Romania N26 Bank Konrad Group Liberty Que Huong Hotel (Vietnam) McCann Health Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Kingdom of NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund Korn Ferry Lids Sports Group M Financial Group McCann Worldgroup Saudi Arabia NagaCorp Ltd. Kotobuki & Co. Liga Deportiva Alajuelense M S International Inc McCarran International Airport Minneapolis Community & Technical College NAI TriProperties KPMG Lighthouse Investments M&T Bank McCarthy Minnesota Orchestra Nakheel PJSC KPRS Construction Lightstone Group M. A. Mortenson Company McCarthy Cook & Co. Mintz Nam Long Investment Corporation Kramer Levin Linchpin Labs Pty Ltd M.A.R. Davos Desenvolvimento Imobiliario Spe S.A. McCarthy Tétrault MiraCosta College Nanjing Software Valley Development Company Kuntai Group Lincoln Financial Group Mac Development McGough Miravista Holdings Nanyang Cable Group Co. Ltd. KVL Lincoln Property Company Macario Equity Investments McGuireWoods Mirvac NASA Federal Credit Union Kylli Linde North America Inc. Macerich McKenzie Properties Mission Barns NASA/JPL Kyndryl LinkedIn Mack Real Estate Group McKool Smith Mississippi State University Nashville Downtown Hotel LLC Lionsgate Mack-Cali Realty Corporation McNeese State University Mitsui Fudosan Nathan Cummings Foundation Lithia and Driveway Macklowe Properties Meals On Wheels San Diego County Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd. Nathan Smith L Littler Macy’s, Inc. Mecklenburg County Government MLP Ventures National Development Live Nation Madison Investments MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate Modern Meats National Gypsum Co L Brands LIXIL Madison Marquette Media Res Moderna National Institutes of Health L&B Realty Advisors LMC Maersk Mediabrands Modernizing Medicine National Instruments Corporation L&L Holding LNH Investments, Inc. Main Street Retail Medidata ModivCare National Treasury Employees Union L&M Architectural Signs LODEN Properties Mainsail Partners Medifast, Inc. Modon Properties National Videogame Museum L.E.K. Consulting Loeb & Loeb Mainspring Energy, Inc. Medstar Health ModySpace Nationwide Children’s Hospital LA Create Space Loffler MainStreet Property Group LLC Medtronic Moelis & Company Nature’s Mark La Maison du Chocolat Loftus Robinson Majestic Realty Co. Meihua holdings group Co., Ltd. Moffitt Cancer Center Naturesweet Ltd La Posada at Park Centre, Inc. London & Regional Panama (Panamá Pacífico) Majid al Futtaim Fashion Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center MoFo Navistar Labora Group London + Regional Properties Major League Baseball Mera Kitchen Collective Mohawk Group Navy Federal Credit Union Labzone London Stock Exchange Group Manaquel Company Limited Merced College Molloy College Navy Pier LaGrange Art Museum Lone Star College System Manchester Financial Group Mercedes-Benz Moloco Navy Seal Foundation Lakewood Church Long Beach City College Mango Merck Momeni Group NBCUniversal Lakhi Group Longfellow Real Estate Partners Manifold Mercy Housing Momentive NBP Capital Lalani Ventures Long’s Jewelers Mantucket Capital Mercy Medical Center Momentum Worldwide NCR Lamar University Loomis, Sayles & Company Manulife Mercyhealth Monarch Communities LLC Neal Gerber Eisenberg Lamda Development SA Lord Fisher Capital Manulife Investment Management Ltd Merlone Geier Partners Monday Properties Neiman Marcus Lamex L’Oréal Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Mermet Montage Hotels & Resorts Neocis Lancium Los Altos Community Investments Mar Ventures, Inc. Mesirow Montefiore Nyack Hospital Nestlé Land Rover of Dallas Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Marcus Partners Mesofoods Monument Realty Netflix Landmark Development Los Angeles Chargers Maricopa Community Colleges Meta Moody Rambin Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc. Landmark Sabbour Los Angeles Community College District Maricopa County Facilities Management Department MetLife Mooyoung A&E Neuberger Berman Landry’s Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Marina Studios Metro Development Group Morgan Stanley Neurogene Landsec Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Mariners Church Metro Loft Morning Consult New Development Bank Lane Partners Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Mark S. Jordan Companies Metro Richelieu Mosaic Commerical Advisors New Ease China Langan Los Angeles Football Club Marlin Equity Partners Metrocrest Services Mosaic Development New England Dental Group Lantower Residential Los Angeles Metro Marquee Development MetroNational Mota-Engil New England Development Lapour Partners Inc Los Angeles Police Department Marquette Companies Metropolitan Hospitality Group Mount Sinai Health System New Hudson Facades Larco Hospitality Los Angeles Public Library Marriott International Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Moyallen New Jersey Resources Las Vegas Aces Los Angeles Rams Mars Wrigley Metzler Realty Advisors MRA Group New Mexico Innovation Triangle (NMIT) Las Vegas Endodontics Los Angeles Unified School District Marsh & McLennan Companies MGAC MRA GROUP COSTA RICA New Oriental Education Group Las Vegas Sands Corporation Los Angeles World Airports Marshall Property & Development MGM Resorts Design & Development MRM New Orleans Saints LaSalle Investment Management Loughborough University MARTA Miami Soar Management Corp. Mrs. Fields New York City Bar Association Laurentian Bank of Canada Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District Martin Marietta Michael Treacy MultiCORE International New York Institute of Technology Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Louisiana State University System Martínez, Algaba, de Haro y Curiel Micron Multiplex New York Mets Lazard LOWE Maruwa MicroPort Scientific America Multivesco New York Power Authority 126 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 127

New York Red Bulls Oliver Hotel Group, LLC pba Prime West ReCon Engineering Round Room Live, LLC NewcrestImage OliverMcMillan PBS-NC Prince George’s County Red Bull Royal Caribbean International Newmont Corporation Olnick Organization Pearl River Enterprises Group Prince George’s County Memorial Library System RED Development LLC Royalty Pharma Newport Center Hotel, LLC Olympia Development of Michigan Pebb Capital Princeton University RED Engineering RSC Development Newton-Wellesley Hospital O’Melveny Pediatric Therapy Partners Priority Sports & Entertainment Red Hat Inc RSR Capital Advisors, LLC. NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital Omnicom Group PEG Companies Prism Capital Partners Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology RSSD Properties, LLC Next Century Partners, LLC One Malibu Peninsula Lounge Prism Places Rede Partners RT London Next Tier HD One Toyota of Oakland Penn National Gaming Pritzker Group Redgate RTW Investments, LP Nexus Construction Services, Inc. One Workplace Pennybacker Capital PROCEPT BioRobotics RedHill Biopharma Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb NFL Media Onelin Capital Corporation PennyMac Loan Services LLC Project Management Advisors RedLeaf Properties Rubenstein Partners NHN Global OneMain Financial Penobscot Management, LLC Prologis REE Automotive Rudolph and Sletten Niantic Onex Pequeño Mundo Prometheus Biosciences Reed Smith Rushmark Properties NIKA OnPoint Development Perdue Farms Proskauer Regan Zambri Long Rutan & Tucker, LLP Nissan OnSemi Peregrine Realty Partners Provenance Land Regency Centers RXR Realty Nixon Peabody Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Perennials and Sutherland Providence Capital Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ryan Nokia Onyx Equities, LLC Perimeter Development Corporation Providence One Partners, LLC Reger Holdings Ryan Companies Nolan Reynolds International Opain S.A. Persedo Provident Bank Reign Capital Nomura OPUS PES University Prudential Reimagined Ventures Nomura Real Estate Development Opus Bank Peterson Wampold Rosato Feldman Luna PS Business Parks, Inc. Related Companies S Nordea Oracle Pfizer PSP Investments Related Group Inc Norges Bank Investment Management Orange Investments PhaseNext Hospitality Public Policy Holding Company Related Midwest S&P Global North Carolina State University Oregon Museum of Science & Industry Philadelphia Department of Public Health Public Works Department Relativity Space Inc s2e Technologies North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. Organon Philadelphia Eagles Puente Technology Llc Relevant Group Saatchi & Saatchi North River Company Orgel Wealth Management Philip Morris International Puma Reliable Properties Sabot Development Northland ORIX Corporation Philips India Putian Natural Resources Bureau Reliance Industries Saddleback College Northpond Partners ORIX Real Estate Corporation Phillips 66 PwC ReliaQuest SAE International Northrop Grumman Corporation Orlando Family Physicians Phillips Whisnant Gazin Gorczyca & Curtin, LLP PWC Companies Relias Learning SAFEchild Northwestern Medicine Oscar Bravo Golf Phoenix Property Investors Ltd Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority SAHARA Las Vegas Northwood Retail OSF HealthCare Physician Health Partners Republic Property Group Saks Fifth Avenue Norton Rose Fulbright Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises Picasso Lighting Q Resorts World Las Vegas Salem Christian Homes, Inc. Nossaman Overton Moore Properties Pier Sixty LLC Revelry Group Salesforce Nostromo Energy Oxford Properties Group Pillsbury Q² solutions Reyes Holdings SalonCentric Nova Mission Critical Oxy PIMCO Qbico Creativo RFR Samaritan’s Purse Nova Scotia Health Authority Pinterest QBO RGE Group Sambazon Novak Construction Company Pipeline Qgenda Rice Management Company Samsung Novaland Group P PitchBook QIC Rice University Samsung Austin Semiconductor Novartis PKF O’Connor Davies QTS Ricondo Samunlisa Novatek Gas & Power Asia P&G pladis Global Quadrangle Development Corp. Right To Dream San Diego Community College District NOVO Construction Pace Management Plains All American QuadReal Property Group Rilea Group San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Novogar Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones Plan B Media Quaker Lane Capital Rio Bravo Group San Diego Gas & Electric NTC Mazzuca Contracting Pacific Group Planet Fitness Qualcomm Riot Games San Diego State University NTT Global Data Centers Americas Pacific Hills Platform Quálitas Seguros Rising Realty Partners San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus NTT Plala Inc. Pacific Life Plaza Premium Group Quality Urgent Care River District Neighborhood Investors LLC San Francisco International Airport Nucraft Pacific Retail Capital Partners Plexus Quantitative Investment Management RiverRock Real Estate Group San Francisco Planning Nutanix Pacific Western Bank PMC Property Group Quogue Library Riverside City College San Francisco Symphony Nuveen Pacifica Christian School PNC Financial Services Group Riverside Resources San Jose International Airport NVIDIA PAG Investments Poder Judicial Costa Rica Rizzo Group San Jose State University NWPR Group, Ltd. Pair Poetry Foundation R RLD BK Partners San Manuel Band of Mission Indians NYC Health + Hospitals Palermo Corporate Real Estate Advisors Polsinelli RLJ Lodging Trust Sandals Resorts International NYX Cosmetics Panasonic Corporation Polunsky Beitel Green R.T. Barbee Company Incorporated RMK Management Sandy Spring Bank Panya Group Pompano Imports, Inc. R2 Companies Roach Howard Smith & Barten Santander Bank Paper City Development, LLC Poppin R4 Foundation Rockefeller Group SAP O Paramount Group, Inc. Porsche AG Rabina Properties Rocket Properties Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute Park Hotels & Resorts Port Colorado Radio Flyer Rockets Sports Group Sares Regis Group Of Northern California LLC Oak Park Country Club Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP Port of Seattle Radom Capital Rockford Construction Saris Cycling Group Oak View Group Parking Vault Portafolio Inmobiliario Raffles Quay Asset Management Rockpoint Group Sartorius AG OakPoint Real Estate Parkview Financial Porter Hedges LLP Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Rockstar Games Inc Saudi Aramco Oaktree Capital Management Parkway Corporation Portman Holdings Ram Realty Services Rogers-O’Brien Construction Company Savanna Oakwood Country Club Parque Arauco Potomac Development Group Ramsey County, MN Rogerson Capital Saxon Partners Oasis West Realty Parsons Behle & Latimer PowerSecure International, Inc rand* Construction Corporation Rohde & Schwarz Say Sí OCP Research, LLC Party City Praedium Clark Randstad Roku SBA Urban OdysseyRE Parx Casino Pray Walker Raymond Apparel Ltd Rolls-Royce SBP USA Office of the Attorney General for the District of Pasadena City College Premier Research Raymond Realty Rongmin Holding Group Scape Living Student Accommodation Columbia Patchi L.L.C. Preotle, Lane & Associates RBH Partners Ropes & Gray Scentre Group Ltd Officeworks Patelco Credit Union Preservation of Affordable Housing Re:vive Salon & Spa Rose & Berg Realty Group Schiavello International Pty Ltd Oklo Inc. Patrinely Group Presidium Read King Rose Haven Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck LLP OLA Consulting Engineers Paul Hastings PriceSmart, Inc. Real Trucking ROSEN Schlage Olayan Group Payden & Rygel Primark Realogy ROSHN Real Estate Schlosser Development Corporation Olive Mill PayPal Prime Data Centers Reata Pharmaceuticals Ross Stores, Inc. Schomp Automotive 128 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 129

School of the Art Institute of Chicago Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Government Allegheny County Swinerton The Brattle Group The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco Shimao Group SPP Swire Properties The Buccini/Pollin Group The Portland Wellness Project Schrödinger, LLC Shipley Do-Nuts Spurs Sports & Entertainment SYKES The Center for Pursuit The Pupper Club SCL Health Shiseido SPX FLOW, Inc. Syneos Health The Chiofaro Company The Raine Group Scotiabank SHOP Companies Square Synergi Global LLC The Climate Corporation The Resmark Companies Scottsdale Arts Shorenstein SRG Properties Synergy Investments The CMA CGM Group The RMR Group Scripps Health Shucks Restauarnt SRS Distribution Syracuse University The Coca-Cola Company The Robert Green Company SCS Engineers Shunfeng Express St. John’s University Sysco The Commonwealth Fund The Rockwell Museum Seagen Siam Motor Group STACK INFRASTRUCTURE Syska Hennessy Group The Community Builders The Ron Kaufman Companies, LLC Sean Casey, LLC Sideman & Bancroft LLP Standard Chartered Bank Systems, LLC The Crown Estate The Rose Bowl Seastrom Tuttle & Murphy Sidley Austin Staples The Daniels Corporation Inc The Roxbury Group Seattle Mariners Siemens Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Starbucks The Dinerstein Companies The Salvation Army Seaview Investors Sigma Management Starwood Capital Group T The Dow Chemical Company The San Francisco Foundation Sencorp USA Signa Real Estate Management GmbH Starz The Durst Organization The Shammas Group Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology Signature Federal Credit Union State Farm Insurance T. Rowe Price The Endeavor Agency, LLC The Simply Good Foods Company Sentara Healthcare Signature Resolution State of Arizona Tableau The Engine The St. James Sentinel Capital Partners Signify SteelWave Taconic Investment Partners The Estée Lauder Companies The STG Group Sentre Silverstein Properties Stella Maris Taikang Group The Fairmont Museum District The Sudler Companies Sentry Hospitality Silverstone Healthcare Company Stellar Management Taikang Life Insurance The Fallon Company The Swig Company Sephora Simpson Thacher Steptoe & Johnson PLLC Takeda The Feil Organization The University of Chicago Sequoia Capital Sinclair Broadcast Group Sterling Bay TAL Education Group The Festival Companies The University of Illinois at Chicago Serendipity Labs Singtel Sterling Group Tamares The Flight Test Museum Foundation The University of Kansas Seres Therapeutics, Inc. Sir Robert McAlpine Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox Target The Foulger-Pratt Companies The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School Service Logic Siris Capital Group LLC Steward Health Care System Targetti The Friendship Foundation The University of Texas Athletics ServiceNow SIRIUS XM Stifel TARRA The Future University in Egypt The University of Texas Health Science Center Servicios Aeroportuarios VIP S.A. SJP Properties Stinson TAS The Georgetown Company at Tyler Servyou Group Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Stitch Fix TaylorMade Golf Company The Great Room The University of Texas System Sesame Workshop Skanska StockX LLC Tazz Enterprise The Hakimian Organization The Washington Post Seven Network Limited Skip the Dishes Stolte Family Foundation TCW Group Inc The Hampton Group, Inc. The Weitz Company Severson & Werson Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Stone Ridge Asset Management TD Bank Group The Harp Group The Wendy’s Company Seward & Kissel SL Green Stonebridge Tech Plan The HAY Center The Woodlands Development Company Sewell Automotive SLAM! Foundation Stonebridge Companies TechnipFMC The Health Museum, John P. McGovern Museum of The Woodlands United Methodist Church Seyfarth Shaw Slate Asset Management Stonelake Capital Partners Teck Resources Ltd. Health & Medical Science Thermo Fisher Scientific SLI Capital StopWaste Teladoc Health The Howard Hughes Corporation Third & Urban Shaanxi Hanhua Industry Group Sloan Valve Co Strada Investment Group Telemundo The HYM Investment Group Third Way Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP SmartCentres Stratus Properties Inc. Telos The Irvine Company Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Shaded Horizon Smith Optics Stream Line Circle LLC TELUS The Jackie Robinson Foundation Thompson Coburn LLP Shady Grove Fertility Smithsonian Institution Stream Realty Partners TELUS Health Solutions Inc The Jeffrey A. Morris Group, Inc. Thompson Coe Shake Shack Soapstone United Methodist Church Structure Tone Tencent The John Buck Company Thomson Reuters Shalom Institute SoftBank Group Corp. Stryker Tennessee Titans The Juilliard School Thor Equities Shandong Baode Industrial Limited Company Soho House Success Cowork Tennor The Karahan Companies Three Brothers Bakery Shanghai Business School Sola Salon Studios Sueba USA Corporation Terracap The KOR Group Thrive Medicine Clinic Shanghai Jinqiao Land Control Joint Investment and Songy Highroads Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C. Territory Studio Limited The KPC Group Thunderbird Legacy Development LLC Development Co., Ltd Sonic Automotive Sullivan & Cromwell Terumo Corporation The Legal Aid Society Tianrun Land Group Shanghai Lingang Technology & Innovation City Sonoma State University Sumitomo Corporation of Americas TES Concessions The Lot Studios Tiendas Universal Economic Development Co., Ltd. Sony Music Entertainment Summer Classics Contract Tesla Motors The Madison Square Garden Company TIER Mobility GmbH Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Sony Pictures Entertainment Summit Health Tetra Tech The Manhattan Beach Studios Tiger Global Co., Ltd. Sotetsu Hotel Summit Medical Group / CityMD Texana Builders The Marcel Group TikTok Inc. Shanghai Media Group Sotheby’s International Realty Sun Country Airlines Texas A&M University The Marchbanks Company Times Group Shanghai Nobel Bay Science Group Co., Ltd. Sotheby’s Sun Hung Kai Properties Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi The Mather Group Timken Museum of Art Shanghai Pudong Development Bank South Coast Plaza Sun Life Texas Community Fitness, LLC The Meridian Group Tiny Jewel Box Shanghai Rongguang Industrial South Houston Motocars LLC Sun River Health Texas Dow Employees Credit Union The MFA Companies Tishman Hotel & Realty LP Shanghai Trust South Motors Automotive Group Sunbeam Development Texas Facilities Commission The Moinian Group Tishman Speyer Shanghai Zhangjiang Guo Xin An Real Estate South Mountain Community College Sunbelt Rentals Texas Health The Monkeys Pty Ltd TK Elevator Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Development South Orange County Community College District Suncor Texas Instruments Incorporated The Museum of Modern Art TMG Partners Co., LTD Southeast Development Group, LLC Sunnova Texas Medical Center The Nature Conservancy T-Mobile ShanghaiTech University Southern California Edison Sunroad Enterprises Texas Professional Surveying The Neighborhood Design Center TOCA Football Shapack Partners Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits Sunscope Group of Companies Texas Tech University System The New Terminal One at JFK Togus Urban Renewal LLC SHAPE Properties Corp. Southland Industries Sunswept Resorts TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company The New York Times Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Sharing Connexion Hawaii Southwest Airlines SunTrust The 601w Companies The Newmark Schools Tokyo Electron Ltd Sharp HealthCare Southwest Value Partners Sunvesta The 614 Company The Options Clearing Corporation Tokyu Agency Inc. Shaw Properties (1997) Pte Ltd Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University The Alliance Center The Parish School Tolleson Wealth Management Shawmut Design and Construction Southwestern College Suzhou Liandong Jinchu Industrial Co., Ltd. The Asia Foundation The Pennsylvania State University Too Small to Fail Shell Space Center Houston Suzhou Zhongnan Center Investment Co. Ltd. The Beck Group The Peterson Companies Toronto Community Housing Shenyang Municipal Natural Resources Bureau Space Perspective SVB Securities The Bentway The Pew Charitable Trusts Toshiba Hunnan Branch Spacestor SWaN & Legend Venture Partners The Birch Group The Pinkard Group Total Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. Spectrum Swanson Rink The Blue Triangle The Pizzuti Companies Total Wine & More Shenzhen Metro Spin Master Swarovski The Boston Globe The Plasencia Group TouchBistro Sherman Libary & Gardens Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Sweid & Sweid Development The Boyer Company The Platform Group Town of Gilbert, AZ 130 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 131

Town of Wendell Unicentro VIA Inc Westjet Townline Unico Properties Viasat Westlake Realty Group, Inc. Y Toyohashi City Unified Real Estate Development Viatris WestPac Labs Toyota Motor Corporation Union Bank Victoria BID Westrise Capital Yale University Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago Union Investment Real Estate View the Space Westside Partners Yamaha Corporation Toyota Walnut Creek Union Pacific Railroad Viking Forest Products WestStar Bank Yangzhou Yishengde Industrial Development Co., Ltd. TPG Union Square Events VINCI Construction WGBH Yantai Bajiao Bay Science and Innovation Trademark Property Company Union Wellness Centers Vingroup Whale Rock Capital Management Development Co.,Ltd. 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Silver Recycling WMATA Stations ZhangJiang Group Tsinghua University University of Massachusetts, Amherst W.P. Carey Woerner Holdings Zhejiang Communication Investment Group Co., Ltd. Turner Construction Company University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wachtell Lipton Wolf Greenfield (CICO) Turpin & Rattan Engineering University of North Carolina at Charlotte Waddell Serafino Wolf Trap Foundation Zhonghao Law Firm Turri Italian Furniture University of Pennsylvania Wake Technical Community College Wolff Urban Development Zhukuan Real Estate Group TUUCI University of South Florida Research Foundation WakeMed Health and Hospitals Women’s Home Preservation Fund Zinc Real Estate Twilio University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Walker & Dunlop Wondrium Ziply Fiber Twin Tree Capital Management University of Tasmania Wallace Plese + Dreher Woodbine Development Corporation Zlife Twitch University of Washington Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Woodborn Partners ZOMALAB Two Oak Ventures Unum Walnut Court Capital Woods Grove Capital Zona Franca Coyol TynanGroup Uponor Walter P Moore Woodward Inc. Zona Franca Metro Tysons Partnership Upper East Development Corp Wampold Companies Worcester Polytechnic Institute Zoox Upper Providence Township, PA Wanda Group Workday Zumtobel Group Urban Atlantic Development Warburg Pincus Workscapes Inc U Urban Inventors Warner Music Group, Inc. World View Enterrises, Inc Urban Renaissance Group Warner Music Japan World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. U.S. Department of Commerce US Bureau Of Labor Statistics WarnerMedia WorldSteel U.S. Department of Defense US Living Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Worthe Real Estate Group U.S. Department of Energy US Radiology Associates Washington State University WS Development U.S. Department of Health and Human Services USAA Wasserman WSH Group U.S. Department of Homeland Security Uwajimaya Inc Waterfront Partnership WSP Global Inc. U.S. Department of Justice Waterstone Properties Group Wuhan Land Resources and Planning Bureau U.S. Department of State Wayfair Wunderkind U.S. Department of the Air Force V Weatherford Capital Wychmere Beach Club U.S. Department of Transportation Weil Wyndham Hotels & Resorts U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Valencia Group Weingart Center Association Wyoming Hyperscale U.S. General Services Administration Valley Welch Foundation U.S. Venture Vanbarton Group Well for the Journey U.S.VETS Vanguard University Wendel Group X UBS Vanke WePartner Group UC Davis Health Vantage Property Investors WePlay Music Xavier University of Louisiana u-calli Vattanac Properties Ltd Wermers Multi-Family Corporation XBTO International Ltd UCB Biosciences, Inc. VE Equities, LLC West Coast University Xencor, Inc. Udemy Vector Institute West Dallas Development Xenia Hotels & Resorts Ujima Developers Velmeir Companies West Virginia University Xibei F&B Group Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. Venture Realty Group WestBridge Capital Xilinx Ultrapark Development Group Verde Partitions Westchester Medical Plaza, LLC Xinjiang Times International Hotel Management Umm Al Qura for Development & Construction Veridian Credit Union Western Digital XL Construction Company Verizon Western Kentucky University Xperience Fitness Uncommon Schools Vertex Pharmaceuticals Western Midstream Partners Under Armour Vestar Development Western Union 132 FIRM HIGHLIGHTS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 133

Credits GUIDING GENSLER TEAM PRINCIPLES Joshua Barthel, Nick Bryan, Jessica Galeazzi, David Jimenez, Clay Kessack, Sam Martin, Kendra Mayfield, Vernon Mays, Nancy Mendoza, Jason Murphy Great companies have strong, clear values and the OVERSIGHT discipline to stay true to them despite constantly changing Andy Cohen, Diane Hoskins, Erica Sturges, Leslie Taylor market conditions and business cycles. We are committed to protecting and nurturing our extraordinary culture and the guiding principles that are its foundation. Design by Tantrum Agency IMAGE CREDITS All images attributed to Gensler unless We believe strongly in the We embrace a diversity of otherwise noted: power of our people and projects — large and small, their innovative diversity ambitious and modest — Devon Banks: Alex Martinez: 01to create a better world. 06that no other firm can. pages 16 left, 25 top • page 110 Brancato, Cohen, Goldstein, Hoskins • Benny Chan: Halkin Mason: pages 2-3 • pages 9 left, 25 bottom right, 74 center left, 80 • © Gensler, photo by Ryan Conway: Todd Mason: pages 98 Green Materials, 117 Metropolis • pages 16 right, 38, 50-51 • CreatAR Images, Ai Qing: Stephen A. Miller: pages 17 bottom, 75 Sanya, 113 China • pages 17 top left, 60-61 • Chase Daniels: Peter Molick: We believe it all begins and Our practice area page 35 inset • page 112 Interior Design • ends with our client specialization Johan Dehlin: Nick Ng: differentiates us as pages 20-21 • page 23 Cohen • relationships. experts; our diversity of © Gensler, photo by Robert Deitchler: Matthew Niemann: 02 07 pages 40-41, 58 bottom left, 74 center right, page 96 • thinking, talents, and 116 BBC • Jason O’Rear: experiences ignites our Finbarr Fallon: pages 7 left, 17 top right, 74 top, 100-101, 113 innovation. pages 25 bottom left, 112 Our Firm • SFO, 117 New York Times © Gensler, photo by Gillian Fry: Shimahara: pages 26, 39 • page 7 right • Rafael Gamo, Courtesy of Deutsche Bank: Garrett Rowland: We grow and empower the Growing our firm provides page 116 Building Design • page 83 second from top • © Gensler, photo by Grant Gay: James Steinkamp: industry’s top talent to opportunities for each pages 75 AT&T, 106-107 • page 74 bottom • pursue their passions and person to realize their full © Gensler, photo by Mercie Ghimire: Fiona Susanto: 03make a difference. 08potential — we believe page 12 bottom left • page 8 right • everyone matters. © Gensler, photo by Ryan Gobuty: Dave Tacon: Inside cover, pages 8 left, 34-35, 47 top and pages 76-77 • center, 92-93, 102-103 • Tomorrow AB: Chad Holder: pages 73, 75 Springdale • pages 46, 47 bottom • Ben Tynegate: Tomooki Kengaku: page 75 pladis • page 83 top • Stephen Walsh: We are obsessively We’re proud to be in the Jim Krantz: page 98 Educating Ourselves • curious — we bring diverse business of design. pages 5, 6 • Courtesy of World Trade Institute: teams together to learn, Each of us is responsible Andres Garcia Lachner: page 22 Hoskins • grow, and explore new ideas. pages 32-33, 113 Costa Rica • Connie Zhou: 04 09for our success. Eric Laignel: pages 70-71 • Cover • Miles Lassi: page 59 bottom left • David Lauer: pages 75 EF, 117 Shaw • We can’t be global if we are We care deeply about our not local first. “we vs. I” family culture. Together, we are one firm 05 10with a shared destiny.

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