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With recently released findings on healthcare, residential, and sports, our Experience Index Our equity research addresses a variety research quantifies the factors of design that of urgent topics, such as environmental impact the human experience. justice, community partnership, education This research centers around Gensler’s experience and the BIPOC experience, and Black framework, a new way of thinking holistically about the voices in healthcare. human experience. Our equity research allows practitioner-led teams to collect diverse perspectives, explore current issues, and deepen understanding into how How do we define design can be a catalyst for change. community cohesion? Source: Gensler Residential Experience Index 2022 The community cohesion scale is comprised of nine interrelated variables. Education and the BIPOC Experience Building Trust: Black Experiences in Healthcare Safety and belonging in educational spaces play an essential role in the lives of Black communities in the U.S. have endured a long history of systematic BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students. Yet when it comes to mistreatment by the healthcare system, resulting in deepfelt mistrust that must be designing learning spaces, these students often do not have enough of a voice. We addressed. The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the Black community has must truly understand how students perceive education spaces today in order to find only exacerbated these issues, while further highlighting the impacts of disparate new ways to design schools that make all students feel safe and included and enable health outcomes and opportunities. Our research sought to address this issue via a diverse student community to flourish. open and honest conversations to understand the barriers to trust in healthcare today and to improve the Black experience within healthcare systems. All markets surveyed are 34% report positive Team: Margot Kleinman, Phillip Redpath, Vivian Schapsis, Sara Silvestri, Mark Thaler experiencing challenges feelings during an Team: Patricia Nobre, Michael Schur, Amy Carter, Eleanor Ma, Rebekah Gandy with housing affordability. outpatient visit. Source: Gensler Residential Experience Index 2022 Source: Gensler U.S. Outpatient Healthcare Experience Index *Data represents housing affordability Over one-third of the variance in ratings for 2020 Q3 (September). positive feelings during the visit can Housing affordability rating uses be explained by the impressions of the the “median multiple”— the ratio of exterior and exam room quality. median house price to gross median house hold income. A Strategy to Optimize Minority-Owned Food & Inclusive Design and the Black Experience Beverage Businesses It’s estimated that only 2% of U.S. architecture professionals, and only 3% of The disparate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black-owned businesses design professionals more broadly, are Black. We cannot achieve inclusive design expose the seams of economic, social, and interpersonal injustices that have through checklists and principles alone — a design process that includes diverse compounded over time. Through a review of the industry landscape and discussions representatives and perspectives must be our first step forward. Our research with key industry players, we documented the unique challenges facing Black- uncovered that the opportunities to address racial bias and lack of inclusion were owned businesses and the key determinants to overcome them. Our insights form more about the design process, and end-user participation, than the form of the a strategic outlook to improve the F&B landscape — an approach that combines ultimate outcome. infrastructure, operations, capital, and workforce considerations. Team: Josh Berliner, Nambi Gardner, Caty Moniz, Zsuzsi Nagy, Gail Napell, Kati Osztian- Team: Vaki Mawema, Tony Okoye, Thabo Lenneiye, Jen Liao Hadfield, Amy Pothier, Amanda Ramos, Vivian Schapsis, Clark Sept 86 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 87

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