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We Translate Data Into Real-Time Insights and Strategies To understand and plan for the complex challenges our clients face, DIALOGUE BLOG we publish new thinking and practical design solutions every week 10 Considerations for Transitioning Back to Work in a Post-COVID-19 World through our blog and website at Our weekly Dialogue Now By Cindy Coleman, Don Ricker newsletter, regular client emails from our Co-CEOs, and our social media channels deliver these insights regularly to help our clients drive their business forward. DIALOGUE BLOG 5 Trends Driving the New Post-Pandemic Workplace By Janet Pogue McLaurin This year’s Design Forecast focuses on design strategies that will define a new era of the human experience and shape the future of cities, with design trends, research, and insights With client emails from our Co-CEOs, we to help clients navigate a changing world. provide real-time strategies and expertise DIALOGUE BLOG that provide a deeper understanding of the The Lab Building of the Future is NEXT connection between design, business, and By Chad Yoshinobu the human experience. DIALOGUE BLOG The Future of ESG in Architecture By Anthony Brower, Audrey Handelman, Stacey Olson Our weekly Dialogue Now newsletters provide timely, relevant thought leadership insights, This year, we received over 647,000 research, and strategic advice as we explore how followers across our social media design can make the world a healthier place. channels, amplifying our people’s voices, projects, partnerships, and community involvement. DIALOGUE BLOG Redesigning Mixed-Use Environments for a Post-Pandemic World By J.F. Finn, III, Duncan Paterson 82 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 83

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