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Delivering Innovative Projects Here’s a look at a few future-forward designs, illustrating how our teams Our culture of across Gensler discover and deliver world-class ideas and solutions. innovation is transforming the way we design and deliver projects. We are leading the way in leveraging the power of data-driven design that allows us and our clients to balance design, function, form, and metrics. Our proprietary collection of design technologies helps our design teams tackle complex challenges together with our clients. Our Design Synergy community brings new ways of thinking and collaborating across the firm, so that our designers are always connected as one borderless team. As we forge ahead, our investment in world-class design technology and digital innovation talent, coupled with these foundational platforms, allows us to collaborate with our clients and with each other in a more agile, dynamic, and hybrid manner to create transformational outcomes. NEXT: LAB BUILDING Gensler partnered with Buro Happold and KPFF to develop NEXT, a concept for the lab OF THE FUTURE building of the future. The concept promotes resiliency, social equity, and community — and redefines what a lab can be. 64 DESIGN INNOVATION AND DELIVERY GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 65

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